Looking for a tutor for 2nd graders Covid pod

Hello - a few of us, families of rising 2nd graders, would like to form a co-op pod of 4 families to school our kids together. We are looking for a tutor who could come to our houses for 5+ hours a day, 5 days a week, to help the kids through lessons and other activities. 

Let me know if anyone would be interested, ideally a retired or substitue teacher. 


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Hello, we also have a rising 2nd grader, Lia at Sylvia Mendez and we have a tutor Lia has spent the year with - focus on Mandarin and English and Art. Young gal, second income, but available several hours a day and affordable, will come to a residence. Reach me if you're interested to learn more and discuss please.

Have you considered consulting with Classroom Matters in Berkeley? They are a gem of a resource that actively supports local K-12 students and families and helps them achieve their goals.  They are an amazing local (woman-owned) tutoring service that will create a customized program to meet your specific needs. Feel free to email for a consultation: frontdesk [at] classroommatters.com. Good luck!

Hi, I know that Classroom Matters has been providing this type service for years. We have used their tutors before and every one of them has been wonderful. I recommend reaching out sooner than later since I heard the demand for this is much higher now with the news of remote learning this fall. They currently working to build creative solutions for groups during this unprecedented time. They are a small, locally owned business as well. You can reach Tatiana or Lisa at (510) 540-8646.