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  • EMDR for phobias?

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    Does anyone have experience with EMDR to treat phobias that are not related to a traumatic incident?

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    I did not use EMDR to treat phobias, but I DID use it to treat something that was not a traumatic event -- I used it to deal with recurring anxiety, sadness, and negative thoughts about an emotionally absent father.  It worked very well and I highly recommend it even if you are not addressing a specific event.

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    I just wanted to say that I am currently in CBT treatment for phobias not related to a traumatic incident with Dr Elizabeth McMahon in SF, and after about 6 sessions, I'm seeing marked improvement. One of my phobias was eliminated after only a few sessions. It's not EMDR, but I wanted to pass the info along in case you're open to other modalities. 

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    I'm seen John Bieda, an MFT with offices in Alameda and Concord, for trauma therapy.  He uses EMDR for phobias, test anxiety, pain management, and other problems.  He is EMDRIA certified.  I know he accepts many forms of insurance including Kaiser.  He can be reached at (415)254-8203 and bayareatherapygroup.com 

  • Hi All, I've been struggling with depression, anxiety, ptsd and very low self worth for almost 11 years now. I have read extensively about EMDR and how it helps with dealing with the distressing physical symptoms of anxiety which I struggle with a LOT. I am wondering if anyone could share their experience if you're comfortable doing so and if anyone has recommendations for an EMDR therapist. Thank you so so much. I am grateful for any responses.

    Thanks so so much in advance!

    Hi I went to see Harvey Todd in Berkeley after a very traumatizing family event that happened to me a few months before . Talk therapy didn’t really help, so I went to see him as a last resort.  After 2 sessions I felt a lot better, I can now recall the event with sadness still ,but the anxiety and physical pain have greatly reduced.  Todd is very attentive and knows what to do. I’m not sure if he takes insurance, I paid in full but I think he does financial help.  Good luck

    Thanks so much for your response. Todd deas have great reviews on yelp as well. I have young kids and want to be around for them....

    Yes it can work. I saw April Wise in Orinda several years ago.  Not sure if she is still practicing but she was excellent.

  • EMDR recommendations

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    Hello - I'm looking for EMDR therapist recommendations, to treat long-term depression, anxiety, very low self-esteem and related issues.  The recommendations on the website are several years old. Thanks!

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    I have had great success with Erika Malak Goldman. She's got her office above Rockridge Market Hall. She knows EMDR so well she teaches it. I love EMDR and she's the local expert.

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    I highly recommend psychologist Eugenie Hsu. She used EMDR to resolve my ptsd-related insomnia. Somehow I'd managed to be high-functioning for over 30 years when I finally hit a wall of exhaustion and assorted anxiety-related issues. I saw her for ~6wks in 2012 and have not had a relapse. She is very experienced, has specialized training in many areas including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and has facilitated EMDR for post-quake survivors. Her office is conveniently located on Solano, across from Andronico's. You can set up a brief complimentary phone consultation to see whether it's a good fit. I hope you find relief soon! Here are her contact details: Eugenie Hsu, PhDLicensed Psychologist PSY 140911861 Solano Avenue Suite 203 Berkeley, CA(510) 316-1749Hsueuge [at] yahoo.comhttp://www.dreugeniehsu.com/

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I would also recommend EMDR therapy. It is very effective to help with Past trauma. You can look for a therapist through the International Association (www.emdria.org) and look for a therapist in your area. Also, you can find more information about this type of therapy. 

I also highly recommend EMDR.  In a few sessions Gina McCarthy helped immensely.  

I highly recommend Masako Guthrie at the kensho counseling center in Berkeley. She specializes in emdr therapy. In a short amount of time I had released so much. Good luck!

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EMDR Therapist Recommendations

July 2015

There have been many recommendations for wonderful EMDR therapists over the years, but I find that few have been archived--now I would like to find one, I would very much appreciate recommendations, either from people who've previously posted, or from new people. I'm in the North Berkeley/Albany area. grateful

For EMDR I highly recommend Rachel Walker, MFT (not sure if that is the correct title but she is a certified therapist). 510-501-2936. She is near Ashby and Telegraph in Berkeley. Happy client

Hi, I highly recommend Dr. Ann Gildersleeve. You can see her profile here: http://www.emdrtherapistnetwork.com/ann.gildersleeve She is a very skilled therapist, and she is also amazingly supportive, nurturing, and compassionate. All the best to you!

EMDR Therapist for Traumatic Childhood

Oct 2014

My doctor recommended that I try EMDR (eye movement desensitization response) therapy to resolve a traumatic childhood upbringing which included episodes of violence by my father towards my mother due to alcoholism and trauma issues that they themselves had suffered as children. I came out of these experiences seemingly unscathed and pursued a successful education and career. But recurrent depression and anxiety have followed me throughout my adult life. I am now happily married with two young children and am tired of the antidepressant medications that I still need to take. Talk therapy, CBT and mindfulness training have only shown limited benefits. I find that I am not resilient in more stressful situations and cannot shake the hypervigilance and self-doubt that seem to be tied to my childhood experiences. Have you or a loved one been in a similar situation and found EMDR successful? If so, which EMDR therapist in the North Oakland/Berkeley area would you recommend? My doctor has suggested Phil Manfield and Rachel Walker. I would love to receive feedback about them or about another therapist before I seek treatment. Thank you! anon 

Linnea Larson is an excellent EMDR therapist with an office on solano in Albany. Shes the best! I believe EMDR to have been more useful than any other type of therapy I've tried. (I've had at least a dozen therapists, medication ect...since childhood as I grew up in a similar family) Sadly I've moved away and I cannot see her any longer but I am so grateful to have had her in my life during a very difficult transition. When I think about the kind of mother I aspire to be to my own daughter, Linnea is my example:) Love to you

My daughter had a really healing experience with EMDR for trauma in childhood, and I very strongly recommend trying it. Her relief came very quickly. I can imagine that it might take more time for adults to get the same results, but I saw it work and I would do it in a minute if I had the need. She saw Cathy Hanville; cathyhanville.com. Cathy has a video on her website explaining how EMDR works as well. Best of luck wherever you go for this - but do go! seeing is believing

I would highly recommend Dr Eugenie Hsu for EMDR therapy.She has many years of practice, and as a psychotherapist myself, I have sent my clients to her for consultation and have seen the very positive and successful outcome from her expertise. She has a website you can look at, and her office is on Solano Ave. Her phone number is 510-316-1749. Good Luck, another psychologist

EMDR at Kaiser?

April 2012

Does anyone have experience with a Kaiser psychotherapist who is certified in EMDR? (Either Oakland or Richmond facilities) I'd like to use it for treatment of stress/anxiety. Thanks! 

Mark Cutmore, LCSW and Miriam Seglin, LCSW at Kaiser Richmond are trained in this method but FYI, EMDR is traditionally used for PTSD. -Spouse of Kaiser doc

Seeking Excellent EMDR Practitioner

March 2012

I'm wondering if anyone in our community has a referral to an outstanding EMDR practitioner. This is a rapid eye- movement therapy that is meant to deal with the healing of trauma. Someone based anywhere from Albany to Rockridge would be great (North Berkeley being ideal), but more important is his/her training and expertise in the field. If anyone has great stories about how EMDR really helped you, or any practitioner in the area to be avoided, that would be appreciated too. Thanks. In need of some healing 

I took my son to Dr. Joan Lovett in North Berkeley for EMDR therapy, and I was so impressed with her work that I ended up seeing her myself for a few months after he finished his therapy. I can't say enough about Dr. Lovett: she was so warm and caring and easy to talk to, and her work was amazing. She will make sure that you are comfortable and that the process is individualized for you. I'm so glad that my son and I saw her and would wholeheartedly recommend her. Her office is at 919 The Alameda, right by Solano. Her number is 510-524-0488. Good luck. Oakland mom

I would highly recommend Cynthia Lubow. She is smart, very knowledgeable and so easy to talk with. Here is her contact information. 510-525-2341 Womenspsychotherapy.com Wish you well Eric  

I have seen Kathryn Hirt over the years for EMDR and she is excellent. She has advanced training in it, and I see her for EMDR as well as regular talk therapy, and have moved through stuff I just thought you had to deal with for life, and accept as part of a troubled past. I highly recommend Kathryn - whose warmth and compassion as a person and gift as a therapist makes the often grueling process of healing something I now look forward to and enjoy- I laugh as much as I cry in there- and also recommend EMDR to anyone and everyone- it has been life changing. Thanks and best of luck to you! (her contact info: 510-220- 3558, kathryn [at] kathrynhirtmft.com) STW

An excellent EMDR practitioner is Cynthia Lubow. Phone her at 510-525-2341 or visit her website: www.womenspsychotherapy.com David

April Wise in Orinda

I recently finished treatment with Barbara Maynard (925) 788-9041, and highly recommend her. She has many years of experience with EMDR, is very knowledgeable about the neuroscience behind it, and I felt that I was in safe and expert hands at a very delicate moment in my life. She is warm, funny, compassionate and easy to relate to. She works in Berkeley (Elmwood) and Walnut Creek. She and EMDR helped me process and move past a very traumatic experience with my daughter's year-long treatment for a life threatening disease. Without this kind of therapy, I'm convinced that the effects of the cumulative and acute traumas of the experience would have been crippling. I feel like I have my life and my hope back! Wishing you the best in your healing journey. Anon

Hi there, My mom has recently been seeing the following EMDR practitioner on Solano Ave in Berkeley and is having a very positive experience. She's been working through a lot of stuff, has an accompanying workbook, sees the therapist regularly and is making a lot of progress! It's very impressive to see. Here's the information: Eugenie Hsu Phone: 316-1749 She's only in her Solano office on Fridays otherwise at Kaiser anon ----------

Andrea McGill is great! She's now based in North Berkeley near Solano at 921 The Alameda. She also has an office in Lafayette. Melissa

I highly recommend Sheryl Coryell for EMDR - see http://www.sagecounsel.net/. I feel like my life has changed significantly for the better. Even if your insurance doesn't cover her, I think you will feel like you are getting several times your money's worth. grateful

hi there. sheryl coryell is a wonderful therapist who i have been seeing for many years- and has done wonders with me with EMDR. i can't recommend her enough. her website is http://www.sagecounsel.net/ good luck. anon

I recieved EMDR at Alameda Counselng Associates. I have been in therapy before and found it tedious. I found the work at ACA stimulating and more focused on what I think and feel rather than telling me what my issues are. Give them a try. They do a free consultation. Email: www.alamedacounseling.com Anon

EMDR and epilepsy

May 2011

Is anyone familiar with a good EMDR practitioner in the Bay Area who has experience treating trauma from epileptic seizures? Thanks Crystal 

I can highly recommend Colleen West as an EMDR specialist. If she isn't familiar with the specifics re: epilepsy, I'm sure she can refer you to someone who is as she's established EMDRinAction.com as a national resource. Colleen's practice website is: http://colleenwest.com/ and her phone number is: 510.412.2155 Lisa

Hi there, As a current EMDR recipient with a history of epilepsy, I highly recommend Andrea McGill, MFT. She practices in Oakland and Lafayette. http://heartinbalancetherapy.com/Home_Page.html m

Seeking solid therapist who also does EMDR

May 2010

I am seeking a psychotherapist who is experienced, down to earth, grounded in theory and practice as well as well versed in the use of EMDR-I am dealing with the death of a parent and feeling the loss of the relationship I was never able to have with my parents-any recommendations, please? Prefer someone who works in the Berkeley/Albany area. as if orphan 

Hi there. My therapist has been in practice for many years and has extensive experience with EMDR (I have been seeing her myself for 7 years). She is wonderful, down-to-earth and very accessible. She has helped me through many extremely difficult things in my life and I honestly couldn't recommend her more. Her name is Sheryl Coryell and her phone # is 510-918-2100. I hope this helps and I am sorry for your loss. Take care. Anon -

I highly recommend Keith Weinstein for an EMDR therapist. He's very helpful, insightful and professional. He's in Albany. (510) 222-3576 anonymous

Though not in Berkeley, I can recommend both Erika Goldman and Riki Bloom. Both are excellent therapists and both use EMDR with wonderful success. They are both located in Oakland. Erika Goldman can be reached at 510 469-4691 and Riki Bloom can be reached at rikibloom_at_yahoo.com. As I said, both are excellent. Best of luck to you. anon

I saw Elizabeth Schenk (PsyD, LCSW) for over a year, and she helped me through a lot. My issues were severe depression and anxiety which I attempted to manage through therapy before eventually going back on meds (and continuing therapy). She provided me with clear thinking that was otherwise lacking. My sessions with her were always the high point of my week. We did one session of EMDR before a flight I took. I would highly recommend her. She has a website now (http://elizabethschenk.com/) and her phone is (510) 208-3450. Her office is near Lake Merritt, but I believe she may also have one on Piedmont Ave. Best of luck in your search. -Former patient

If you want a psychotherapist who does EMDR, contact Colleen West, MFT. She is a specialist in EMDR and a very capable therapist. Her website has a page on EMDR. See http://www.colleenwest.com/emdr.htm You can contact Colleen at (510) 412-2155. Best wishes, David

I recommend Rachel Walker. She is a great therapist and has lots of experience working with both grief issues and EMDR. I think she is exactly what you are looking for. Rachel Walker, MFT, (510) 501-2936 http://www.rachelwalkermft.com/ Anon

Recommending compassionate Oakland therapist Dusky Pierce, who works with EMDR and has a grounded understanding of loss of a parent and the issues that emerge for many of us. You can find Dusky's bio at http://www.duskyswondersite.com/about/- . She also shares resources and wonders she has found, at the site. Good luck! --Appreciative client

Kathryn Hirt,MFT is an excellent therapist all-around who also does EMDR. She is warm, grounded, deeply insightful and her presence alone seems to bring me into an open-ness that really helps me be with myself with more compassion. She works especially well with people who can't access their feelings or who have constantly chattering minds, filled with negative beliefs and attitudes that turn into anxiety and depression and all sorts of other stuff. She's a gift! She has offices in both north Oakland and San Francisco, and while she usually has a waiting list, she is well -worth the wait and you might get lucky and get a spot soon. Best wishes! anon

United Behavioral Health - EMDR

May 2009

I have United Behavioral Health insurance thru my partner. I would like to see a therapist who has experience working with trauma survivors and depression and who uses EMDR. Berkeley area. Thanks! 

I highly recommend April Wise, LMFT. She is in Orinda, first exit after going through the tunnel, but is well worth any extra time getting to her office. She is an EMDR instructor and has tons of experience with trauma. Her website is: www.aprilwisemft.com. She was accepting UBH last time I checked. Marie H

Sheryl Coryell takes UBH and does EMDR. I think she is very perceptive, attuned, and compassionate. I highly recommend her. Her website: http://www.sagecounsel.net/

Nov 2008

Anyone had any experience with Suki Braman in El Cerrito who is a rapid eye technology therapist? Or have the name of a good rapid eye therapist in the Oakland or Berkeley area? Thanks anonymous

You asked for a rapid eye movement therapist. Do you mean EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprogramming)? I see a therapist trained in EMDR. Her name is Diane Clarke. She's on Solano in Albany. Great lady! anon

Eugenie Hsu, Ph.D. is warm, direct and solution focused psychologist who has a specialty in EMDR and post traumatic stress. She's a colleague of mine and is very well known and respected in the professional community for her work in this area. Her phone number is 510-316-1749 and she also has a website (dreugeniehsu.com). Jill

Oct 2006

looking for a therapist in berkleley or oakland who does EMDR but who also migt be good for couples counseling around miscarriage/loss and relationship issues. any recommendations appreciated. m

Sharon Berbower is a warm, caring, wonderful therapist (MFT) who is experienced in EMDR. She is in Berkeley and you can contact her at 510-525-8814. All the best to you

Phyllis Klaus is the woman you need! She practices EMDR, works out of her home in Berkeley, and specializes in issues related to birth and parenthood. I saw her for several sessions after the loss of my baby and I would highly recommend her. Her number is (510) 559 8000 Elizabeth

Ivan Skolnikoff 415-721-4527. He is a psychotherapist who specializes in working with couples and does EMDR. He works in Emeryville.

My therapist practices EMDR and I have been extremely happy with the work we have done. She has practiced for 25 years here in Berkeley her name is Phyllis Klaus (in the phone book). Phyllis specializes in pregnancy/birth/trauma/miscarriage issues in addition to running a general practice with individuals and couples. She is a truly gifted therapist. Good luck, my expereince with EMDR has been truly profound. Anon