Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR)

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Nov 2008

Anyone had any experience with Suki Braman in El Cerrito who is a rapid eye technology therapist? Or have the name of a good rapid eye therapist in the Oakland or Berkeley area? Thanks anonymous

You asked for a rapid eye movement therapist. Do you mean EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprogramming)? I see a therapist trained in EMDR. Her name is Diane Clarke. She's on Solano in Albany. Great lady! anon
Eugenie Hsu, Ph.D. is warm, direct and solution focused psychologist who has a specialty in EMDR and post traumatic stress. She's a colleague of mine and is very well known and respected in the professional community for her work in this area. Her phone number is 510-316-1749 and she also has a website (dreugeniehsu.com). Jill
Oct 2006

looking for a therapist in berkleley or oakland who does EMDR but who also migt be good for couples counseling around miscarriage/loss and relationship issues. any recommendations appreciated. m

Sharon Berbower is a warm, caring, wonderful therapist (MFT) who is experienced in EMDR. She is in Berkeley and you can contact her at 510-525-8814. All the best to you
Phyllis Klaus is the woman you need! She practices EMDR, works out of her home in Berkeley, and specializes in issues related to birth and parenthood. I saw her for several sessions after the loss of my baby and I would highly recommend her. Her number is (510) 559 8000 Elizabeth
Ivan Skolnikoff 415-721-4527. He is a psychotherapist who specializes in working with couples and does EMDR. He works in Emeryville.
My therapist practices EMDR and I have been extremely happy with the work we have done. She has practiced for 25 years here in Berkeley her name is Phyllis Klaus (in the phone book). Phyllis specializes in pregnancy/birth/trauma/miscarriage issues in addition to running a general practice with individuals and couples. She is a truly gifted therapist. Good luck, my expereince with EMDR has been truly profound. Anon