EMDR - does it work? And recommendations please!

Hi All, I've been struggling with depression, anxiety, ptsd and very low self worth for almost 11 years now. I have read extensively about EMDR and how it helps with dealing with the distressing physical symptoms of anxiety which I struggle with a LOT. I am wondering if anyone could share their experience if you're comfortable doing so and if anyone has recommendations for an EMDR therapist. Thank you so so much. I am grateful for any responses.

Thanks so so much in advance!

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Hi I went to see Harvey Todd in Berkeley after a very traumatizing family event that happened to me a few months before . Talk therapy didn’t really help, so I went to see him as a last resort.  After 2 sessions I felt a lot better, I can now recall the event with sadness still ,but the anxiety and physical pain have greatly reduced.  Todd is very attentive and knows what to do. I’m not sure if he takes insurance, I paid in full but I think he does financial help.  Good luck

Thanks so much for your response. Todd deas have great reviews on yelp as well. I have young kids and want to be around for them....

Yes it can work. I saw April Wise in Orinda several years ago.  Not sure if she is still practicing but she was excellent.