EMDR for phobias?

Does anyone have experience with EMDR to treat phobias that are not related to a traumatic incident?

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I did not use EMDR to treat phobias, but I DID use it to treat something that was not a traumatic event -- I used it to deal with recurring anxiety, sadness, and negative thoughts about an emotionally absent father.  It worked very well and I highly recommend it even if you are not addressing a specific event.

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I just wanted to say that I am currently in CBT treatment for phobias not related to a traumatic incident with Dr Elizabeth McMahon in SF, and after about 6 sessions, I'm seeing marked improvement. One of my phobias was eliminated after only a few sessions. It's not EMDR, but I wanted to pass the info along in case you're open to other modalities. 

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I'm seen John Bieda, an MFT with offices in Alameda and Concord, for trauma therapy.  He uses EMDR for phobias, test anxiety, pain management, and other problems.  He is EMDRIA certified.  I know he accepts many forms of insurance including Kaiser.  He can be reached at (415)254-8203 and bayareatherapygroup.com