Seeking a Therapist for Fears & Phobias

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Treatment for phobias

March 2006

Hi BPN, I have a severe phobia of vomitting (called emetophobia), which is becoming more and more disruptive to my daily life now that I have a small child in daycare. Does anyone have any suggestions for treatment centers, therapists, or anyone else who has experience working with phobia treatment/desensitization? Thanks! Scared to Vomit

For phobia-related stuff, go to the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy (5435 College Avenue, Oakland), phone (510) 652-4455. They're the experts. anon

See the archives for recommendations for the wonderful San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy (in Rockridge) -- also see advice under Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy. I kicked a phobia in a matter of months with CBT, and spent a little longer reducing generalized anxiety. A Worrier Myself

Therapist who specializes in phobias?

June 2002

Does anyone know a therapist or clinic that specializes in phobia cures? I have heard of types of therapy for phobias that are very quick and effective when there are aren't a lot of other issues to be worked out. Louise

You might want to try the Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy . Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the most effective treatment available for help with phobias, and we're lucky to have one of the premier centers for research, education and treatment in the Bay Area right here in Oakland. They can be reached at 510 652-4455 or online at I hope this helps!