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July 1999

Re: New mom with old baggage to sort through
I realize that you are perhaps looking for a one-on-one situation, but thought I'd also recommend that you find a local Mother's Group mediated by a therapist. The groups are usually arranged by the birthday of the babies.

  I attended one in Albany run by Sherry Reinhardt 524-0821. It was great because: 1.  It was a huge relief to hear that other first time moms were experiencing the same struggles that I was... and that our babies (and husbands) had similar habits. 2.  Sherry has a very encouraging, relaxing aura. 3.  Five years later, I'm still very close to several of the moms I met from the group and my child has been friends with the other kids since he was a newborn. 
So, try Neighborhood Moms or Bananas for a recommendation near your home.
Re: New mom with old baggage to sort through (July 1999)
There are so many fine therapists in this area and I am sure others will post here. I will note a few of the many reliable people who I think might be of help. I would also like to encourage you to join a Support Group for Mothers. I think individual and couple therapy is absolutely helpful during this powerful life transition, but it is also so helpful to hear that others are experiencing similar journeys. We talk about infant care, but the larger transformational issues such as identity, being the kind of parent we want to be and the enormous challenges to the couple relationship are always discussed. Groups also help fight the isolation that so many new parents feel and support friendships for the parents as well as the babies. Most groups continue for years after I launch them and become playgroups for the children as well as support -discussion groups. Please call me for any additional referrals . 524-0821 or email me at sherryr at

Warmly, Sherry Reinhardt, RN,MPH,MOM Support Services for Parents

From: Wendy (9/98)

There is a woman whose chosen profession it is to organize Bay Area mothers' groups; her name is Sherry Reinhardt, she's a registered nurse who lives in North Berkeley, and her number is 524-0821. She organized my Oakland area mothers' group, which is still meeting independently of her. As to the emphasis on single mothers, if she doesn't have such a mothers' group, she may at least be able to give you some information. I should mention that, although she does charge a fee for her services, she will discuss lower fees for the financially-strapped.

Web page for Sherry's Mothers' Groups: