Second time parents support group recommendations

Hi, I’m due in a week and looking for a second time parents support group (preferably in person). It looks like is popular. Does anyone have any recent experience with this group? Are there any other groups out there in east bay that you recommend? 


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hi! i'm due in a few weeks too - thanks for posting this! i'm looking forward to the replies.

wishing you a healthy delivery!

-  laura

It's a great group!  I went recently, highly recommended.  Jennifer facilitates outings and communication outside of the meetings that builds you some fun and also a social group to rely on even once the class is over.  

I joined the second time moms group this summer and loved it! It was such a different experience than my first time moms group and that was really important. The space is comfortable and felt very COVID safe while still being in person. Our group is still getting together after the group ended which Jennifer (the facilitator) greatly encouraged. I highly recommend the group!

I'm also looking for the same thing, open to in person as well. I'm due with my second in Feb if you'd like to connect, just send me a message. Congrats and well wishes 

I was part of both a first and second time mothers group through the link you provided. Jennifer is a great facilitator and very much created a safe space. My first time group still meets monthly - second time has sort of fizzled out but we had to meet virtually due to the earlier days of the pandemic. I would still highly recommend! 

I was in group therapy with Lee Safran in Kensington. While not specific to second time mom, she managed to create a group based on our second time mom experiences. I highly recommend her. You can also Google her, she has a website. Best of luck.

Lee Safran, MFT510 496-6096