Seeking Mom's group NW Berkeley - 10 week old

Ok, I missed the boat on registering for a new moms group when my little one was born because to be honest there were so many groups I didn't know which way to go.  We're new to parenthood (and new to Berkeley) and now that he's 10 weeks old I really want to get him into a group of kiddos around his age for playdates and socializing.  Selfishly, I also would love to meet new moms and socialize sometimes over bottles of our own.  Does this kind of group exist or am I wishful thinking?

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When I had my first child 2 years ago, a “moms group” grew up organically among the people in my birthing class. I just had my second kid 8 weeks ago and I’m also in NW Berk: want to make our own group?  Send me a PM if interested. 

I am going to start going to a mom group that is starting September 21st called Living Room. It is a group for moms with kids at different ages that runs once a month in South Berkeley on Fridays from 4-6pm. When I have gone in the past, most people do not bring babies, although babies in arms are welcome. It is more about creating space for self care for moms than babies meeting each other. It is not exactly what you are thinking, but it would be a place to meet moms and you could then make play dates if you want. If you want to check it out, it is listed on this site:

I’m following this!   I’d love to connect as welll. My little one is 8.5 weeks now, so right around the same age.  Weekends are best for me to get together/play date.  We are hoping to wait til the 3 month mark to bring baby out into the world but I could totally host a few moms at Rosenblum. I’ve got a wine club membership there and the outside patio space is really lovely. 

Hello! I went to Bananas for their new parent support group (near Temescal/Rockridge). The sessions are weekly for 4 weeks, and the babies are about 3 weeks to 6 months old, generally (mostly parents that are on leave, so that is probably why they are in this range). It was totally worth the commute from Berkeley, got me out of the house, and now I have several friend with babies the same age. We made a facebook group, and then got each other's phone numbers, and started meeting weekly on our own after the 4 sessions ended. Also keep in mind that 2-4 months difference feels so huge right now, but once they get to be about 1 year old, they will be so similar so don't hesitate to friend a mom with an older or younger baby! 

This has been an incredible resource for me!

Hi! I’m Jen. We live in South Berkeley and also have a 10-week old. We moved here from Boston about a year ago. I don’t know of any groups but would love to join one! Also up for  play dates and/or coffee!  Let me know when you are free! 

You are not too late to join a moms group. I am currently participating in New moms support moderated by Jennifer Subasic Marks and my girl is 14 weeks. Then comes baby has a good one too, as does Alta Bates. There aren’t too many area specific moms groups especially in North Berkeley, but another good resource is Main Street Mamas on Facebook. I have found that most of the new Mom groups and participants are heavily weighted towards Oakland. As an aside, I’m also located in NW Berkeley (and relatively new to Berkeley as well)  and would be happy to meet you sometime for a coffee.


So many positive responses here!  I've been direct messaging those that want to meet up and am sending a blast email shortly as well. Anyone that would like to join in can message me.  The more the merrier!