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  • I am trying to help my 20 year old find a therapist who is currently available for IN PERSON sessions. My child is hoping to find someone who is something of a pragmatic generalist - specialties in anxiety and general coaching toward happiness/optimism would be good, but hoping to avoid a practice whose main focus is something more specific such as trauma, identity issues, reparenting, hard core CBT, or anything else very specific. If you have a recommendation, we'd love to hear it!  Thanks.

    Try Halle Brown. She is my therapist and I have been very happy with her. She sees clients in person in her Albany office. (314) 999-4379

  • I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a therapist that fulfills the following criteria:  -- Located in Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito, Berkeley, or possibly Rockridge or Piedmont. -- Offering in-person sessions. -- Experienced in helping intelligent, non-substance-abusing, joyless young adults find purpose, a little optimism, and the best way forward in life. -- Not too "alternative" or emotionally touchy-feeling in approach; my child is a cynic. -- Helpful with severe social anxiety but willing to take things slowly (not just pure, efficient cognitive behavioral therapy). My 20-year-old was socially anxious and withdrawn before the pandemic, got worse during quarantine, and now could really use a jump-start toward future happiness. I'm thinking maybe something in between therapy and life-coaching -- but maybe that's just what therapy is? All suggestions appreciated!

    Bri Byrne: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #77517

    She is in Lafayette, and she is excellent and has been working with my teen kid for this issue too. She has helped my teen get through depression without medication. It takes some time, but she offers very compassionate and intelligent guidance and advice. She is also very open to speaking with the parents about progress and even some guidance at home but will not do family therapy so that the teen client keeps the trust that she is exclusively there for them. I really credit her for helping my teen to see herself and her place in this world from a positive perspective. 

    My teenager is seeing Ananda Patterson, MA, psychological associate, in Albany, and really likes her. She is under supervision of Dr. Ellen Balis and working toward her PhD. She was highly recommended by my kid’s previous therapist (who is fantastic), Dr. Adam Moss. (He didn’t have any after school hours available, so my kid wanted to see someone else). It’s been a good fit for my trans kid as Ananda is particularly in tune with LGBTQ+ adolescents.

    We really like Dr Frank Davis in Berkeley. He help our teen/ young son and really support our family. You always have to try because it is difficult to find the right fit, but Dr Davis is young, experience and not your typical doctor, that really help my son to connect with him. 

    Good luck!

  • Seeking a therapist to help my son, as I have not found one at Kaiser that he’s comfortable with.  Recently he has been showing angry outbursts that alarm me, He is on medication through Kaiser and is good to his grandparents, has a part time job and is in school, but at times his thinking is way off and that gets him into trouble. He recently lost three friends because of his behavior. He needs guidance and I’m hoping I can find someone soon, as I’m very worried. 

    I’m sorry. Maybe you can ask his kaiser psychiatrist if he has one, for a referral outside of kaiser.  I know the wright institute in Berkeley has various mental health clinics staffed mostly by graduate students but with supervision. So I think it may be more affordable than private. 

  • My young adult daughter (19) is looking for a therapist who lives a cruelty-free lifestyle.  I know that other therapists might be empathic and understanding about animals/sensitivity, but we really need someone who is vegan/living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

    If they happen to be on the Magellan provider list, that's a huge bonus!!!

    thank you!

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Therapist for someone in late 20's

Dec 2011

I am need of a good therapist. I am in my late 20's and kinda fit into the disaffected ''youth'' category. I need to see someone that ''gets'' me. Does anyone have good experiences with a therapist in the area (El Cerrito/Albany/Richmond/Berkeley) Any recs would be highly appreciated! Thank you!! Grateful

I recommend Marenka Cerny, MFT. Marenka is located in south Berkeley, easy to reach by public transportation or car. See her website at www.somatic- I can't say enough good things about this woman as she has studied and worked in clinics 7 years, and has an inherent understanding of teenage youths and young adults. She is kind, appreciative, and hard working and will thoroughly consider your needs throughout your sessions. I know first hand of her work with two people in our family and I have to say that she is great on setting boundaries and communicating to others on how to focus on their needs and goals, and work within their personal limitations. a10

I would recommend Yvonne Mansell, (510) 528-9551. She also has a website so you can get a sense of her that way as well. She is warm and insightful and quite in touch with the needs of young women. Good luck, Marie H

Katie Jennette, MFT has a lot of experience working with young adults and is wonderful. She's in south Berkeley: (510) 859-7340. S. B.

You should call Emily Johnson, she's a great therapist. She's located in Rockridge, which hopefully isn't too far for you. Emily is really bright, engaged, and has a good sense of humor, which is a nice asset in a therapist. She's a really open-minded listener and can really help you sort out what you want and feel. Her number is 510-601-0734. anonymous