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Tennis Lessons for beginners over the summer Jun 6, 2017 (1 responses below)
Tennis lessons for novice middle schooler? Apr 3, 2017 (4 responses below)
  • My kids are interested in learning tennis and have been bugging me to find tennis lessons or classes for them. They are 9 and 12 and have never played before. A lot of the info I've found online seems to be for classes during the school year, or summer camps over the summer. I don't want to commit to a whole week of camp, but would like to use the summer to get in some weekly lessons/classes to get them going before next school year. Any recommendations for evening or Saturday classes over the summer, that would be good for beginners?


    Winslow Tennis Academy!  He teaches camps in the summer and after school lessons. He is awesome! Upbeat, fun, patient, but structured and really works with the kid  tomaximize learning. 

  • Tennis lessons for novice middle schooler?

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    We're interested in finding either semi-private or group tennis lessons for our middle schooler, who's never played tennis before. We live in North Berkeley and it looks like there are two options for drop-in lessons at the courts on Hopkins: Manalo Tennis Solutions and Aztec Tennis. If anyone has experience with those lessons, or could recommend another type of class or a specific private instructor, that would be great. North Berkeley would be ideal. Thanks!

    Carlton Jones (owner of Aztec Tennis) is terrific with kids! Motivating and patient and just such a great guy. Coaches from novice kids & teens to adults and really helps them love the game.  Do check him out! 

    You should check out the fabulous tennis lessons offered at the Albany Recreation Department. John Fry has been teaching at the Rec Dept for many years - he's wonderful with the kids and extremely patient. The best part is they offer lessons year-round...including camps. Here is a link to their online Activity Guide.

    Bob Manalo is also outstanding! Super nice and patient. I don't think you can go wrong with the options at the Hopkins courts.

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Tennis lessons for 10 yo in Oakland

May 2013

Can anyone recommend a good kid-friendly tennis instructor or organization in Oakland for either private, semi-private, or group that's reasonably priced for a 10 year old with some experience? We're looking for something in the late afternoon / evening time and we're looking for something that could extend beyond summer into an after school class as well. We live in Glenview, so something close by would be even better. Tennis Mom

Oakland Recreation has great kids and adults tennis lessons at Davie Tennis Stadium which is up Lakeshore. Just go on their website. It is a great place to learn.