Options for afternoon tennis classes


Can anyone recommend schools/teachers for private tennis classes? I'm looking for options for my son and his friend (both 11); they went through a few sessions at the King Tennis Courts, but the teachers and program have been very inconsistent. At this point I'd like to find something with a good value point, a way to keep the kids active during the COVID times: happy to pay if they have a good, consistent and experienced teacher, but obviously not premium price if they just run around and re-learn the basics every single time... 

Thank you in advance!

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I highly recommend Alexander Winslow. My 13 year old son is doing an afternoon class through the Winslow Tennis Academy and he loves it. He also took lessons at the King courts last year but Winslow's classes are smaller and seem much more tailored to his particular level. Plus Alexander and his coaches are great at engaging the kids and keeping it fun.