Young Artists Workspace (Yaws)

Berkeley, CA

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April 2011

Re: Art classes in East Bay for 8 & 10 yos

we LOVE YAWS! jen also runs a fabulous summer camp: we're always blown away by the art that comes home after a yaws class/camp. and our kids (7 and 9) have loved going to her classes for the past 4+ years. emily

June 2010

Re: Art/ drawing classes for a 5-yr old
check out YAWS (Young Artist Workspace) located at Totland (Virginia & McGee) in Berkeley. I hear great things about it. Maxine

May 2010

Re: Drawing Class for 6 year old
I recommend that you look in to the art program YAWS run by Jennifer Burke. Jen has the skills to bring out the most creative work from children. My children have loved working with her. She is a woman with a deep soul and a soaring spirit! richtoad

Nov 2008

Re: After-school art class for 5-year-old
My kids have loved Jen Burke's art classes. They are held at Totland a few afternoons/week. Jen is wonderful with the kids and an amazing teacher. There is a new session beginning soon. You can reach her at jennyaws [at] jessica

we love YAWS (young artists workshop) run by jennifer burke and held at totland park in the little building there. she also runs fabulous weekly summer camps from her home. her email is: jennyaws [at]
April 2007

Dear Berkeley Parents, the two most wholesome camps my daughter ever attended were YAWS (Jennifer Burke (YAWS ART CAMP) 510 220-8408 jennyaws[at] Jennifer the (Master Mind of K-3 Art Classes at Prospect Sierra) has amazed many of us in the past years with her brilliant ideas. Tom's in Canyon (between Montclair and Moraga) 925 210-7460 continously amazes young ears as they hear of princesses so beautiful that they get blinded by their own beauty. We always carpooled and it is a sure old fashioned summer treat for every child set within a Redwood Grove and a brook to boot. Martina