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I also agree that the CTY courses can be great. My kids had wonderful experiences at CTY, the Center for Talented Youth sponsored by Johns Hopkins at various sites around the country. Maybe this course in San Mateo would work?…

My 2E student had a good class through CTY at Johns Hopkins a couple years ago, it was synchronous and asynchronous. They have their own assessment process, and it's pretty expensive, but may be worth checking out, as may be other schooling options.

When I was a young teen, I did one summer with CTY (Johns Hopkins) and another with TIP (Duke). Both were great for connecting with like-minded/inclined peers and being nerdy together. CTY now has an overnight campus in the Bay Area which you might want to check out; you do have to submit qualifying test scores so there may be a timing issue for this summer.

CTY, through Johns Hopkins. They offer online classes for advanced learners.  we were very happy with our son's class last year. Too much homework to do another one right now,  unfortunately.  I'd also recommend chess through Berkeley Chess School,  or working ahead in Khan Academy. My son, now in 6th, has scored in the 98th percentile on the SBAC in math the last three years and also says he's bored with math in class, but honestly he could always complete his assignments more thoughtfully or thoroughly so we keep on him to not "check out" in class while supplementing outside of class.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2010

Does anyone have any experience with the summer sleep away program that is held at Stanford University through John Hopkins CTY program for a 12 year old girl? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. (counseling staff, program structure, supervision) Thanks

My daughter and several of her classmates attended the camp last year with mixed, but generally positive experiences. As this is the only residential camp we've ever done it seemed very expensive. But I think compared to other camps if you average out the cost including the weekends its comparable to other educational and sports camps which include meals and lodging, etc.

Here are some random thoughts from our (friends included) experiences... you'll have to judge on whether it makes a difference to you based on what you are looking for from the experience.

- One of the first things we observed upon arrival is that the attendees are about 85% Asians/Asian descent! Before everyone jumps on me, please note that I am Asian. So I have nothing against Asians. At first I was stunned at the lack of diversity. But I found that the kids were from all around the US and from Asia, so there was a 'different' kind of diversity. My daughter left with friends from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kansas, etc.

- Her program (The Renaissance) was taught by a energetic and engaging teacher. She truly enjoyed the class sessions and participated in lively debates and discussions about historical events and people. She left the program with a love of reading Shakespeare. This alone was worth it for our family!

- The planned extra-curricular activities were pretty diverse and interesting, but they were not flexible in allowing kids to change after initial selection.

- Some of the Residential Assistances were great but my child had a tough time with others. I expected that part of the summer camp experience to be about meeting and socializing with fellow campers. For the first week, my daughter's RA kept the kids in their rooms (with just their roommate) because they were 'bad'. There was nothing that was ever presented to me that was egregious enough that warranted locking up the girls in their rooms. My daughter's friends had more lenient RAs.

- Some kids went home homesick or sick which took away from the roommate experience. There was little that was done to remedy the situation for the girls who remained which left them in their rooms by themselves.

- Overall it seemed safe and well monitored...too much so according to my daughter

- Per my daughter, the food was boring... hamburgers, spaghetti, salad bar. Not much variety.

All-in-all the camp was a positive learning and social experience (after we changed the evening lock up situation). Enough so for us that my daughter is going back, but neither of her friends are

Hope this sheds a little light on the program. Generally Happy CTY camper parent