Sleep away Summer Camp for adacemically-oriented 13 yr old?


Does anyone know of a 2 (or so) week summer sleepover camp? My son loves STEM subjects and is doing great in school. He isn't really in to the typical "rah-rah" camps he's gone to (I loved them as a kid but he's more reserved, not into sports.) He loves electronics and academic challenge. He's ready for a sleep away camp pretty much anywhere but I am having trouble finding one! Any suggestions welcome! I know now is the time to start applying.

Trying to avoid just hiring someone to stay at our home to watch him for 2 weeks- it would be more fun for him to go somewhere, do something.

Thank you, community.

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It’s only one week, but take a look at the EPIC program at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  Info is at

I’ve heard really good things about it.  My son is a current student in Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly.  He didn’t do EPIC because we hadn’t known about it, but he sure would have enjoyed it if he had.

ID Tech Camp is a good sleepaway camp! They operate at Stanford and many other locations across the country. They offer a lot of programming courses, some graphic design, game design. My son and daughter have done their day camps for a few years & it’s always a good experience. Friends have done the sleepaway option, and loved it too. 

When I was a young teen, I did one summer with CTY (Johns Hopkins) and another with TIP (Duke). Both were great for connecting with like-minded/inclined peers and being nerdy together. CTY now has an overnight campus in the Bay Area which you might want to check out; you do have to submit qualifying test scores so there may be a timing issue for this summer.