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At iD Tech, students ages 7-18 learn to code, design video games, produce videos, mod Minecraft, create with Roblox, engineer robots, model and print 3D characters, work with AI and machine learning, build laptops, learn about cybersecurity, and more! Weeklong, day and overnight summer programs held at 150+ prestigious campuses nationwide—including UC Berkeley, St. Mary's, Stanford, SF State, and more! This summer, your child can make friends as they master new tech skills, and join a community of 350,000 iD Tech alumni. Whether your child dreams of working at Facebook or Google, launching their own startup, or founding a nonprofit, our programs instill in-demand skills that embolden students to shape the future. Get started today!

Parent Q&A

  • I've heard mixed reviews about the idtech camp at Berkeley. It is expensive for sure. Any recent experiences you can tell me about? My son is nearly 13 and I'm trying to find some local tech camps for him this coming summer. Thanks for any insights.

    My sons are very into gaming and computers. I have done ID tech 2 x and Planet Bravo 2 x and the Coder School. They both have loved Planet Bravo the most. I don't think I would do ID tech again because of the expense and they are both very tech savvy and have preferred Planet Bravo.

Parent Reviews

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ID Tech Camp is a good sleepaway camp! They operate at Stanford and many other locations across the country. They offer a lot of programming courses, some graphic design, game design. My son and daughter have done their day camps for a few years & it’s always a good experience. Friends have done the sleepaway option, and loved it too. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2011

I am interested in signing up my 9 year old for the ID Tech camps at UC Berkeley. We are not a techie family but like many boys his age, my son loves video games and computers. The camp is really expensive so I'm wondering if other parents can share their experiences with this camp. Thank you. -New Tech Parent

Here are a couple reviews on iD Tech from the website Sign Up For Camp.

This was our first ID Tech camp experience, and we were very pleased with the entire experience: thorough materials, easily accessible info, friendly staff, nice camp environment, accommodating staff. Posted by: D H.

ID tech camp is a fun, educational experience. Your child will learn about computers inside and out. Whether they choose programming, movie making, or mulitmedia/game creation, they are guaranteed a week (or two!) of fun. While they learn about computers and software, they are in the environment of the high-tech industry, the Silicon Valley. Posted by: E S.

Our son, who was 11 at the time, did an ID Tech camp at Berkeley this past summer (World of War Craft Moding). He really learned how to design levels in the Wrold of War Craft game. Maybe more important he had a really fun time. He is a bit of a geek as are all the counselors and I think it was really good for his self esteem to be around college age people who were like him and have a really fine time. It is expensive but I think it was worth it. Liked ID Tech