Sunnyside Micro School

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Private School
operated by Jade Rivera
15 students
Email: sunnysidemsadmissions [at]
Grand Ave. at Webster Oakland, CA 94612
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Homeschool program, Micro school

Sunnyside Micro School is a nurturing elementary school focused on serving gifted and twice-exceptional (2E) students. We use a project-based learning model with an emphasis on science and engineering. Our talented teaching team meets students where they are at and helps them lean into new challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Our max enrollment is 15 children ages 6-12 and we offer flexible schedules of 3, 4, or 5 days a week to help our students find their right fit.  

Parent Reviews

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We were a very happy Sunnyside family except needed an in person school this year and they are distance learning for the forseeable future.  If you don't find a school home for her, definitely pick up Sunnyside again when she is in 3rd grade.  I can't say enough great things about them.  We moved our 2E 5th grader to Crestmont School in Richmond and so far its been very good.  They are so small that they can work with neurodiversity and the community seems to have a lot of capacity for compassion and patience with each kiddo.  We've only been there a couple months (and they are still distance learning mode for 5th grade right now).  It is a very sweet school that is worth checking out for sure.  (they have K-8 classes)

Our family feels tremendously grateful that we found Sunnyside a couple of years ago for our gifted 2nd grader. My kiddo has never before loved a place and program as much as he loves Sunnyside, and he's quite scrupulous in his critiques of all the programs I've enrolled him in. Before Sunnyside, he was enrolled in a handful of different programs where the facilitators and teachers really didn't get him or even know how to support him. They always tried to fit him in the one-size-fits-all box. It caused him a lot of anxiety and he developed a negative self-image because he felt out of place, rejected and not understood. A fellow homeschooling mom recommended I check out Sunnyside and I am so glad I did. Jade and her team are masterful at supporting kids like my son - bright, quirky, sensitive, insightful, obsessive, creative and sometimes intense. They not only support these kids, but they find ways to continually celebrate and develop their gifts and strengths, while compassionately and skillfully guiding them to grow in the areas they need support in. The teachers also do an exceptional job at modeling and coaching healthy social dynamics for these kids. 

My son's anxiety greatly reduced after starting at Sunnyside and he's so much more comfortable in his skin now (and in his brain!). I can tell he feels at home, seen, and part of the community there.  I'm witnessing him thrive and develop so much there and his sense of belonging in the "tribe" there has given him permission to be his unique quirky self more than ever.  Jade and her stellar team create a safe, inclusive and contained space for these special kids to flourish. I highly recommend Sunnyside if you are looking for a rich, one-of-a-kind learning environment for your "twice exceptional" kid. Check out the website to read more about Jade's philosophy and approach -  And feel free to reach out if you have any questions about my experience with the microschool.

I am writing as a very satisfied mother of a Sunnyside Micro School 3rd grader. We decided to move our 8 year old son from traditional school to Sunnyside this year, which has made a world of difference.  While my son is bright, he experienced a lot of anxiety in attending traditional school that resulted in acting out behavior both at home and at school. Since transferring to Sunnyside our home life has been remarkably calmer and my son feels better about himself.

Sunnyside caters to 2e students, who oftentimes get labeled as defiant and difficult in a more traditional setting. At Sunnyside my son's curiosity, big personality and at times intense energy have been embraced. Jade, the founder of Sunnyside, is a master at creating opportunities for 2e kids to thrive. She has created an incredibly compassionate and intentional curriculum that mirrors my son's nonlinear way of thinking, where he feels celebrated for his learning style.

I highly recommend checking out Sunnyside if you feel like traditional school is a mismatch for your spirited 2e kid!

Sunnyside Microschool is a hidden gem for "Gifted" and "Twice Exceptional" (aka bright and quirky) kids, and a wonderful alternative to traditional schooling or homeschooling. I love that Jade and her team not only get my kid because of their professional and personal experience, but also how obvious it is that they really love and appreciate him and all the kids for their intelligence, creativity...and quirkiness! Sunnyside's small size and high teacher to student ratio allow for one-on-one learning and small group work. I love that they use self-directed learning (allowing students to learn the topics through their interests) and design thinking, and that there is as much emphasis on emotional literacy (using Nonviolent Communication and Montessori methods) as there is on academics. My son is in 4th grade and started at Sunnyside midway through 2nd after being in traditional school. So far he attends 3 days a week and we have him in other activities the other two (I appreciate that Sunnyside allows students to attend 3, 4 or 5 days). It has been such a relief to have my son in a school that values him, and learning, over a one-size-fits-all approach. I'm happy to answer questions interested parents might have, and Jade always has students start with a trial day to see if it's a good fit!

Hi There, My son goes to Sunnyside Microschool in Downtown Oakland.  It is a really special school for spirited kids who are not neuro typical.  Many have ADHD or other learning differences.  The school serves a small mixed age group who does a lot of individual work within different themes set by the teachers. They do not track to common core, and allow kids to work at their own pace within each subject- all of the math is done via individual tutoring and there's no homework.  My son has been thriving there this year and the anxiety, pressure and overwhelm that he experienced with other schools is non existent at Sunnyside.