2E 7 year old girl - help us pls on school choice!

If you have a 2E girl and you found a good private school I would love to hear from you. We are exploring Davinci (Alameda), Big Minds (Pinole), Bentley (Oakland). I would love to hear anyone's experience and more options please (Sunnyside not accepting 7 yo now). I'm concerned because my daughter had about 5 different girls pick on her last year (Lamorinda public school) and I can't let this happen again. So non bullying community is a priority. Thank you for your support and help.

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I have two 2e kids and they both went to Walden Center and School in Berkeley. It was a fantastic experience for both! My 16 year olds core group of friends are kids that went to Walden with her even though they are all indifferent high schools now. It is arts based and bullying is NOT part of Walden. Check it out!

Check out Park Day School.  It has been fabulous for us!  My child is not 2E, but does have other considerations.  I have been impressed that it is not seen as "exceptional" but the norm, as there is high prevalence in the school, and the school is structured from that point of view.  Great with socio-emotional development and context, as well as adjusting academics for the student.

I highly recommend that you check out Aurora School in Oakland to see if it matches your daughter's needs. It's a small, progressive school that has focused on social-emotional learning since it opened in 1988. They are well-equipped to differentiate for the needs of high achievers with their multi-age classrooms, low teacher-student ratio, and focus on the whole child. While we have not confirmed it with a diagnosis, we have been told that my daughter could possibly qualify as 2E, and she is thriving at Aurora. We have established and maintained strong and transparent communication with the school since the admissions process, and this has made a world of difference. My daughter has made great friends and her teachers are the most supportive and flexible educators you can find. She is developing lots of confidence and a sense of her place in the world. This is definitely a non-bullying community! Good luck to you in your search. The right school makes all the difference.

We were a very happy Sunnyside family except needed an in person school this year and they are distance learning for the forseeable future.  If you don't find a school home for her, definitely pick up Sunnyside again when she is in 3rd grade.  I can't say enough great things about them.  We moved our 2E 5th grader to Crestmont School in Richmond and so far its been very good.  They are so small that they can work with neurodiversity and the community seems to have a lot of capacity for compassion and patience with each kiddo.  We've only been there a couple months (and they are still distance learning mode for 5th grade right now).  It is a very sweet school that is worth checking out for sure.  (they have K-8 classes)

Feel free to reach out to me.  We also live in the Lamorinda area and I have been looking for the same type of school without luck.  Happy to connect and share information. 

If you’re looking for a school where kindness is a core value and you feel it from the kids and adults, please look into Contra Costa Jewish Day School in Lafayette. Great academics, too. It was a wonderful school for our son. 

So sorry for your daughter’s bullying experience. My twin daughters attended Berkeley’s School of the Madeleine from K-8 and received an excellent education and more importantly inculcated sound values rooted in kindness and compassion. The school’s motto is “let’s be good to one another” and the follow up response is “pass it on.” Those values were repeated every morning during student assemblies. Perhaps we just got lucky that the group of students they attended elementary school with for nine years are an exception but their parents were also quite wonderful and I remain good friends with many. I do recall that during 4th grade there was a problem with a click of girls wanting to unkindly exclude a student but the teacher intervened and all the girls in the class had several group meetings and training about the negative impact of “cliques.” 

At 20YO my daughters continue to maintain very strong friendships with their Madeleine friends. My daughter shared that only 2-3 MAD-mates are not attending college. 
Their father and his five siblings also attended Madeleine and most still maintain close friendships with their MAD-mates. My husband’s class graduated in 1968 and have had regular reunions throughout five decades! Although it’s a parochial school perhaps half are not catholic, this includes staff. Their 6th grade teacher was Jewish and she was exceptional! I wish you the best finding a safe school for your daughter. 


I would recommend you check out Crestmont in the Richmond (right over the border from El Cerrito).  It's an amazing co-op school that really meets kids where they are (above or below grade level) and gets them to excel academically & socially.  A social emotional focus is woven through the whole curriculum along with social justice.  It's a wonderful, inclusive community with some of the most highly trained teachers I've ever met.  I think there's room currently in the 1/2 grade class, but it's pretty limited as they've moved all the campus outside to do appropriate social distancing for covid.  https://crestmontschool.org/

Please feel free to message me privately about our experience at DaVinci. We enrolled in Crestmont School in Richmond mid-year last year. We haven't been there long, but so far it is the best fit that we have found for our 2E daughter.

We have been so happy since we found the Burkard School, which is specifically for bright children with ASD, ADHD, and similar disorders requiring extra support in the classroom. They are a relatively new K-8 school. My daughter now has friends, feels smart, and enjoys school. The only negative is that it is in San Mateo. Besides that, it is perfect for us, and we're able to make the commute work. The school even received a waiver for in-person education, since the school is so small, they have excellent safety practices, and they serve students with (minor) special needs. Feel free to contact me off-list if the location isn't a deal-breaker. (That goes for anyone else reading the message in the future.)