The Meyer School

Lafayette, CA

Private School
999 Leland Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549

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Archived Reviews: 

Feb 2010

I have seen a few positive recommendations for White Pony preschool but not for The Meher School, the elementary connected to the preschool. I would love to hear about your experience with Meher? Thank you. anon

Our daughter went to both White Pony and Meher School, having graduated from Meher in 2009. I can't speak highly enough of the Meher experience. The teachers are wonderful and have been there for many years. There is very little turnover there. The teachers have fascinating backgrounds, with teaching at Meher often being a second career. The school has a strong arts focus as well which we liked a lot. The school has a warm and loving atmosphere and really feels like a wonderful community where everyone is welcome. I had been concerned about the transition from Meher to our local public middle school and I am delighted to say that the transition went fantastically well and our daughter is a straight A student in 6th grade and transitioned well socially as well. We were not the only family asking if they would consider going though 8th grade because we loved the school so much. Unfortunately, they can't do that. Sigh...We miss Meher and the community that became like family. I recommend it highly!