After-school care for kindergarten in Lafayette

Dear parents, I am planning on moving with my family (2 kids) to Lafayette by the end of the year. My daughter will be going to school in the Fall of 2020, and I am already stressing out about after school care. We are both working parents, so she will need early care and after school care. Are there any after school programs that are actually on the school premises? I would like to avoid hiring a nanny, if it all possible. What are the other options? We don't have our house yet, so not sure which elementary school we will belong to. Please help :)

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Lafayette Elementary  and Burton Valley Elementary both have great before and after care for kids. You can call the school and ask them, I can't remember the names. They are privately owned and located on the school premises. Very convenient for working parents. Good Luck and hope you enjoy Lafayette a great place for families. 

If you are open to a private school, you might consider the Meher Schools. We love it there. One of the reasons we chose it initially is that their beforecare starts at 7, and their aftercare goes until 6:30. Our kids love it there, and I always feel like I am dropping my kids off to their second family. Everyone knows them by name. Great for families with two working parents. I have not heard good things about aftercare experiences from other Lafayette families, but maybe someone else here can chime in with experience. 

You should have some time.  Some of the local Lafayette elementary schools have after care but they are heavily subscribed.  I would try to put your name on the wait lists now or over next summer at the latest.  Happy Valley Elementary has Husky House.  Happy Days in Lafayette will do after care for kids from Springhill (they transport them over) and I think the Lafayette Community Center will take kids who are at Burton Valley or at some of the other schools (  I hope this helps!