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Email: info [at] berkeleyrose.orgPhone: 510-859-7679
2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA 94709
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  • There is another Waldorf kindergarten with a similar name: Rose Kindergarten in El Sobrante¬†
  • School plans to add one grade per year up to 8th grade
  • Address is campus address; see website for mailing address

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I love that Berkeley Rose School emphasizes play, outdoors, and handwork in the kindergarten years. When I ask our daughter what she did that day she invariably answers "play." The children in her class walk to the park and play in nature daily. This past year our daughter has sewn a needle case, a mother's day pin, and a pouch. The pouch had to be sewn before she got to take home a special doll called a little one. She learned to persevere (it took a while to make the pouch) and to delay gratification (she put off play time to have time to make the pouch). These are invaluable life lessons. In the last year she has grown so much. She can jump rope 30 times (she couldn't even jump rope once at the start of last years school year), she can finger knit and sew (and regularly asks to do so at home), she can saw and sand wood (each student in kindergarten made a simple sail boat last year), she can count to over 100 and knows her 2 times tables. All this under the guise of playing. She is more confident physically, socially, and mentally. I love what she is learning at Berkeley Rose School. 

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Dec 2014

Re: ISO small kindergarten

Please take a look at Berkeley Rose School, a Waldorf school right in North Berkeley. My daughter attended for preschool and after a year at public, we're back for first grade. What a contrast! The school currently has two kindergartens, both classes are small (under 10 for one, the other one might be 12), and I believe there are spaces open for next Fall. I can tell you how much I value the shared values of eating organic, sleeping enough, playing outdoors, keeping things simple and age appropriate for the children, and honoring and respecting them. My daughter loves school, even math, and I feel that she's being educated holistically through the Waldorf methodology. Mandarin and Spanish instruction begin in First Grade. There is an open house on January 24 from 10-12noon. Or call to learn more. Kim, Mom of Two Waldorf Kids

June 2014

Re: Academics, Soc/Emotional, and how boys learn!

Hello! I am so sorry to hear about your son's experience. My son is also has the same challenges. I do believe it's more common in boys. They are just more active! We absolutely love our school, Berkeley Rose in North Berkeley. It's a Waldorf school that I feel really is wonderful helping children reach their full potential. The teachers are amazing and the class sizes are small. I feel this really helps my son stay focused and teachers are able to work with him more individually if needed. You can learn more at School ends June 5th so I would recommend calling the school soon so you can observe a class while school is in session. Good luck with your decision! 

May 2014

Re: Kindergarten openings in private schools?

Hello! I wanted to recommend Berkeley Rose School in North Berkeley. It's a Waldorf school and they have openings in Kindergarten for the Fall. My son goes there and we absolutely love it. It's truly an amazing school that really fosters the child's growth. You can learn more at I would recommend calling them for a tour soon since our last day of school is June 5th. Ha

Aug 2013

Re: Are there any charter waldorf schools in east bay?
While there is a Waldorf charter school in Oakland, there is also Berkeley Rose, a private start-up Waldorf school in Berkeley for pre-schoolers and K-3rd grades. We joined this community last year in the Grades Program and have been delighted to discover a nurturing, child-centered approach to education. Our children come home happy each day saying school is ''awesome'' - learning happens on many levels in a lovely community environment.

We are appreciative of having our children in a school focused on whole child learning and a nourishing community of peers. The teachers and children were lovely in our local public school but it is a stressed system because of the intense focus on state standards, tests and grades. One consideration in the charter Waldorf Schools is that they need to balance the Waldorf elements with a focus on state standards and test scores. You may want to explore all these options before you decide. Waldorf Parent

Feb 2013

Re: Waldorf type school in Berkeley for 1st & 3rd graders
My daughter is in second grade at Berkeley Rose School, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. The school was begun in 2009 by families in Berkeley who wanted a local Waldorf-inspired school in the community. We've had our daughter enrolled there since the first year of the school. The program is excellent, and it's in the heart of North Berkeley in a very accessible location. 

Hi - We are a new family at the Berkeley Rose School - a Waldorf inspired newer school in Berkeley with a preschool and grades program. We would highly recommend Berkeley Rose - it is a nourishing, supportive, loving and creative environment. The school strives to balance all aspects of child development - the kids move, paint, do academics and language (in the grades programs), gardening and music. They retain the best elements of childhood - the freedom to explore, learn and be themselves, while being a part of a kind and caring group of peers. We are very happy here. Best of luck in your search! Mom of a BRS 2nd grader

Oct 2012

Re: Considering Waldorf school for 5 year old
There is a lovely Waldorf school in central north Berkeley called Berkeley Rose. Two of my kids attended and they thrived there. Both just loved school. It's such a warm, magical and nurturing environment. If you are considering Waldorf, you should definitely check it out. Currently it's early child care through second grade. With the plan of adding a grade a year up to 8th. 

June 2011

Re: The new Waldorf-Inspired Charter in Oakland
Did you know there is another Waldorf school closer to you? Berkeley Rose School is expanding into the grades, growing a grade a year up to 8th grade. Beginning this Fall, Berkeley Rose will offer first grade in addition to preschool, kindergarten, and parent-tot programs. My son currently attends the school and my daughter will start in September. I am continually amazed and touched by the thoughtfulness, beauty, and love that he receives from the teachers and through the curriculum. I could go on about the art projects he brings home, the sweet songs and stories he learns at school, and the wholesome food that he enjoys. If you love Waldorf it would really be worth your time to look into Berkeley Rose. 

April 2010

I heard there's a new Waldorf school in Berkeley. I think it's called Berkeley Rose? Does anyone have information about or experience with the school? Berkeley Mom

I believe the school you're referring to is Berkeley Rose, a Waldorf-inspired school and parent-tot facilitator that's located near the Gourmet Ghetto neighborhood in the North Berkeley foothills. You can learn more about the school and expansion plans, which will go to grade 8 or higher in Berkeley, at I'm the parent of a son who attends the mixed-age kindergarten there and I couldn't be more pleased with his and our collective experience. I'm quoted in the school flyer as saying, ''The mindful, fun and loving lessons and care my son receives from the teachers at Berkeley Rose is helping him to blossom into a beautiful boy. It's not only a magical place for kids to learn and explore; it's also a solid community of thoughtful and supportive parents.'' It is truly amazing and I can't imagine my son in any other educational setting. From the way the children learn to explore to celebrate holidays and birthdays, I am constantly reminded of the joy, wonderment and small pleasures in life. I'm also doubly pleased about the adult and parent-child workshops they offer on weeknights and weekends, from gardening to crafting to bread-making to philosophical discussions. The school tuition is very affordable--an important factor for our family. I believe they still have some openings in the kindergarten and first grade classes. Andrea

My daughter attends the Waldorf-based mixed age kindergarten at the Berkeley Rose and we could not be happier!!! It is so wonderful to drop her off into the loving arms of her teachers and know that she will have a day filled with gardening, baking bread, making soup, singing songs and chasing chickens! The magic of the Berkeley Rose is that it is a place where my daughter's spirit and imagination is nurtured and encouraged. As a parent, I could not ask for much more. jess

Hi - Yes, there's a Waldorf school in North Berkeley! It opened last fall with a mixed- age kindergarden (ages 3-6). My daughter has been attending, and it's been wonderful on every level - fabulous teacher, great location, and a curriculum that honors the spirit of children. We're excited to be continuing there next year. There are plans in place to begin a grades program as well.

My son attended the Berkeley Rose School this past year in their mixed-age kindergarten ( for more information). It is a Waldorf-inspired school that follows closely the Waldorf kindergarten model. We had a very positive experience and recommend the school highly to any one interested in Waldorf education for their children. The lead teacher (Miss Anita) is an experienced Waldorf kindergarten teacher and the administrators are dedicated and caring. Each day follows the same basic rhythmn with a different main activity each day (e.g. Monday-painting; Tuesday-gardening; etc.) which we found to be very supportive to our child. In addition, there were many activities to bring the parents together into a greater school community, which was wonderful for us and our child to extend those friendships outside of the school. John in Berkeley

Yes, as of Sep 2009, there is a new Waldorf school in north Berkeley, the Berkeley Rose. Right now it is a mixed age kindergarden but they are looking to expand into the grades as the children grow.

I have had a wonderful experience there. My child who always showed a lot of separation anxiety, had a very smooth transition as the teacher was so warm and loving. The days are spent in the beautiful garden, gardening, tending to the chickens, gathering eggs and playing with sand, and inside, painting, woodworking, cooking and of course playing with natural toys in a beautiful space.

The school offers beautiful seasonal activities and holiday celebrations like harvesting a pumpkin, lantern walk, advent spiral walk, growing wheat grass, felting eggs and chicks etc. On Fridays, the school offers an innovative program, a day in the hills, where the children spend all day outdoors rain or shine. Not only nature provides a wide range of opportunities for physical exploration and imaginative play, but the children develop a personal relationship with the natural world, a sense of reverence for the Earth. I forgot to add that the snacks are all homemade, nutritious and organic, and the children make their own sourdough bread and stone soup.

The school also cares about creating bonds among the families and the community by offering craft gatherings and classes and study groups.

We are very happy with the school! happy parent

Our son goes to the Berkeley Rose School and we love it. Our son has really blossomed at the school. It's amazing to see how much more aware he is now of the nature that surrounds him. At school they learn finger knitting, sewing, carving and bread making. The school has hike day every Friday which provides a wonderful outdoor experience to explore the mother earth. The teachers are truly loving, caring and been a great resource for us. We highly recommend anyone taking interest in the Berkeley Rose School. Tsering