St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

El Cerrito, CA

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June 2009

Re: Catholic Church for our family to join
You didn't mention where you lived. But, St. John the Baptist in El Cerrito is very good! My children actually go to school there so, taking any classes in addition as you know is not necessay. But, I know the woman over the children's religious studies and she is amazing! My DD will also be receiving the Sacrament of Communion this year (she is soooooooo excited!) Good Luck on your search, I am sure that you will find a church home that you are comfortable with. Happy St. John the Baptist Mom

Oct 2007

Re: Seeking tolerant, inclusive Catholic community
Our Church is not in Oakland or Berkeley but, it is a very welcoming Parish and may be a good fit ... St. John the Baptist in El Cerrito. Definitely come and visit us the Family Mass is at 9:30 which is when I go with my Family. There is a Sunday School Class that is held during the 9:30 Mass for Pre-K and Kindergarten. Grades 1 through 9 meet from 10:45am to noon. My Daughter did this two years in a row and will now be joining us at Mass since she is in Kindergarten there and receiving theology in a daily basis. Now, it's my Son's turn and he is thrilled! Pam Vincent is the Director of this Program and she is great!