Catholic youth group near N. Oakland

Our au pair recently joined us from Brazil a few weeks ago and is looking for a Catholic youth group to participate in. She has attended St Augustine but the group spent half the time silently meditating which felt more isolating than a place of connection. She’s looking for a more engaging community of one exists relatively near to North Oakland. Thanks for any recommendations!

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Hi! I’m also Brazilian and catholic. The closest Brazilian catholic community is located in El Cerrito. They are a very welcoming group. Tell her to go to the Sunday mass at 6pm at St John the Baptist church located at 11150 San Pablo Av. After the mass the group gather at the church events space for snacks.

St Mary Magdalen in North Berkeley will be starting a small faith group for younger adults/millenials Thursday evenings at 7:30--first meeting February 27th.  This group will meet for just 6 weeks, but is intended to create community and connections.  I know the facilitator and several participants--should be good discussions, reflections, and if anything, social justice interested.

Thank you for asking this question and supporting your au pair--I think we all need community and discussion of our spiritual lives in this difficult time.

Please contact me via my user name if you would like more information--or contact the parish directly.

I highly recommend Newman Hall/Holy Spirit Parish, on College and Dwight in Berkeley. They have a large youth/student community, being so close to UC, which includes separate groups for students and young adults/grad students. Plus the overall community is very diverse, including economic diversity, POC, and students and families from foreign countries (such as Brazil), which may make for a more comfortable initial experience for your au pair.