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Oakland, CA

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Aug 2010

Re: A Worship Service Designed for Toddlers and Infants?
Montclair Presbeterian has a wonderful program called Godly play where the kids handle little toys and feel out stories. Check it out. Reenie

August 2006

Re: Radical church or synagogue
Our church, Montclair Presbyterian (on Thornhill Drive in Montclair) is as inclusive as they come. The church is open and affirming in both language and spirit, and nontraditional in many ways. There is a strong committment to social justice both historically and in present day. It has a wonderful choir and music program led by the conductor at the Woodminster Theater, and uses a great children's education program, called Godly Play. The pastor does great sermons, and has a beautiful voice herself - she's a classically trained musician. I didn't grow up attending church, and am very much at home there, and love the community. You're welcome to contact me if you'd like more information - Carrie

Jan 2006

Re: Family friendly church for a newbie

You might try Montclair Presbyterian Church on Thornhill Road ( They are a rather progressive, open, diverse community which focuses a lot on both spirituality and social justice. There are many families there of all kinds, and the music program is rather strong. Finding the ''right'' fit can make all the difference, so don't be afraid to shop around with different denominations. Make sure to introduce yourself to the greeters when you visit so they can help you feel more welcome, introduce you around, and help you navigate the service. good luck in your search!


I often go to church with my partner and her family at Montclair Presbyterian Church (on Thornhill?). The minister, Karen Stokes, and the congregation have made me feel as welcome as a Jewish lesbian ever could feel in church. It's a medium-sized church with an active, artistic and socially engaged congregation. Shelley