LGBT Friendly Church with Young Families near Oakland

Hi all,

My partner and I have a 18 month old toddler and recently relocated to Oakland from SF. We had attended a PCUSA church in SF that we LOVED (I'm still an elder), but we are looking for a home church in the east bay for our son to grow up in. We're searching for a church that is not just tolerates gay folks, but one that actively welcome queer folks in every level of church leadership and life. I'd also love a congregation that has some other young families and a children's ministry. HELP! All the "young, emergent" churches seem to be pretty socially conservative and I'm not sure where to start with the mainline churches.



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Epworth United Methodist Church in Berkeley would be great for your family. They are a wonderful church, wonderful mix of people, including a great queer community. My partner and I attended there with our kids for several years before moving out to the suburbs. Couldn't recommend it highly enough. 

Not sure if you're looking to stay with a PCUSA church, but if you're open to others, you might want to check out St. Paul's near Lake Merritt (Episcopal). They are an Oasis Congregation that proactively welcomes LGBT families. First Congregational and Plymouth UCC would be worth checking out too. Hopefully someone will also weigh in on the Presbyterian congregations in the area, though.

Check out St Paul's Lutheran Church in the Dimond District. Great family ministry, LGBT friendly since the 1980s!

wonderful church in Berkeley - southside of town - First Congregational Church of Berkeley

2345 Channing Way

Berkeley, CA

Try Montclair Presbyterian. My choir director was a member, and we sang there several time, and I noticed that they flew the Rainbow Flag.  From their website:

"We are a community that embraces God’s radically inclusive love. Everyone is welcome at the communion table.

We lay claim to the Biblical imperatives of:

  • welcoming the marginalized
  • giving voice to the oppressed
  • honoring all people

We welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons (LGBT) by:

Epworth United Methodist in Berkeley is verry LGBT friendly-in fact the pastor is a.fully out lesbian with a wife and offspring,There is also a thriving children's ministry with a recent expansion of the Godly Play curriculum.  The congregation is warm and welcoming to all. And yes, very liberal theologically and socially. Social justice issues are discussed inside the service and in various meetings, movie showings and book talks Many members put into positive action support for a variety of worthy causes as well, giving the opportunity for all to participate, Come  visit any Sunday and see for yourself!

Check out the Oakland Unitarian Universalist church. They check all of the boxes you listed.