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First Presbyterian on Dana St is super welcoming and has a nice youth group (also amazing singing). Ive heard that universal Unitarians are a good fit if you want a more flexible philosophy or open to various paths, but I also heard the UU church in Berkeley is not a young congregation. If your child is interested in the ritual aspect Catholic church might be a good fit. For me I would prioritize a church with a youth program, but you would know better what type of religious inclinations your child is seeking to explore.

Consider visiting First Presbyterian Church Berkeley for a Sunday service or try the youth group for question asking.

My family enjoyed First Pres Berkeley at 2407 Dana St. Very welcoming and kid friendly. 

First Presbyterian Church Berkeley!

Have you considered First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley?  They are not quite in the Rockridge area, but they are very community oriented and have a  large and active assortment of children's programs.  We were also active in the Rockridge Methodist Church off College Av many years ago (they sponsored our Girl Scout troop) but they did not have any children in the congregation, hence no children's programs of their own.

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Nov 2010

Re: Catholic looking for something different
i recommend trying out First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley near Telegraph, at the corner of Dana and Channing. It's a very active, engaged Christian community with women in leadership and definitely big enough for you to choose your own level of involvement. There are several Sunday services; the one at 11:27am might be a good first visit. fellow seeker

March 2010

Re: Seeking Youth oriented church in Berkeley
First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley has a great youth program. Great H.S. staff but also great volunteers, many are Cal students. It also has 2 contemporary services (11:27 & 5:05) with great music opportunities and music opportunities for the kids Kids come from many different schools. Check out their website or email their pastor erikh [at] for more. parent at FPCB

Nov 2009

Re: Family friendly church for Uk transplants
I highly recommend checking out our church - First Presbyterian Church in Berkeley (corner of Dana & Channing). We are a vibrant community with something for everyone - children to adults. Come to our Hanging of the Greens concert Sunday, Dec. 6 at 7 pm for a joyful start to the Advent Season. Check out our website at for more information on our many programs. First Pres Family

Oct 2009

Re: Church for non-attender to take 4-yr-old?
Try going to First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley. There is a wonderful program for children where your daughter could join other kids her age in wondering about God. ( If you would like to do something with her, there are several service times with slightly different styles. I might suggest going to the one on Sundays at 11:27am, welcoming, relaxed and not too quiet for a child :) . My daughter of similar age loves the music there. a church member with questioning kids

Feb 2008

Re: African-American Presbyterians?
Our church (First Presbyterian in Berkeley) has a fairly diverse congregation with African American representation (although I will admit the largest percentage is White & Asian). We have lots of kids and really terrific kids programs from the nursery up to Cal students. We have different services with ''traditional'' and ''contemporary'' music, depending on what you are looking for. Right now, the traditional services are at 9 am and 10:45 am, with the contemporary at 5:05 pm. Starting Easter Sunday, we're adding another service and will have traditional music at 8:30 & 10:00 am with contemporary music at 11:27 am & 5:05 pm. We'd love to have you visit our church and become a part of our family. I really do feel it's a special, vibrant place. We're at Dana and Channing in Berkeley and you can check out our website at First Pres Family

August 2006

Re: Christian Church with a Bible focus
First Presbyterian of Berkeley on Channing near Telegraph is a Christian church with a Bible focus. I like all of the pastors and the teaching is solid. While it's a big church it has great programs for families and kids and even college students. They have morning services that are more traditional and an evening service that is more contemporary-a band plays. They also have dinner after the evening service, which is a nice way to meet people and not have to cook one day a week :) Also, they have a mother's group that meets on Friday mornings during the school year. Katrina

Hi! My husband and I attend First Pres Church of Berkeley, which can feel a bit big, but we have found a great community there. Hope that helps! Coleen
Nov 2001

Re: children's choir
Try First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley. They have a really great choir program for kids beginning at age 3 all the way up to high school - and even beyond. Last weekend was the big holiday choral concert - every age group got to sing holiday songs. Laura

Dec 1999

Re: Christmas Eve services that would appeal to teens
Regarding Christmas Eve Church Services in Berkeley, the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley will have two services with music and singing. The Family Service is at 6:00 pm and is a celebration in music for people of all ages. The Candles and Carols Service is at 10:00 pm for adults, teens and college age students, and will celebrate the birth of Jesus with carols, readings and music presented by the Chancel Choir, handbells and instrumentalists, closing with candel lighting and quiet singing of Silent Night -- it is a quiet, peaceful and wonderful ceremony ushering in the spirit of Christmas.

First Pres will also have a Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 19 at 8:00 pm. Mitch Covington is the music director and past performances have been world class. It will be a festive evening of fine choral music by a 90-voice choir, symphonic orchestra and soloists. Free parking and child care are available. If you enjoy wonderful music, don't miss this one, but plan to be there by 7:30 pm to get reasonable seats.

The church is the contemporary building located on the southeast corner of Dana and Channing Way.