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Hello! I am looking for a kid friendly church that is near Berkeley. I would prefer a place that is lively and my 3yr old can participate in. Not a stuffy traditional place I guess. Would rather not send her away to strangers in the babysitting room if possible. Seeking a spiritual family here in my community.

thanks In advance 

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Newman Center on College is very kid centric — donut sundays, a terrace to run around, Easter Sunday is with puppets and Christmas pageant with kids and kids classes too

First Presbyterian Church Berkeley!

Hello! I highly recommend my church to you: St. Alban's Episcopal Church at 1501 Washington Ave in Albany. (Literally on the border with Berkeley.) It's a small, welcoming, inclusive church. Right now we meet once a month in person, and the rest of the month on Zoom. Truthfully, the congregation is mostly older, (and therefore there is no "Sunday School" to leave your child in during service, even if you wanted to!) but we have a few parishioners who bring their children to worship, and they are much adored and welcomed by the congregation We'll be having in-person worship this Sunday, December 5th, and also on Christmas Eve at 4 p.m.

What most attracted me to the church is that the members really, really try to walk the walk: we affirm feminism, LGBTQ community members, service to the community, and many of us have undertaken anti-racism work. Plus, the music is fantastic, and there is a resident performing arts nonprofit that the church is fostering; there are fantastic concerts at least once a month. There's a preschool housed at the church, and a youth choir meets there weekly.

We hope to see you there - come and check us out!

I'd check out Epworth United Methodist Church on Hopkins in Berkeley. Their children's program includes their own classes during service, but the kids can stay with you in worship if you prefer.

If you are inclined toward Catholicism, try Saint Columba. It at the intersection of San Pablo Ave and Alcatraz Ave.

My family enjoyed First Pres Berkeley at 2407 Dana St. Very welcoming and kid friendly. 

Greetings, I recommend my church, First Church Berkeley on Dana & Channing. Welcome! 
We did online worship over the last 18 months and restarted in-person services about a month ago. Families are trickling back as kiddos get vaccinated! 
We welcome families in whatever way works. New this fall is the “playship” area for littles right in the sanctuary with kid-sized tables & chairs with activities so families can be together during worship. 
There are a bunch of lively progressive churches in the area, good luck with your search!
There will be a family-focused service on Christmas Eve at 4pm. Your little one will be invited to dress up like an angel or a sheep or something. (Might be outside?)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

We attend Resurrection Oakland ( and really love it. It's a Presbyterian church located in downtown Oakland that just started a few years ago, and has grown with new families and faces since. We have a 22 month old son and the church has a great Kids program incl a Pre-K classroom that our son really enjoys.

Family friendly church with lots of participation from kids of all ages is First Church of Berkeley - formerly First congregational Church of Berkeley on Channing and Dana. 

I recommend Epworth United Methodist church in North Berkekey.  The Godly Play kids program is amazing!  This Sunday is the advent workshop (outside - crafts) at 11:15pm if you want to stop by and get a feel for the church and community.