Corpus Christi Catholic Church

Oakland, CA

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Nov 2010

Re: Catholic looking for something different
Hi, Catholic Looking for something... Corpus Christi parish on the Corner of Park & Estates in Oakland has brought me back to my Catholic roots. Father Leo is the most amazing, loving, funny, warm, priest I have experienced and gives meaning to the words; Christ's Love. His sermons, although sometimes a bit long, are real! He talks about real world issues and how they affect us and what we as Christians can do to make this world a better place. He often brings laughter and tears to the parishioners during Mass. He has arranged soup nights with other Christian faiths so there would be more interaction and understanding between faiths and churches in the area. If you are looking for something different but Catholic please come try the 10:30 Mass @ Corpus Christi. I love the ritual of the Catholic church but like you want something that inspires and speaks to my soul. a returned Catholic

May 2006

Re: Looking for very liberal Catholic church
I felt exactly the same way when my daughter was born, 13 years ago. Essentially only baptized her so that the ''culture'' of both my and my husbands religion (catholic) was available to her.

Our parish is Corpus Christi off of Park AVE. in Oakland and I have to admitt that Father Leo has re-ignited my own passion for my religion. I am so glad that I have passed my Catholic religion culture on to my child and it also helped when she applied to attend Bishop O'Dowd High School, which she will attend in the fall. So my advice is to visit a few parishes in your area and find one that feels right for you attend to pass along your will not regret it if my own experience is similar to yours
wayward Catholic returned