Corpus Christi School

Piedmont, CA

Private School
operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland
Phone: (510) 530-4056
One Estates Drive, Piedmont, CA 94611

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Corpus Christi or St. Theresa's?

Sept 2012


Hi - We're considering Corpus Christi or St. Theresa's. Does anyone have insight into how they compare? Both seem like great schools and communities, but wondering what the differences are. Thanks anon

I am a Corpus Christi parent and while I can tell you about our great community, principal, staff and parish priest, I think it would be best for you to experience it first hand. Corpus Christi will have their first open house Oct. 2 from 8:30 to 10:00 am. ( other dates are also scheduled - you can get the dates by calling the school). There will parents on site to answer any questions and give you a tour of the school and classrooms. There will also be an informational session on Nov. 3 from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. If you would like to hear my personal reasons for choosing CC over St. T, please ask the moderator for my email. Worth Every Penny!

editor: reviews also received for St. Theresa School

Nov 2011

Re: In Need of Current School Reviews/Recommendations
Hello, For the family in need of a current school recommendation, I would like to offer my son's wonderful school, Corpus Christi on Park Blvd. in Piedmont. My guy has flourished in this loving and supportive environment, with top notch academic qualifications and a ratio (so far in his classes through 5th grade) of a teacher and aide for his class of 32, or 1:16. We entered in the second grade, so if you are not totally happy with where you are now, perhaps this is an alternative.

Because Corpus also extends to 8th grade we feel very fortunate to be enjoying a relaxing and focused 5th grade experience with no fears or concern for the middle school that lies ahead. Integrated into the elementary school, at Corpus these middle schoolers often mentor and watch over the younger children, while still getting a great middle school experience. 97% of our graduates are accepted by their first choice of high school, and our alumni have gone on to many distinguished college programs across the US.

Because I am a single working Mom, I have also had alot of experience with the extended care at Corpus, which I would like to specifically mention as best in class. Presided over by Ms. Sakaue, many creative and fun activities are planned into the after-school experience, in addition to those extracurricular activities offered through Corpus including the major sports, choir and student leadership councils.

This is a unique community where, in my opinion, no child falls between the cracks, because each is valued for the individual qualities they offer to the school. To us, it feels like it is an extension of our home, which is the highest compliment I can think to give. A Happy Corpus Mom

Sept 2010

Corpus Christi School is a hidden gem. The academics are excellent without being overly competitive, the teachers are caring and highly competent, the principal is tireless with her dedication, and the community is supportive and fun. Everyone is constantly working together for the kids, making sure they are happy, safe, and respectful of themselves and others.

Enrichment programs and after care are also important to our family, and Corpus excells in both. Student leadership, service projects, drama, art, choir, and many public speaking opportunities have helped our son to maintain confidence and interests in varied areas. The after care program has been completely revamped in the last few years, and our son loves to go and have fun with his friends of all ages.

Our son is now in 5th grade at Corpus Christi, and it is a relief to know that we don't have to worry about middle school. Instead I have the peace of mind that he will be be loved and guided through the 8th grade at this incredible school. Think about checking out this school, you'll be happy you did. CC parent

January 2003

Does anyone have any comments or thoughts (positive or negative) about Corpus Christi School in Oakland and its after-school care program. We are applying to the kindergarten program. Thanks very much. em

We have two children at Corpus Christi School. I would say 95% of the families are Catholic--admission is competitive and they give priority to parishioners, so most people are part of the Church. This gives the school a real sense of community, but not much in the way of diversity. The pastor is African American and that has brought in a bit of diversity, but not much. The principal is quite good and she loves and watches over every child. Most of our teachers have been pretty good, but with 32 kids in a classroom (16 kids in K; full time aides in grades k-2, part-time aides in 3-4), there is only so much time for individualized attention. (Parent-teacher conferences are 15 minutes long.) Still, the academics are quite good and 98% of the kids get into their 1st choice of high school. The curriculum is fairly traditional, I'd say, but informed of modern learning theories. It seems the school really works hard to help kids who are having learning difficulties or social difficulties, for that matter. Bullying, teasing and excluding are taken extremely seriously. Overall, it's a warm environment, with an entire school assembly every day, many community events, etc. They require 35 hours of volunteer time each year from every family, so you get to know other people that way, too. The physical property is what it is--no grass and only one tree--but the school is well maintained and they have a relatively new computer lab, etc. Some of the teachers are incredibly great.

As for the Day Care, it is not bad, but not great either-- far from nurturing. I have repeatedly seen day care teachers unaware when a child was crying in the corner or not respond to a conflict with the delicacy required. It could be a much more enriching situation than it is. CC Parent '