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Renata Zimany
renatazimany [at] msn.com
Oakland Hills, 5040 Mountain Blvd.
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0 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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Archived Q&A and Reviews

June 2014

Re: Daycare for 8 month old
I highly recommend the infant care at Tudorka Tots. Our daughter started at the Mountain Blvd site at 4 months old after a referral from a friend who called them the Baby Whisperers. At that time both my husband and I were commuting to the city. I would take the NX3 from the stop at Mills while he dropped her off and then I would leave on the 4:25 bus in order to pick her up at the end of the day. So the location is convenient to both the freeway and bus system. Ms. Nancy is the lead teacher in the infant room and she is well-trained and great with kids. The Director, Ms. Crystal is also very warm and welcoming and also great with communication to parents. Definitely worth checking out and talking with the staff! TudorkaFan

Jan 2014

We are considering enrolling our child at Tudorka Tots (the 5040 Mountain Blvd location). It appears to be a pleasant and small high-quality program close to where we live. Some of the reviews by seemingly upset former parents on BPN and yelp are freaking us out. Can any current parents speak to how this program is suiting them? We really want to give it a chance, thanks.

Our child has been going to the Mountain Blvd Tudorka Tots site five days a week for a year and a half (he is two now). Our family loves Tudorka Tots. In the mornings, the smell of home-cooked breakfast makes me wish I could stay and eat with my little guy! He is almost always happy to be dropped off in the morning, and engrossed in an activity when we pick him up in the evening. The play-based curriculum includes art projects, little (age appropriate) ''cooking'' experiments, outside play in the very nice yard area, costumes, and more. We like that he will be at the same site through pre-school. The teachers are sweet, loving, and highly competent. The site is very clean. The meals are healthful, often organic, and our child has never come home hungry. When I was breast feeding, they refrigerated my bottled breast milk and fed it to my child throughout the day (they made it easy). I've read the negative reviews on Yelp, but our experience has been nothing like them. There has been some staff turnover, which seems normal at a business, but I've always found the staff to be well chosen, and the site to be very responsive to parent requests as well as any special needs of my own child. I highly recommend Tudorka Tots and encourage you to give it a try! Amy

May 2013

Hello! We are considering sending our 12mo old to Tudorka Tots - the Campus Dr location - and I wonder if anyone can comment on their experiences there? The info on BPN is a bit dated and mostly about their Mountain Blvd location. Thank you! Try Tudorka?

Hi, This is a late response to a request for new information about Tudorka Tots daycare/preschool. As a former Tudorka parent, I would recommend looking closely at recent turnover, especially at the Mountain site. There is a new site director, and several families (6? 7?) and teachers have moved on as well, all in the last few months.

While there has been some staff turnover due to maternity leaves, there have been at least two sudden staff layoffs, and we had concerns about transparency regarding changes at the school. For example, we were not informed about new volunteers helping out in classrooms until parents complained, and when asked about why one teacher was fired [as we found out from that teacher], we were told by the owner that the teacher had chosen to leave the school for another job.

I want to state that we loved the teachers there; standouts include Ms. Elsa and Ms. Nancy in the infant room, Ms. Katina and Ms. Mayra with the toddlers and 2s, and Ms. Martha in the preschool room, as well as Denise, the [now former] site director. However, with the changes in staff it seems the school is just not the same as the one our child attended, and I wonder about how all this change affects the kids who are still there, and what it says about how the owners handle staff and parent concerns. Former Tudorka parent

July 2012

Re: Affordable pre-K program in Oakland
Our three girls have been at Tudorka Tots (East Hills site off Redwood Road) for the past two years and have been very happy. TT has pre-K at the main site and is recruiting kids to start up another pre-K at East Hills. They currently serve infant through toddler. The teachers are great and the facility is nice. Food is provided and the rates are reasonable. Highly recommend that you (and anyone else) look into TT and recommend the East Hills site and staff in particular. http://www.tudorkatots.org/tudorkatots/Home.html Dan

May 2012

We have had our daughter at Tudorka for three years, starting at three and a half months, and are sadly moving on. Our daughter has loved all her teachers, from the infant room to toddlers and twos, and onto preschool. We've always felt she was safe and well-looked after. We will remember our experience here for years to come: the daily reports we received as brand new parents, the activities and crafts made during special holidays, the organic lunches and snacks, parents' night out, and all the friends we've made along the way. We want to thank Tudorka for being there for us!

July 2011

My daughter was 6 months old when she started going to Tudorka Tots one day a week. She had the best time ever there! The teachers are very nurturing and I was very upset when I had to take my daughter out due to moving. She was going to Tudorka Tots for 6 months.I highly recommend this daycare/preschool to new parents! anita

Feb 2010

My son Jamison has been going to Tudorka Tots since January, he is almost 11 months old now. As a first time Mom I looked at several places before my husband and I decided on Tudorka, but the minute I walked in I knew this was the place we HAD to get Jamison into! We have had nothing but a great experience with Tudorka, and feel so fortunate to have found an open spot in this very popular center.I feel totally comfortable leaving my son everyday I know he is in great hands!The teachers are very friendly and seem to take extra steps to really get to know each little person.Jamison is always a super happy little guy when I pick him up, and the staff seems genuinely happy that HE is happy! Their program is also very attractive because it goes right up through pre-school, so there is a great chance to have a consistant early childhood experience without having to hop to new schools before kindergarten. I highly reccomend Tudorka Tots for anyone out there looking for childcare in a clean, friendly and consistent environment.sarahberridge [at] gmail.com this reference is posted on www.yelp.com .

Feb 2010

My two year old has been at Tudorka Tots in Oakland for 5 months now after a very negative experience at a different (now closed) daycare. She loves going to ''school'' each day and talks about her friends and teachers constantly. They serve breakfast and lunch and snacks and have a wonderful yard and playrooms upstairs and downstairs. There is a preschool program and toddler program, but I like that they often will mix the kids - great exposure for each age group. I've been very impressed with the professional staff and the types of structured activities. Lots of arts, preschool learning games, but also free play time with all kinds of manipulatives. The staff is warm and caring and extremely professional. I'm not sure if they have room, but I'd highly recommend them for a toddler program that grows with the child!

April 2009

Tudorka Tots Daycare in Oakland was a wonderful find! My son (who is now 2, and has been going for almost a year) attends on a part time basis, and he loves it. He can't wait to go back each week! The daycare is housed in a beautiful house, with a beautiful, very large backyard, with lots of fun things for the kids to do. They provide meals (breakfast and lunch). During the summer months they play outside, and during the winter months there are lots of inside activities to keep them busy. At Christmas time, there was a visit from ''Santa'' and gifts for all the kids. At Easter, a petting zoo was brought in, and pictures were taken of all the kids. They also provide ''babysitting'' services one Saturday a month so parents can go out and enjoy themselves. They are currently getting ready to open a preschool. Im really excited that my son will be able to stay with the kids he grew up with until he goes to kindergarten. I cant recommend Tudorka Tots enough... if you are in need of a daycare I strongly suggest you call them up and check it out!!!!

March 2009

Hello - we are planning to send our 2 year old to Tudorka Tots in a couple of weeks and may have our new baby there from 3 mos old. The review on BPN is from last year and I'm not sure if it's from the owner or a parent. If anyone has had experiences there (good or bad) it would be great to know. Many thanks, Lainey

My 6 month old daughter has been going to Tudorka tots for 3 months. We love it. They have a room w/a gate for babies. Theres a toddler room for toddlers only. They have a big green backyard. For babies, there's a woman who's ENTIRE job is to hold, rock, feed, and love babies. Theres an area where the babies can sleep apart in quiet. They feed the babies homemade pureed foods. There are anywhere from 2-4 women in the baby area caring for the babies-a high ratio. I feel that my daughter is very well looked after and loved. Renata is there every day when I pick up my daughter to give me an update. They offer ''parents night out'' for all your kids on some weekends and drops ins.

I don't know much about the older kids situation there-but if the baby care is any indication, its a wonderful, healthy, loving place to be a kid.

My only complaint is that I'm trying to get my daughter on an eat-play-sleep schedule and its not working out too well there. But I don't know how much of that is my daughter and how much of that is them.

Hi, I have seen this question a couple of weeks back ''Anyone been to Tudorka Tots Daycare in Oakland? (Montclair)'' and I'd like to respond.

My three year old son has been at Tudorka Tots Daycare for almost 2 years, and he loves it there, and he also loves his teachers. Its always clean, and the staff is so dedicated, not to mention the delicious food. its intellectually a very stimulating environment for my son and I love bringing him there every morning. I would recommend this place to everybody that is interested bringing their child(ren) there.
A happy mom of a happy 3 year old

Response to the question about Tudorka Tots!

My son Holden is 7 months and has been with Renata since he was 2 months. He adores her, a fact that makes me somewhat jealous. My nephew Dillon is 3 years and is also thriving there. Renata is a wonderful caregiver, in the truest sense of that word: She cares about the children she care for, and in return, they adore her.

Holden is my first and only, and I trust Renata to take care of him. I saw her take care of Dill when he first started daycare there 2 years ago, so I knew I had nothing to worry about. She put Holdie on a nap schedule and helped me to work it into my weekends. She has taught Dill his colors, numbers, letters, animals, shapes--all the stuff he'd learn in pre-school.

I highly, highly recommend Renata.She is currenty expanding her program to an infant and preschool center and is enrolling from June-Sept. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. Lisa

I'm writing to recommend our childcare- Tudorka Tots, which is run by Renata Zimany. My almost 3-year-old daughter has been there for over a year. She is always happy to ''go to Renata's'' and comes home just about every other week with art projects. Tudorka Tots is just undergoing the final touches to be licensed as a daycare/preschool facility. What we've particularly enjoyed is the great outdoor space - a nice grassy flat backyard (a rarity in the Oakland hills), all meals are provided (no need to worry about packing a snack and lunch), and Renata offers once a month parents night out (you bring your kids over on Saturday night with a pair of pjs and the night is yours- until around 10 pm). Renata has also always been very accomodating when my work schedule was changing all the time. She's located in a great spot that has easy access to both Hwy 13 & 580. -Tudorka Tots mom

May 2008

My daycare provider is expanding her daycare into an infant and preschool center called Tudorka Tots. Her goal is to provide early childhood education for children in a home like environment that will be conducive to a child\x92s total growth and development. Our program offers care from infancy to age 5. I cannot recommend her center enough and think this is a great opportunity to join the preschool. She and the other providers respect each child's individual and unique needs. They build trust and let each child grow at his or her own pace. They are very sensitive, observant and follow Magda Gerber's philosophy. They also provide all means and snacks. Good home cooked food! Her center is run from her home and is unbelievably neat and organized. The kids are also taught good habits, like cleaning up after themselves, good hygiene, please and thank you, the works.