Oakland childcare that offers both infant care and preschool?

Hi parents!  We are expecting our second child later this year , when our first will be around 2.5.  We are looking into daycare / preschool programs in Oakland that start with infant care and continues through preschool so we can have both kids at the same place, which i'm assuming would make dropoff / pickup much easier.  However, I am also well aware there are a lot more preschool options out there than infant programs. I definitely don't want to make a school decision based on "convenience" but have been told it would make our lives a lot easier.  So basically would love to hear 1) recommendations on schools in oakland that offer both infant and preschool, and 2) if you had kids in 2 different places, what things did you consider in that decision?

thank you!

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Check out Hearts Leap, they’re in Elmwood. That might be convenient depending on where you live in Oakland and they go through TK (and will even have a Kindergarten class next year, though I’m not sure how permanent that will be).

Check out Tudorka Tots. They have two Oakland locations, one near Montclair and the other is above the 580/ Redwood heights/Mills area. My daughter has been going there since she was 5 months old. They different classes in different buildings with separate outdoor playgrounds by age. I believe the classes are Infant/toddler/pre-school. We like it there, my girl is now getting ready to transition to the toddler class. 

Rockridge Montessori has both and I think Chatham too.

We love Chatham on redwood road. The owner and teachers truly care for the kids and put so much effort into the activities and everyday operations of the daycare. Our 7 month old has only been attending for 2 months they do a great job with his nap and eating schedule. When I drop her off I see the older kids excited for their day at Chatham