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Richmond, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Roxie Pan
roxiedaycare [at]
Richmond Annex on Plumas Ave.
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
American Sign Language,
Ages Served:
0 months - 60 months
8:00am - 4:30pm
Additional Services & Features:
Pre-K program,
Breakfast provided,
Lunch provided,
Snacks provided,
Potty training support
About the Program:

The daycare has over 20 years of experience in it's current location.  Roxie has a degree in early child development, and continues with education classes to keep up to date.

As part of a Pre-K program, we teach reading, writing, math, colors, sharing, talking, potty training, personal hygiene, responsibility, and basic social skills during the care day.  We believe in and respect every child's individuality, encourage their personality and self confidence to come out and grow.  

Care has been taken to make the daycare hypoallergenic, safe, and very clean. As a family style daycare, we provide hot, fresh healthy meals and snacks everyday.

We strive to make your child feel at home and safe.

Parent Reviews

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Our son has been at Roxie's daycare for just over 2 years now and words can't express how lucky we feel to have found Roxie and her family. It's so reassuring when your kid is excited to go to school every morning. The other kids and family at Roxie's are also wonderful, we love this little community that we get to be apart of. It really is such a nurturing, loving, and supportive environment both for the kids and us as parents. Roxie is a pro at coaching us first time parents through all the transitions in the baby and toddler years, and likewise is a great teacher to the kids - supporting their basic development of being a curious child learning how to share, interact and play with others, and process big emotions. Other family and friends are often impressed at how advanced our son is which we entirely credit to his surroundings at school. 

Of course the other families have mentioned it but we would be remiss to not bring up the outstanding meals these kiddos are getting, with fresh fruits and vegetables grown from the garden in the backyard. And the fact that they are learning Mandarin seems to make their overall language development even greater. We can't say enough good things about Roxie's, and are so happy that we have found her. We have a second baby on the way now and it really is a relief knowing that we don't have to worry about childcare because we've already found Roxie!

We love Roxie’s Daycare!! We met Roxie when I was still pregnant, and upon walking into her welcoming home, we immediately got the sense this was the place our daughter was meant to be. Our daughter, who is almost 2 now,  started at Roxie's around 5 months old and she is thriving!! As full-time working parents, nothing brings me more comfort and joy than seeing the smile on my daughter’s face upon drop off and pick up. We love watching her social skills form, her mind expand from learning something new every day, and her language exploding daily. Bonus, she is also learning Mandarin!

As first-time parents, we have really leaned on Roxie for her advice during the many developmental milestones, sleep regressions, teething adventures, and all the unknowns that come from being first time parents. She has been patient, kind, and so helpful with tips and tricks that have really helped improve our quality of life as a family at home.

During this last year, Roxie and her family have spent so much time, effort, and energy ensuring a safe and clean environment, going above and beyond  County, State, and CDC guidelines to help ensure the health and safety of everyone. And can we talk about the food these kiddos get to eat?! Our pediatrician is always in awe about the wide range of food our daughter eats, and we are so grateful to Roxie and her parents for cooking the most delicious, healthy meals like braised meat soups, homemade dumplings, stir fry, buns and more! The other families and their kids are amazing as well. We really feel so lucky to be a part of this community that Roxie has created.

My son has been with Roxie now since he was 4 months old, and he's almost 2 now. We didn't know what to look for in a daycare, but now I know all we need is someone who loves our kid the way that Roxie does--and my son loves her so much. Roxie is so nurturing, sings and dances with the kids, and provides incredible meals (that pale in comparison to what we feed him!). I'm not there all day, but the way that my son talks about Roxie and seeing him run into her house to give her a hug tells me everything I need to feel certain that my son is in a safe and loving place, where he's learning everything from sharing to the alphabet--not to mention how to speak Mandarin. I can't speak highly enough about Roxie's, and I wish my kid could go there forever!

I've had my son at Roxie's since about 7/8 months old. I was really struggling as a new mom and knew I needed help. I visited several other daycares, and didn't have a clue what to look for. All i know is that as soon as I saw how Roxie held my son and interacted with him on our visit, I knew I had found the right place. Roxie's care, intention, and devotion to her kids are really special. Not only do I know my son will eat very well (rice, veg, meat, soup, dumplings) daily, but I never have a doubt about the health, safety, and welfare of my child. My son has thrived at Roxie's home with her mom and father both there to assist. My son gets much love and attention from all of them. 


Hi there,

My son just started day care at 4 months old at Roxie's in Richmond Annex. It's run by a Chinese family and we love it and them so much--as does our son! We feel so lucky to have found it. Let me know if you have specific questions and I'd be happy to tell you more. There are also lots of reviews here. Before we signed up I reached out to someone whose child went there and they agreed it was a wonderful place.


Roxie has been taking care of our son, who's now 6 months old.  She is so wonderful with infants and I couldn't recommend her more.  We were so nervous to take him to child care for the first time, and we are so confident in her care and our son loves being there. She gives us daily reports in writing and in person when we pick him up, we really love her. 

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have found Roxie and her nurturing family. My daughter has been with Roxie since she was 7 months old and she is now almost 3. We feel like we hit the childcare lottery and I'm so grateful every time I drop my baby off or pick her up. Roxie is preternaturally talented with young children and I'm constantly in awe watching her with my little girl. My daughter is attached to her so thoroughly that she often doesn't want to come home in the evening (!) and gets excited every morning to see Roxie and Grandma. When she was very little, she was doted on by her Chinese Grandpa and she still thinks he's the best. And, that's saying a lot because her Italian and American grandpas are pretty great guys. She loves, loves, loves the home-cooked meals served up by Grandma and we have zero struggles over food as a result. Our adventurous little eater also speaks THREE languages between English, her dad's native Italian, and Mandarin. It is an absolute joy to watch her and her friends at Roxie's blossom in multiple languages. She loves telling me and her dad " You don't speak Mandarin well"... which is true! I've toured a lot of daycares and preschools and I can say that Roxie's is hands-down the most organized, clean, and tidy place I've seen. Since we have been at Roxie's there are only 3 other kids most of the time, max was 4 other kids. You absolutely can't beat the individual attention showered on the kids. Also, I'm partial to thinking that my kid is a genius, but I've watched the other little ones at Roxie's develop at an impressive pace. They are all under 3 and speak in complete sentences, know their colors, their abcs, their letters, their shapes and they all say 'please', 'thank you', and 'sorry' (in English and Mandarin!).  It's amazing. 

I recommend Roxie's Daycare without reservation. If you are as lucky we were to get a spot, I hope you treasure it and treat Roxie with half the love she gives our children.  She is a special soul. 

Both my son and daughter have been going to Roxie Daycare since they were a few months old.  Roxie and her parents (Apo and Yi-Yi) have been very much supportive of the unique needs of each child.  My physically active and reserved son and my outgoing and nurturing daughter have both thrived under their care.  They are a Mandarin daycare within a caring home environment.  They provide a healthy and freshly cooked lunch and even make traditional Chinese soups when the kids feel under the weather.  My son who is now in Kindergarten still talks about how much he loves Apo's cooking!  

The facility is kept clean and orderly and Roxie helps teach the kids to help clean up.  One of the biggest benefits is the Mandarin immersion environment.  It's amazing to see my daughter try to teach us how to count in Mandarin...she loves to emphasize the proper tones!  She sings Chinese songs and loves to name animals, numbers, colors in Mandarin.  And she understand everything Roxie says!  to top it off, her English is also blossoming with complete complex sentences and thoughts.  

Roxie has a way with children and uses the philosophy of redirection when kids act up.  My daughter had picked up a bad habit of hitting and Roxie did wonders to redirect her.  She is able to verbalize her thoughts and feelings and seemed to mature overnight!  The kids seem to thrive with the structure they provide and the kids are happy.  My daughter looks forward to going to Roxie's every morning.

I whole-heartedly recommend Roxie's Daycare for caring for the whole child and for the excellent Mandarin immersion environment.  

We have been really happy with the care at Roxie Daycare. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is a small family daycare (4-6 kids at a time during the time our daughter has been there). We were looking for a Mandarin-speaking daycare, as my husband is bilingual, though I do not speak Mandarin. Roxie speaks English, but she and her parents speak to the kids in Mandarin during the day. It has been amazing to watch our daughter learn two languages!

Our daughter has been there since she was six months old (she is now almost 3). Roxie and her parents have taken great care of her since she was a baby, and now have different projects for her as the "big kid." They have helped us with many transitions - going back to work in the first place, solid foods, going down from 2 to 1 naps, potty training, giving up her pacifier at naptime, etc. Roxie is very loving and has taught our daughter good manners (at least by 2 year old standards...).

Starting at 12 months, Roxie provides meals and snacks for the kids, and we like hearing about grandma's home cooking! The house is always immaculate and Roxie is always there to greet us in the morning and give a report back at the end of the day. We also appreciate that the house has a big backyard that the kids spend a good amount of time in - with playground equipment, grass, a shaded area, and lots of plants.

We are very grateful for the care our daughter has received and would highly recommend Roxie's.

Our son has been at Roxie's over a year and a half and has been very happy there. The small family daycare is run out of the home of Roxie's parents so though Roxie is the primary caregiver, the kids have the great benefit of a grandma and grandpa around much of the time. Kids are taught and spoken to in Mandarin, which was a major draw for us. Roxie is loving, reliable and great at managing and giving attention to all the kids. It's conveniently located, and breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. We have become friends with other families there as well. We are sad to be leaving but want our son to experience an environment with more kids before he goes off the kindergarten. We are so grateful to have had Roxie available to help teach and care for our son and would highly recommend Roxie's Daycare.
A happy parent

My son has thrived under the loving and care at Roxie Daycare. He had been there since he was 4 months old and we love the home cooked meals, the caring environment, and the Mandarin immersion. Roxie's is a bilingual daycare and although we don't speak Mandarin at home my son understands everything they say, can count to 100 in Chinese, tells me the Chinese name for veggies, and is so inquisitive of words and phonics. We are grateful to Roxie for helping him transition to being a big brother and giving him the extra support he needed and showing him how to be sweet with his little sister.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2015

I am writing to highly recommend Roxie's Daycare. Our kids have been with Roxie since they were four months old, and we feel so thankful that they are being cared for in such a loving and safe environment. Roxie runs her small in-home daycare with the help of her parents, and they are truly like a second family for our kids. Roxie's home is immaculate, with great, secure spaces both indoors and outdoors for the kids to play. Each child gets lots of love and attention, they are nourished with healthy snacks and home-cooked meals, and Roxie- who is infinitely patient- teaches them to become caring, well-mannered individuals. An added bonus for us is that Roxie teaches and talks to the kids in both English and Mandarin. Roxie can be reached at (510) 528-6816 or roxiedaycare [at]


Dec 2012

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Roxie's Family daycare. Both of my children have been in Roxie's excellent care from age 7 months to 3 years old, and I cannot say enough good things about her and her daycare. My youngest is starting preschool in January, so Roxie will have an opening. Roxie takes care of the children in her home with the help of her parents, who the kids affectionately call ''Po-Po'' (Grandma) & ''Ye-Ye'' (Grandpa). I wanted to expose my children to Mandarin, and Roxie speaks to the kids primarily in Mandarin and teaches them Mandarin, although she speaks English fluently. Roxie cares for kids 0-5 years old, full-time only, and cares for about 4-8 kids at a time. She feeds them healthy hot meals: breakfast, snacks, and lunch and the kids love eating her meals, veggies too. She keeps her home clean and very organized and has a large fenced in yard for the kids to play. We feel so fortunate to have found Roxie's daycare. Her family has become part of our family and hopefully she can be a part of yours too. If you are looking for a caring & clean home away from home for your child, I am confident that you'll be pleased with Roxie. Roxie Pan, Phone: 510-528-6816, Email: roxiedaycare [at]

Feb 2012

I'd like to heartily recommend Roxie's Daycare, in the Richmond Annex, near El Cerrito. Roxie currently has some openings for infants. Roxie is a home based day care operated by Roxie with the help of her parents. It really does feel like a home environment, with the children playing with "grandma" and "grandpa", and Grandma cooks excellent food for the children. Roxie's house is exceptionally clean and well organized with a nice protected outside play area. Roxie and her parents speak Mandarin, which has allowed our daughter to learn the language as she has been growing up. Roxie has also spent time teaching our daughter and was instrumental in helping us toilet train her. We couldn't have found a more supportive and loving environment for our daughter, who really treats it as a second home and Roxie as family. Roxie is conveniently located on Plumas Road, near the intersection of San Pablo Avenue and Moeser Lane. Roxie can be reached at (510) 528-6816 and roxiedaycare [at]

Jan 2012

We highly recommend Roxie's Daycare to all parents. Our son went to Roxie's Daycare since he was four months old. Even after he left, my son has been expressing his satisfaction with Roxie's care and always begging me to take him back. Roxie runs her daycare with her parents, each one of them providing marvelous care and love towards each and every child. They work together to give the children a very affectionate and caring environment. They did such an exceptional job that I never had to worry even when I dropped off my four months old in the morning. She makes sure your child is cared for to an amazing extent. Roxie and her parents are always there to assist any of the children as well as their needs. She does a phenomenal job of keeping the children content and occupied whether it's learning the alphabet, playing with dolls or interacting with other kids. Every time I went to pick up my son, every single child has a smile on their face expressing their content with Roxie's care. Roxie does a remarkable job interacting with kids and making sure they get the utmost care and an abundance of love.

Jan 2011

If you are looking for an excellent bilingual Chinese daycare you must consider Roxie's Daycare. My son has been at Roxie's full time since he was 3 months old and I feel so lucky to have found her. She runs the daycare with her parents so that every child receives lots of personal attention. My 3 yr old daughter also attends Roxie's occasionally and she always asks to go back. Roxie provides organic lunches and snacks for the kids and makes sure that they are exposed to age appropriate lessons whether it's learning shapes, colors, the alphabet, or writing Chinese characters. Roxie is bilingual and speaks to the kids fluently in Mandarin and English so that even the kids who are not exposed to Chinese at home understand and can communicate in Mandarin. This is an in-home daycare with good, clean play space both indoors and outdoors for the kids. I cannot speak highly enough of Roxie - the loving care she provides makes me confident that my son is receiving the best care possible. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call. Karen

Jan 2011

My son has been at Roxie Daycare since he was 5 months old. Roxie Daycare is a bilingual Chinese (Mandarin)/ English program that has openings for toddlers (ages 2+) and one infant (under 2). This licensed, home-based daycare is run by Roxie Pan for full-time care, M-F 7:30- 5:30. Roxie has a degree in Early Child Development, is a Certified Infant and Toddler Specialist, and knows American Sign Language for young children. She was a preschool teacher in San Francisco for 5 years, and has been running her own daycare for 10+ years. Roxie will teach your child English and Mandarin language skills, as well as good social skills. Helped by her mother and father, the ratio of adults to children is excellent. The house is neat and cozy. Their big backyard has a swingset, push cars, small play structure, and hula hoops. They provide delicious, nutritious meals and healthy snacks. The kids are happy, nurtured, and treated with kindness. Give Roxie a call and take a look for yourself! - Cindy

Jan 2011

We'd like to provide a recommendation for Roxie's Daycare in El Cerrito. We needed care on short notice and were uncertain if we liked the daycare idea. We gave it a try because we liked the idea of our child being exposed to a second language, and Roxie and her parents speak Mandarin. We soon loved the place, as does our child. It really is a home environment, with a real family (Roxie and her parents) caring for, playing with, and cooking for children of various ages. Roxie's house is well laid out for play and includes an outside play area. Roxie also has a background in child development. The daycare is located off San Pablo Avenue. We believe Roxie's provides a better environment for child development than the nanny share our first child had, and at the time we thought that was great. Anyone who wants a real home environment, interaction with a diversity of children, and the advantage of exposure to another language would love Roxie's. Plus our daughter loves the food there! Roxie Pan can be reached at (510) 528-6816 (home), (415) 812- 0524 (cell) or roxiedaycare [at]

Jan 2011

We highly recommend Roxie's Daycare to all parents. Our son went to Roxie's Daycare since he was four months old. Even after he left, my son has been expressing his satisfaction with Roxie's care and always begging me to take him back. Roxie runs her daycare with her parents, each one of them providing marvelous care and love towards each and every child. They work together to give the children a very affectionate and caring environment. They did such an exceptional job that I never had to worry even when I dropped off my four months old in the morning. She makes sure your child is cared for to an amazing extent. Roxie and her parents are always there to assist any of the children as well as their needs. She does a phenomenal job of keeping the children content and occupied whether it's learning the alphabet, playing with dolls or interacting with other kids. Every time I went to pick up my son, every single child has a smile on their face expressing their content with Roxie's care. Roxie does a remarkable job interacting with kids and making sure they get the utmost care and an abundance of love. Contact: Roxie, (510) 528-6816 bbbb

Nov 2010

FT daycare M-F in Roxie's home. Fresh, home-cooked meals (bkfst, lunch and snacks). She teaches the kids Chinese as well! Roxie has been looking after my two children since they were three months (now almost 3 1/2 and 2) and they both love going there every morning. She is caring, loving and kind -- and Grandma and Grandpa also help out with the kids. Roxie will have openings for 2 toddlers and 1 infant starting January 2011. Please call her at 528-6816. Feel free to email if you have questions -- ruchi

Oct 2010

We highly recommend Roxie's Daycare. Our daughter has been there for 9 months, she loves it and we have had nothing but good experiences. Roxie has an educational background in early childhood development and applies her education in running the daycare program. One of our favorite things about Roxie's is the wonderful home-like environment. She runs the day care with her parents in her home, her Mother cooks for the children and all of them hold and play with the children. It also has a mix of ages so children get a chance to interact with children both younger and older. The family speaks Mandarin, which is a huge bonus. Our son is in a Mandarin immersion pre- school we hope our daughter will later attend, so this gives her head start. The house is clean, organized and laid out nicely with play areas indoors and outdoors. Roxie is located near the foot of Moeser Lane off of San Pablo Avenue, just over the border from El Cerrito in Richmond. There also is easy highway access for the drop off and pickup. Roxie can be reached at 510-528-6816.

Sept 2010

Roxie Daycare currently has 2-3 openings for toddlers (ages 2 and up), with full-time care available from 7:30 to 5:30. Roxie Pan runs the daycare, helped by her mother and father. Three years ago, we looked for a loving and nurturing environment for our infant child, and we found Roxie Daycare, an amazing Mandarin/English bilingual daycare. Since they take only about 6-8 children, the ratio of adults to children is excellent. Roxie's home is immaculate and well-organized. The kids get plenty of outdoor playtime in their big backyard. Roxie teaches abc's, numbers, and songs in Chinese and English during circle time. One of the things I most appreciate is Roxie's emphasis on providing healthy food: they provide nutritious snacks and do not serve sugary juices; Roxie's mother cooks fresh, delicious lunches; and they grow organic fruits and vegetables in the backyard. Roxie is incredibly patient with the children. Her motto is ''where your kids will feel right at home,'' and it is definitely true when you see how happy the kids are at this daycare! Contact: Roxie Pan, roxiedaycare [at], 510-528-6816

Aug 2010

Our wonderful daycare provider, Roxie Pan, has two openings available beginning in September (infants preferred). We have been with Roxie for a total of 6 years. She and her parents (''Grandma'' and ''Grandpa'') have provided excellent care for both of our kids in a loving, stable, clean home environment. Originally from Singapore, Roxie speaks excellent English and provides nutritious home-cooked meals, lots of room to play and run around, and instruction in English and Mandarin. Our children have learned good manners and social skills and felt safe, secure and happy. We are very sad to be moving on now that our kids are older, but our loss could be your opportunity!
Contact: Roxie Pan, 510-528-6816

June 2010

We've been with Roxie Pan for more than 5 years. She and her parents have helped raise our two daughters, and we are eternally grateful. Now that several kids are moving on to preschool (including our youngest), she has openings for 1 infant and 2 toddlers beginning in September.

Roxie works out of her home with her parents, who help with the cooking and caretaking. Their house is spotless but still inviting, and the space is very well-organized for different kinds of activities, including a great backyard play area. Roxie serves hot, home-cooked meals and healthy snacks.

Roxie has taught our girls good social skills as well as how to speak and write in Chinese. The families who send their kids to Roxie come from a mix of many different backgrounds, some Chinese speaking and some not.

Roxie has a gift with babies and young children, and has created a loving, nurturing environment for them to thrive. We can't recommend her highly enough!

Jan 2010

I'm writing to recommend Roxie Daycare. Roxie Pan runs a licensed, home-based daycare, assisted by her mother and father, and currently has 2 openings for infants (Jan/Feb 2010). This is full-time care only, M-F, 7:30-5:30. They speak primarily Mandarin Chinese but Roxie also speaks English fluently; the children are ethnically diverse but all taught to understand Mandarin. Our son has been there for 2 years since he was an infant, and he adores Roxie and her parents. The home is neat and clean and has a large backyard to play in. Roxie conducts two circle times in English and Mandarin. Roxie's mother cooks delicious, nutritious meals, and Roxie is conscious about providing healthy snacks. Our son has multiple food allergies, and Roxie has gone to great lengths to accommodate his needs. Roxie is easy-going, incredibly kind, and genuine. We considered many options before finding Roxie. All of her references gave glowing recommendations. We feel fortunate to have found Roxie Daycare at a time when she had an opening. 

August 2008

Roxie Pan and her parents run a wonderful daycare out of their home in Richmond Annex. Our older child has been with Roxie's family for three years and our youngest is still there. Both have become fluent Mandarin speakers and they have gained good academic as well as social skills. Roxie provides hot, home-cooked meals, healthy snacks, a sparkling clean environment, a large outdoor play area, and a warm, caring atmosphere. With several children ''graduating'' to preschool, there are 1-2 openings for toddlers beginning in late September/early October. For such a small daycare, it's also very ethnically diverse. Our children have been very happy here - yours will be too! -- Jean


Jan 2007

Roxie Daycare, a bilingual Chinese/English home-based program, currently has 1 or more openings for children age 2 to 5. Our older daughter has been there for two years, and our second will soon attend. Roxie Pan and her parents have created a loving, nurturing (and very clean!) environment that allows children to thrive. Home-cooked meals, outdoor play, Chinese lessons, an early reading program and more. There are currently 7-8 kids enrolled, of varying ethnicities. Your kid can learn Chinese too! I'm happy to answer questions. Jean C. Otherwise.... Contact: Roxie Pan, 510-528-6816

Dec 2006

Roxie Daycare, a fabulous, nurturing, healthy environment for infants and toddlers has space for a toddler or two beginning in January 2007. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Roxie and her mother (who helps her out and makes amazing food for all of the children) are. Their home is conveniently located, they are so loving and attentive, and Roxie gives the added bonus of teaching children Mandarin. I highly, highly recommend Roxie Daycare and encourage anyone who is looking for outstanding care for their child to call her. - Amy
Contact: Roxie Pan, 510-528-6816

Jan 2006

Roxie Daycare, the wonderful home-based daycare that our daughter attends, will have 2-3 openings beg. February (one for an infant 3-23 mos, the others for older toddlers 2-5 yrs).

Originally from Singapore, Roxie Pan and her mom (''Grandma'' Pan) provide a safe, caring, and fun atmosphere. Their house is spotless (everyone takes their shoes off at the door and toys are washed weekly), they provide nutritious, home-cooked meals, and there's a large and inviting backyard play area.

Our 2-yo daughter loves going there. She's gained excellent social skills, great friends, and learned an amazing amount - in two languages, no less! The kids are a mix of native and non-Chinese, yet all speak/understand some Mandarin and English. Most have been there over a year, and they all get along well.

We can't speak highly enough about Roxie and her mother and the care they have given to our child. For more information, contact Roxie Pan 510-528-6816


March 2005

My daughter attends a wonderful bilingual home daycare in Richmond near Mosher and San Pablo. It is run by Roxie Pan and her mother. Roxie speaks Mandarin and English fluently. Her mother speaks almost no English, and spends most of her time cuddling the babies and making incredible Chinese lunches that each day includes noodles/rice, vegetable, and meat/fish. They have a play yard with swings, climbing structure and trikes. The environment is warm and the kids are taught to respect each other. I have only one caution about Roxie's daycare. It is best for passive-average kids rather than for average-active kids. They usually have 8-12 kids. They now have space for a 0-2 yr old and a 2-4 yr old. There will be more spaces in the fall as some kids will leave for preschool. This FULL TIME care only (5 days/week, all day)  Hours: 7:30-5:30 (kids who arrive before 8:30 are fed  breakfast) Cost: 0-2 years $390 every 2 weeks  2-4 years $375 every 2 weeks 

June 2004

Our wonderful childcare provider Roxie Pan will have an opening in September. We highly recommend Roxie Daycare!

Our daughter has been with Roxie Daycare since she was 10- months, she will be 3 1/5 yrs in the fall. We have stayed longer than we planned for many reasons. The setting is warm and caring; we are able to drop our daughter off for the day knowing she is well cared for. We are especially pleased with the bilingual exposure, our daughter has learned Mandarin.

We are also pleased with our daughter's progress in other developmental areas. Our daughter's development has been nurtured through age appropriate exposure to shapes, colors, numbers, letters etc. Best of all, the social environment at Roxie Day Care is exemplary. The children learn to respect one another as well as "Grandma" and Roxie; our daughter has learned to be compassionate at Roxie Daycare. Another bonus, the food is healthy and great! Roxie Daycare #528-6816.