Q's on nannyshare to infant daycare, N&E Richmond recs

Hello! My questions are twofold. We are new parents with an infant, seeking a great daycare option close to North & East Richmond. We have moved from elsewhere in the East Bay and are getting our bearings around the resources for parents and young families here.

My first question: how have others navigated shorter-term options before transitioning to daycare? Financially, a daycare would be more accessible for our family than a long term nanny. But it has been challenging to find infant openings so looking into other options. I wouldn't want to put a nanny or another family in a bind, or have an overly disruptive situation for our baby, but have others ever joined an intentionally shorter term (< 1 year) nannyshare that worked for them? If so, how have you navigated that? 

Second: do any families have personal recommendations for local daycares (that they've had their infant or very young toddler join) that are close to N&E Richmond? Some places we have heard of through BPN or other sites include Lara's Place (near Point Pinole), Tiny Sheep (El Sobrante), and Dinha's. We are especially excited by nurturing places that have an emphasis on language immersion, music and other creative play, healthy foods, and a garden or green space.

Thanks for any insights!

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Hi there,

My son just started day care at 4 months old at Roxie's in Richmond Annex. It's run by a Chinese family and we love it and them so much--as does our son! We feel so lucky to have found it. Let me know if you have specific questions and I'd be happy to tell you more. There are also lots of reviews here. Before we signed up I reached out to someone whose child went there and they agreed it was a wonderful place.


We did 6 months of a nanny share with our young infant before starting daycare. This was accomplished by joining with a family whose child had a dedicated nanny already, and who was planning to go to preschool in the fall.  So, there was an age difference of about a year between the two.  We essentially just fit into their already arranged scheme.  There was an option for the families to extend if everyone wanted to, but we both chose to go on to daycare/preschool.  It worked out well for both families. Finding a family with an existing nanny who wants to share the costs a bit might be an option if you are lucky.