Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool

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El Cerrito, CA

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Xin Dong
(510) 778-4560
admin [at]
El Cerrito
729 Kearney St
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
Chinese, English
Additional Services & Features: 
Part-time available, Pre-K program, Year-round, Potty training support
Editors' Notes: 
  • Jan 2024: This preschool closed its Albany location on 12/22/23 and moved to a new site in El Cerrito. The Albany site was located at 924 Adams St. with license # 013422497 (view license) and capacity=24
  • Aug 2022: opened a new site Little Lamb Daycare in El Cerrito (home-based daycare/preschool)
  • Nov 2017: changed owners, same site and staff. Previous owner Xin Dong license number 013422073.
About Our Program: 

Our Curriculum: We provide a play-based and structured curriculum that promotes your children's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through hands-on activities.All the learning activities and learning materials are carefully selected that are age-appropriate and helpful for children to develop their curiosity and creativity.

Our Staff: Our teachers hold Permit of Site Supervisor in Early Childhood Education and Master of Education and has multiple teaching experiences in international school and bilingual education. All staff are certified in CPR, first aid and health preventives training.

Our Mandarin-Chinese Program: We offer a well-designed language learning curriculum helps your children lay a solid foundation of a second language during school at the best age.

Parent Reviews

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Not exactly what you're asking for but our child just graduated from Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool in Albany,, and we had a wonderful experience. The curriculum is a Montessori-like approach and the monthly tuition is listed on the website for you to compare against Guidepost.

The director, Xin Dong, finds really wonderful teachers and accepts children from 18 months of age. There's a cohort of younger students and then an older cohort of slightly older students that works really well. Good luck!

Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool in Albany (Adams/Buchanan) is play-based and Mandarin immersion. It's located in a home and on the smaller side as far as pre-schools go (note: the home is strictly for the school; no one lives there). I know a few kids are leaving shortly to start school in the fall so this may be a good time for you to call and inquire about the waitlist. (They can accommodate kids younger than 3.5 but that section may be full at the moment.) The teachers are from mainland China and the head teacher is from Taiwan, and all are very kind. 

My daughter just graduated from Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool.   My husband and I felt very lucky that Little Lamb had just opened up when we needed childcare, and the preschool has provided a highly nurturing environment for my daughter to be in the last three years.  My husband and I loved seeing all the projects she brings home and hearing about her day at school.  There is an amazing amount of creativity in the activities they do and how they relate all the activities to a theme the school teach each month.  We appreciate the safe and caring setting that has been attended to by all of the teachers.  Little Lamb went through a few changes in the beginning but all the transitions have been very smooth.  The director also built a beautiful back porch during the time that my daughter was enrolled.  Now the kids can have some outside time pretty much every day they are there.  We highly recommend Little Lamb.

In May 2016 before my graduate program at UC Berkeley started, I was looking around for a daycare for my then 2.5 year-old girl. I searched on Google and luckily we found Little Lamb. I booked a tour before I made the decision. I am so glad that I found it!!!

The classroom is clean and tidy, the backyard outdoor playground is spacious and equipped with different toys for the kids to exercise and work off their energy during the day. I especially like that Little Lamb allocates a longer time for outdoor activity (in my daughter's previous daycare in Canada, they had one-hour outdoor activity in the morning and another one-hour in the afternoon), because Little Lamb has a pavilion in the backyard, so the kids can have snacks and read books under the pavilion, enjoying fresh air while without being directly exposed to sunshine for too long. 

I also appreciate the low students-to-teacher ratio, which made me feel much easier and more comfortable every morning when I dropped off my little one. 

Another thing I would like to share is -- the teachers there really care about kids' development. My daughter used to scream a lot and she would get mad whenever she got objections. In the first two months after she started at Little Lamb, Xin, Miss Chou and Joanna spent a lot of time in educating her and being persistent through out months. Through their time-out tactic and other educational tactics, my daughter behaved much much better. She changed her attitude even when at home. When her grandparents met her again during Christmas in 2016, they were both surprised how much better she changed in her behaviors. Now she is such a caring and sweet girl. Thanks to all the teachers' efforts!!! I really appreciate all their efforts and cares toward my little girl. 

When my daughter started her school at Little Lamb, she wasn't potty trained. But Little Lamb offered all the supports in potty training and my daughter got fully potty trained after a few months there. It made our life much easier. Also, since I was super busy with my own study, I appreciate that Little Lamb provides fresh lunch every day! Thanks for saving me from the headache of preparing lunch box for her every day. 

Every day my daughter came back home with different art works, different skills and knowledge that she was eager to share with us. As a parent, that's the best I could ask for. We have to leave Albany and Little Lamb because I am graduating this week and we are moving to South Bay for my job. But I really appreciate all the efforts from the staff of Little Lamb and I would take any opportunity to rave about how good it is. 

Thank you Little Lamb!!!

I wanted to post this enthusiastic recommendation for Little Lamb a long time ago. It has been almost a year since we began. My 3-year old son has really taken to this school and is thriving here. He attends full-time and loves his teachers and classmates. As a parent I really appreciate the flexible pickup and drop off hours, the prepared meals, the quality art projects, the ease in communication, and genuine dedication. Xin runs the program really well with the help of an excellent full-time staff, and even a good backup support staff. 

My older daughter attended a few larger programs in San Mateo, non-immersion. When we moved to Albany last summer I toured many of the preschools in the area looking for something smaller, and Little Lamb stood out. It was just the right size for us, had a safe environment, and seemed well run. With a full year behind us, which included potty training and other growth hurdles, I can say Xin and her team are very pleasant, smart, patient and caring. I should probably stop right there. We tried many types of preschools and with our experience, in the end, it’s the people behind a program that makes the biggest difference.  

In regards to learning: Our son really enjoys going to school, and constantly surprises me with his communication, humor and intellect. He's on par with our daughter's progress and enthusiasm at that age, except that he can also speak and count in Chinese! and without the lingering social anxiety that can sometimes occur with the larger programs. In summary we’ve had an excellent experience at Little Lamb. 

A friend of ours recommended Little lamb to us and we love it. It’s been such a wonderful, warm experience.
Our daughter (4years old) loves the school. Every day she has new Chinese word or song to share with us. And she is proud that she knows yet another language.
The teachers are experienced, enthusiastic, committed, and attentive to each child's unique personality and needs.
Each month they focus on a theme and all the kids’ works towards it. And end of each month an email update is sent to all the parents about what the kids learnt the present month and what they will be learning next month.
We highly recommend Little Lamb. It is a special place.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2014

My 21 month old son has been attending the Little Lamb Bilingual preschool and is really enjoying his experience there with his teacher Xin. We initially considered this school because of its well-designed website, convenient location, and flexibility with our schedule. We were interested in the well-planned curriculum as well as the bilingual aspect of learning Chinese. I am employed full time, my fiance is a PHD student, and we are both first time parents. Xin has flexible scheduling options that allow for our son to be in school two days a week from 8am-6pm. Previously we have only had a babysitter that came to our house for short periods of time, so the transition into longer days was a bit nerve wracking for us. Xin is very communicative and put us at ease immediately with updates via text and email periodically throughout his first several days of school. Within a week (of only going two days a week), he stopped crying completely at the time of drop off! When I pick him up in the evening he is always beaming with excitement and he smiles when we discuss school at home. We are very happy to have found this school for our son, and it has been very exciting watching him develop there. Xin shares his progress with us daily as well as sending consistent updates via newsletters and personal emails. Devra