Play based and/or Mandarin immersion preschool

Hello, we’re looking for recommendations for a play based/mandarin immersion  preschool in the Oakland, Berkeley, El cerrito, Richmond area.  My son is 2 years 4 months now and he’s in a small Mandarin immersion in-home family daycare.  He’s the oldest kid there.  His mandarin is great and I would like him to continue learning Mandarin but also have more stimulation.  I was hoping to do part time at the Berkeley forest school this fall (no openings, i heard, and has not respond to any of emails or fb msgs) and part time at his current daycare.  

Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for us to explore—play based preschool or mandarin immersion?  We can keep him in his current daycare for another year so looking to get into a place fall 2019 or fall2020 when he will be 3.5 yrs.

thank you!

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Check out American international montessori (AIM). It is where our daughter goes for the Japanese program. 

Try Happy Garden 510-9659461. Eveline is great with the kids. 

Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool in Albany (Adams/Buchanan) is play-based and Mandarin immersion. It's located in a home and on the smaller side as far as pre-schools go (note: the home is strictly for the school; no one lives there). I know a few kids are leaving shortly to start school in the fall so this may be a good time for you to call and inquire about the waitlist. (They can accommodate kids younger than 3.5 but that section may be full at the moment.) The teachers are from mainland China and the head teacher is from Taiwan, and all are very kind.