Hummingbird Montessori Preschool

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Albany, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Jeanne Devin
(510) 524-8007
jedevin [at]
Solano Ave
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
Ages Served: 
28 months - 60 months
Monthly Cost: 
8:30am - 4:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Part-time available, Pre-K program, K-5 afterschool available, Year-round, Sibling discount, Snacks provided, Organic options, Special diet support, Cloth diapers accepted, Potty training support
About Our Program: 

Hummingbird Montessori Preschool: Openings for Summer and Fall
Hummingbird is a delightful home environment providing local families with a 
nurturing, nature-oriented, Montessori program.In our intimate setting, 
Our school gives children daily opportunities to engage in a meaningful way with 
gardening, pets, and cooking. We balance the structured environment and routine 
with integrative movement and quiet play. 
Please join us to learn more about our program. Open House TBA
Children welcome! 

942 Cornell Ave. 
Albany, CA 94706

Director:  Jeanne Devin (510) 524-8007
jedevin [at]
License: 013412622

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  • Hi all,

    Does anyone have experience they'd be willing to share with Hummingbird Montessori in Albany? We're considering it for our 2 yo daughter. 

    Marisa Singer

    Yes!  We started there in June and are very, very happy (after a rocky start at another pre-school).  Jeanne and the other teachers are fantastic. Each teacher brings unique things to the table: Jeanne is incredibly warm and caring and understanding of children's needs, May just gets kids and is a brilliant art teacher, Norna is very strong in the montesorri techniques and the kids respond well to her style.  The school is so homey and the kids garden, cook, do art, sing, go on walks, etc.   All the kids are incredibly sweet and they look out for each other - the older kids are great role models for the littles. We feel like we have found a unicorn school.  Incredible teachers, great kids, warm environment, and a nice blend of structured learning and free play. 

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I enthusiastically recommend Hummingbird Preschool in Albany/Lower Solano. Our family moved a lot when our kids were in preschool age range, so we’ve experienced six (6!) different child care settings in this age range (three of them Montessori), and Hummingbird has been our favorite.

Ms. Jeanne is gentle and kind, while also being endlessly knowledgeble about child development, and firm in modeling and teaching respectful behavior. Her warm space (indoor and outdoor) has plentiful Montessori manipulatives and other activities for academic and social and emotional learning. Her style fosters independence and curiosity. I especially value how the children work on a lovely edible garden, practicing patience and learning about healthy eating, cooking, and worms! I am so grateful that we found Hummingbird, and for how Ms. Jeanne and the Hummingbird staff supported our family.

I’m happy to answer any questions. Please message me or contact the school directly: Hummingbird Montessori: 510-524-8007

PS Current public health guidelines are followed— for Fall 2021, adult staff are vaccinated, children are masked, and there is an air filter running indoors. The small group had no Covid cases last year.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2014

My 4 year old daughter joined this school when we moved here from the West Coast in 2012. She loved it from the first day! And now I have put my second daughter in the school. She is 2.5 years old and she is loving it as much, if not more! If she dawdles in the morning I just remind her that she needs to get ready for Hummingbird and that has her running to get dressed and put on her shoes .

I love the home-like environment, paired with a gentle but firm structure with lots of outdoor play (water-table, sand-table, climbing structure, cycles, balance beam, etc.), art, books, and fine-gross motor skill activities. I also like that there are always healthy snacks kept out for them - crackers, cheese and fruit. Sharmila

June 2014

Re: Moving to N. Berkeley - looking for a preschool

My daughter and I recently went through a huge transition, and moved to the East Bay. I needed a preschool for her, there were no openings anywhere and I was also extremely concerned about finding an small, excellent, consistent place for her. I found Hummingbird Montessori. I can't recommend it highly enough. My daughter thrived at Hummingbird for two years from 3-5. It's small and personal. Jeanne Devin the owner and lead teacher is a caring and thoughtful teacher. My daughter learned everything she needed to know for Kindergarten both academically and socially and more importantly loved learning -- she still does (third grade). The children work at their own pace, do lots of art and music (gymnastics when we were there)... they are encouraged to be independent and work as a community of learners.

Dec 2013

Re: Recently moved and no space in preschool!
Welcome to Kensington! Our 2.5 year old daughter goes to Hummingbird Montessori in Albany and loves it. It is an in-home Montessori run by a very sweet woman, Jeanne, and her two assistants. Our daughter is enrolled full-time and the rates are very reasonable. I believe at this time there is opening for one more full-time child. I chose Hummingbird because I found the environment to be very gentle and safe for children, but also stimulating and fun. In addition, Jeanne provides healthy, organic snacks everyday, which was important to me. The teachers are very aware of each child's needs and do a great job fostering learning and encouraging play. My daughter is excited to tell me what she did every night and she has learned a lot since she started. The number is (510) 524-8007, and I would also be happy to talk further. Katie

August 2011

Re: Recos - preschools for 2 yr old Albany/El Cerrito
Hummingbird is a truly wonderful school. My daughter attended for two years, from 3 to 5 years old. I loved the fact that the school is small and nurturing. The Montessori curriculum is very engaging - great materials and activities that children are drawn to and want to explore. Jeanne Devin is great with the children, calm and reassuring. She really listens and teaches them how to communicate, treat each other kindly, and solve their problems together. The children care about each other, their school, and the larger world. My daughter's Hummingbird experience helped her learn so many skills and feel good about herself. It fostered the strong, creative, person she is, and she entered kindergarten totally prepared, both academically and socially. I can't say enough good things about the school. -Wendy

August 2011

Our Son attended Hummingbird Montessori Preschool for the last 2 years and we all loved it. The Director/Teacher Jeanne is great and provides a warm, loving environment for the kids with just the right Montessori curriculum. She also has an assistant that helps out and is very good with the kids as well. All in all, our Son has really blossomed going there and is a confident,curious,happy boy. You can contact Jeanne at 510-524-8007 or email jedevin [at] Located in Albany. Kris

Feb 2011

Re: Small home based Montessori type program
You didn't say where you are located, but you may want to check out Hummingbird Montessori in Albany (see previous posts on BPN for contact info). Jeanne, the owner / teacher, provides very good instruction and care in her home. The atmosphere is calm & nurturing and yet kids are always involved in interesting projects and enjoy their time there. Provides a good balance for those looking for a smaller home care situation with Montessori instruction. Our daughter isn't there anymore, but I would still recommend. Mary

April 2009

Re: Looking 4 preschool for 4 yr twins w/kindergarten
Try Hummingbird Montessori Preschool, Albany. We love it! Home-based of 10-12 kids with 2 teachers who are kind, disciplined, and care about their students. My 2 daughters (almost 3 and 5yr old) are there. My older one started since she was 2.5 yr old. For the past 2 years, the kids have had really gymnastic class and swimming class. They are looking for more 4 yr old since some of the bigger students will be moving on to K. I have had good experience with the school. Worth checking out. The number is 510.524.8007 Jeanne Devin
Albany mother of 2

Re: Preschools in Contra Costa Co. with small classes (Aug 2004)
This may or may not help you, depending on where you are in contra costa county, exactly. I live in El Sobrante and after a search that started close to my home, I eventually found a wonderful small program (home based daycare/ preschool) in Albany (freeway access is really good, it almost never takes more than 20 mins for us to deliver/pick-up). It is Hummingbird Montessori and Jean is excellent with my shy but spirited 3 year- old daughter. March 2004

Hi, I'm planning on sending my son to Hummingbird Preschool. He just turned two but he'll be starting next September. I observed at the school and was impressed with the calm gentle atmosphere. The teacher agreed to accept my son, but was very slow in responding to my messages, and had reservations due to his young age (2 1/2). Has anybody had experiences, positive or otherwise, with the school?

I highly recommend Hummingbird preschool. Jean-the owner- has lots of experience and is very loving and gentle. Having been a preschool teacher myself for 9 years I know that sometimes the phone calls fall thru the cracks. It just takes all of your attention to give good care to the children. You may want to visit again and voice any concerns with her. You do have to feel comfortable, this will be a second home to your child. martha


Feb. 2003

We are looking at the Hummingbird Montessori preschool in Albany and wonder if anyone who has had experience there can offer us information. Thank you. Irene


My daughter attended Hummingbird preschool for two years, and now that she is an eloquent second-grader, I asked her what we should say about Hummingbird. Here's her response: ''Tell them that your young daughter went there when she was three, that she received a great education, it was a fun place, and it had the best teacher in the whole world.'' Our experience was, clearly, very positive. If there's anything specific I can tell you, given that our experience is three years past now, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. Mary



I visited many places and finally found the right place that I wanted: I wanted a relatively diciplined and educational program yet a small home daycare type environment so that my child will not be intimidated. and I found it! it is a new Montessori in Albany/El Cerrito area.



Humming Bird Montessori
tel: 524-8007 (Jean)
It is a beautiful home set for preschool with only one teacher who can have up to 6 children. all the children now are between 2 to 3 (maybe 4) years of age and there are still open places for more children. To my surprise, my child had NO problem adjusting there (he was the one child that had the hardest time to adjust to childcare and cried for 2 weeks constantly until he got used to it last year) and he is currently having a good time there. Though Humming Bird only started 9 months ago, the teacher has more than 10 years of experience and was recommended to me by another Montessori school, and now I recommend it, too.