Experience with Hummingbird Montessori in Albany

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience they'd be willing to share with Hummingbird Montessori in Albany? We're considering it for our 2 yo daughter. 

Marisa Singer

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Yes!  We started there in June and are very, very happy (after a rocky start at another pre-school).  Jeanne and the other teachers are fantastic. Each teacher brings unique things to the table: Jeanne is incredibly warm and caring and understanding of children's needs, May just gets kids and is a brilliant art teacher, Norna is very strong in the montesorri techniques and the kids respond well to her style.  The school is so homey and the kids garden, cook, do art, sing, go on walks, etc.   All the kids are incredibly sweet and they look out for each other - the older kids are great role models for the littles. We feel like we have found a unicorn school.  Incredible teachers, great kids, warm environment, and a nice blend of structured learning and free play.