Hopkins Street Preschool

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Berkeley, CA

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DSS Facility License #: 
Berkeley Unified School District
1810 Hopkins St. (King Middle School)
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
Ages Served: 
36 months - 60 months
Monthly Cost: 
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
7:30am - 5:30pm
School district-run
Additional Services & Features: 
Afternoon option, Part-time available, Pre-K program, Year-round, Sliding scale, Subsidized program, Snacks provided, Vegetarian options, Special needs support
Editors' Notes: 
About Our Program: 

Our school provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment, so that young children can develop a sense of trust and belonging. Children are
encouraged to explore materials as well as relationships with peers and adults that help in developing their learning experiences in a racially
integrated, linguistically diverse environment.
Our preschool programs nurture young children's physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, as well as develop kindergarten school
readiness skills, empower families and respect the cultural and linguistic diversity and unique characteristics of our families.

Enrichment program includes: Field trips and on site Gardening, Library and PE (YMCA coach).

Provided meals depend on length of day. Tuition is income based. Open to non-residents.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews


April 2009

Does anyone have a child in the Berkeley Unified School District, Early Childhood Education program at the Hopkins Center, if so can you tell me about your experience? Good or bad? mom

My son was in the ECE program at Hopkins until August of last year. I was very pleased with his experience in Mrs. Layne's classroom. Her teaching staff was really attentive and patient. Mrs Layne and her staff also make sure the children are prepared for kindergarten. We still go back and visit when ever we can. Please contact me if you would like more information. -diona

June 2006

hi, our child will be starting headstart in the fall and we are having a hard time finding recommendations for schools and teachers. if you know anyone who has a recommendation (pro or con) please let me know. thanks! mere

My son is in Michele Witherspoon's class at Hopkins and we think she's great. He'll be there next year, too Jill

May 2006

Anyone have experience/opinions on Hopkins Preschool in the Berkeley public school system? We will be moving to the area this summer and our son (turning 3 in June) is eligible for special education. He had expressive language and fine motor skills delays. He continues to have attention to task/sensory integration issues. His current teacher believes his next placement should include regular exposure to normally developing peers, but should still be a smaller classroom. Thanks!

We were at Hopkins for my son who had special needs at the time and it was a sweet little school. The grounds were nice, the teacher was good. My son always enjoyed going to school and I was grateful for the range of support he received for speech and OT.

Feb. 2003

I am interested in getting feedback about the Berkeley Youth Alternative Preschool (Allson & Bonar). During my visiting w/ my son I found the teacher to be very calm/kind w/ her students & the children themselves also seem nice. The program structure seems like it would be a good fit for my son & I really liked the diversity amongst the students. I also feel very positively about the BYA continuum (has programs that go from preschool through 12th grade to keep kids focused on positive activities). My concerns are about the safety of using the park next door as the outdoor play area, since 1.) there was a homeless man sleeping in part of the doorway of BYA & 2.)I noted multiple gang tags on the BYA building. I feel very torn about the situation because the preschool itself seemed fine, it was just that these safety issues leave me w/ some questions. I'm hoping that someone has information that can help me w/ this decision. Romy

Although I have no personal experience with the BYA preschool I do have experience with the surrounding park. We live just on the other side of the tennis/soccer courts. I walk through the park almost daily with my dog. I always feel completely safe there (or, as safe as a female in our society can feel in any public park). There are usually parents with children on the play structures, and children/adults on the basketball courts. We've lived here for 18 years and I am not aware of any particular crime problems in the park, despite the gang signs you saw on the BYA building. My 17 year old daughter has played basketball in the park for a few years now and she has not witnessed any serious problems. I do see apparently homeless people at times in the park, or the BYA doorway sleeping, but I have never heard/seen them bothering anyone in any way. My daughter has played basketball at BYA for a few years and the staff connected with that program are great. I think if you've checked out the preschool and like it, you should go for it. Lori

Jan 2002

Regarding Preschool for child with developmental delays
You didn't say if you are in Berkeley or not. Hopkins Street Preschool is a public preschool with excellent options for kids with developmental delays. They have a great special ed. class as well as "full inclusion" classes where the special needs child is in the classroom with "normal" kids. Children need to be three years old to enter the school. I'm not sure at what stage in the game your child would need to be evaluated for the program. You could contact the Berkeley Public Schools Office and they would hook you up with the right people. Good luck! Sara