Berkeley Public Preschools

Per the above website, there are three pre-school campuses in the Berkeley Unified system: Franklin (on 8th north of Cedar), King (near Derby and Milvia), and Hopkins (near Hopkins and Josephine).

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Berkeley Parks and Rec. Preschool

Oct 2013

Hi everyone! In looking for affordable preschools in the Berkeley area, I came across the free pre-k classes offered through the Parks and Recreation Department. Does anyone have experience with this program? The City of Alameda apparently has an amazing preschool through its Parks and Rec. Dept., and I'm wondering if this is comparable. More broadly, do you know of affordable preschools in Berkeley that aren't co-ops? Both my boyfriend and I work, so we wouldn't be able to fulfill the parental involvement requirements. Thanks for your help! - Zoe

Hello, My son was in the Berkeley Parks and Rec Pre-K Power Play program last year and is in it again this year. We love the program and my son loves it too. He has learned so much and has really matured as well. At first, the structure of it was a big change for him. There is some free play, but there are also activities where kids are directed by the teachers. The teachers really worked with us to address issues that he had, and now he is a leader and helps in the class. I really like the teachers and the diversity in the classroom. There is also a really strong feeling of community between the families in the program, and many of us hang outside at the park for lunch after class. We are enrolled at the YAP location but there is also a class at James Kenney. There are also parent education classes offered, and they offer free childcare. It is wonderful that this high quality program is available for families, and for free! We live in Oakland, but the program is open to all Alameda County residents. Becca

Free/very low cost preschool - BUSD?

July 2013

I'm just getting my head around looking for preschool for my 2 1/2 year old. I'm a single mom and low income and do qualify for Head Start. Haven't toured the centers yet but I see the kids walking around from the location near me and I'm sorry to say, the kids look pretty sad. Anyone have experience with the Berkeley public preschools? What about financial aid at any of the private preschools around Berkeley/North Oakland/Albany? My little one is pretty bright and I'm aiming to keep it going in that direction. Hopeful Mama

Hello Hopeful Mama!

I'm not sure what campus of the BUSD preschool program that you live near, but I can give input about King Child Development Center on Ward Street. We put our twins in the half-day pre-K program for children going into Kindergarten the next year, and it was a wonderful experience for all of us! It was every day for 3 hours, and followed the BUSD academic calendar, so we're on summer break now. Our class had to switch main teachers halfway through the year, which at first was really sad to us; but we were so happy with our second teacher, too, that now we just feel lucky that our girls got to be with two wonderful teachers. Their first teacher continued to visit their class and attended their graduation, even while she was tending to her new class at another site.

The program was really beneficial to our kids, giving them plenty of the experiences that we felt they would need to navigate Kindergarten. It was academic without being rigorous, with plenty of play both structured and free, which was very much what we wanted. I spent a lot of time volunteering in the classroom with both teachers and all the kids really loved being there. Our kids have made friends there that we plan on keeping in our lives for a long time. You find such a diversity of students and their families in these programs, it was a community we were so happy to be a part of.

There wasn't a person working with the kids who didn't love being there. As for fees, the sliding scale, per-family fee really saved us, otherwise we would not have been able to put our kids into preschool at all due to the ridiculously high cost of private programs in the area. The administration is super-friendly, from the secretaries to the principal. It was so reasonable but still provided enriching programs like a weekly library trip and gardening classes, plus field trips to places like Chabot Space Center and the Academy of Sciences. Also, because it's a part of the Berkeley School District, you can get involved early in district happenings and processes. It gives you a sense of how things run and I feel so much more ready to navigate our elementary experience for it.

You may find a private situation that fits you well, of course. But, I would really encourage you to look into the BUSD program and tour each of the three campuses, they all feel different and it's such a strong program that you stand a good chance of finding just what you're looking for there. Best of luck to you! danielle

Berkeley Unified Full Inclusion Preschool?

Dec 2010

Our child is currently in the evaluation process for preschool special education services in BUSD and we are struggling to find information about the full inclusion classrooms at King and Franklin. Can anyone write about recent experiences and about the basic structures of these schools' programs? We especially need to know about times of day that the full inclusion programs are open, whether the preschools are open in the summer, extended day care offerings, the teachers, and occupational therapy services available? -Need to know the preschool options

I can't give you my own recent experience since my son went there 5 years ago, but consider joining Berkeley Special Education Parents Network; we're an informal group of parents who have kids with special needs at BUSD. More info here: Jill

Seeking reviews of Berkeley Public Preschools

March 2007

Does anyone know anything about the Berkeley Public Preschools. I know you need a low-income to qualify for admission, but I haven't seen any reviews of the schools. Any experienced opinions out there? Thanks! -Rachel.

My son is at Franklin, last year he was at Hopkins, and I'm happy with both of them. He's in special ed, though, so our experience may be different. Feel free to contact me directly if you have specific questions I can answer. Jill