1, 2, 3 Learn with Me

San Pablo, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Valeria Pacheco
(510) 260-3103 or (510) 504-2114
123learnwme [at] gmail.com
San Pablo
San Pablo hills
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
1 months - 72 months
Additional Services & Features: 
K-5 afterschool available

Parent Reviews

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We are so lucky and forever grateful for being recommended 1, 2, 3 Learn With Me by our friends. Valeria, Karen and Freddy have created such a loving, engaging place for our son to grow. He is able to be immersed in Spanish language and they always have new and exciting activities that are instructive and inspiring for the kids. I also love that Karen, Valeria, and Freddy check in with us so often, send pictures and give us updates, and are so supportive of our son and our family. Echoing other families' reviews - Movie Night is so great to have, our son absolutely prefers their cooking, and he never wants to leave!

Hopefully I'll be able to write this review without crying but happy tears....
My 4year old has been at 1,2,3 learn with me , since march. 
As a single mother and a young adult trying to make it on her own, I was going through a hard transition period in my life, moving away from my support system to be closer to my career job. 
I previously had my daughter at a daycare where she had a really bad experience. After taking her out of that daycare and visiting others, I decided for her to settle here.
Within 30 days (maybe even sooner) I noticed a difference in my child. She seemed more happier and tantrums lessened. 
They are so attentive to the children's emotional and physical well beings. They have been supportive in a way that I'm more then grateful.
Of course the food is great but best of all my daughter learned to write her name!!

I first started taking my daughter here when she was 3 years old and now my daughter is almost 5! This is literally the best daycare that you can take your children to and my daughter seconds that! Because I was a stay at home with my daughter for all her life I was super nervous to leave her at a daycare. Karen and Valerie were aware of this and made the transition for my daughter super easy! It got to the point where my daughter didn't want to leave daycare when I came to pick her up! 

The daycare itself is super big! Super colorful and always safe. They have so many things to play with for kids of all age grounds. They have a large play area outside which is great! All the meals they serve are home made and cater to any specifics you child may need. Karen and Valerie are always happy to see you and your child and give you updates on how the day went with your child. They also do the most cutest works of art too! 

There is no other daycare I would feel comfortable leaving my child and will definately recommend to any parent to check this place out! Many thanks to Karen and Valerie!!! 

As a first time mom, I was a nervous wreck when it came to finding the right daycare for my 3 month old son.  A friend referred me to 1, 2, 3 Learn with Me and I couldn’t be happier! Valeria, Karen and Freddy treat my son like one of their own.  They’re caring, patient and always have fun and new activities for the kids.  I can check in in the middle of the day (again, nervous first-time mom) and know I will get a message back right away. 

In the 2 years my son has been with 1, 2, 3 he has learned so much! He’s constantly surprising me with new skills, songs, and games he’s learned throughout the day.  I love that they speak Spanish almost exclusively and I’m pretty sure my son likes their cooking more than mine. J

I can’t say enough about them. They’re absolutely amazing!

We feel so fortunate to have our Son (age 2) in this incredible Daycare. He has been there for a year and half and we see the positive impact on his development everyday. It is a warm, loving and rich environment for any child. The variety of activities both fun and educational seems endless, both indoor and outdoor, 123 Learn with Me are dedicated to every aspect of our Son's development. They are responsive and communicative at every turn. We also appreciate the diversity of age and background of each child that attends and know that our Son is developing great social skills as well as learning basic routines like eating well, napping and reading. 123 Learn with Me also provide a Bi-lingual environment (Spanish/English) but arguably the best thing of all is "Movie Night" which happens once a month and allows the Parents to pick him up late on a Friday after having a nice dinner or a well deserved break before the weekend! : ) 

I couldn't be happier with 123 Learn with Me Daycare - if you are fortunate enough to take advantage of an opening then I know you will feel as fortunate as we do.

As good as it gets!  I have 2 boys, now ages 8 and 3 who have had the absolute blessing of being able to attend 1,2,3 Learn w/ Me Daycare.  I knew as soon as I walked in the door for the initial visit that it would be a warm and loving environment for my boys.  The home is set-up like a daycare/school.  You can see it in every inch of the house that they are devoted to nurturing to children's minds and hears.  I am trying not to get teary eyed when I think of all of the milestones they have been there for and difficult times they have provided support to me and my boys.   

There is a family of 4 (3 adults) who run the daycare and provide services.  Classwork for the kiddies daily, outings and walks together, lots of arts and crafts (not just coloring pages and construction paper), movie nights, so the parents can have their own time, amazingly delicious and healthy home-cooked meals and cherry on top....They teach my boys Spanish!  If it sounds like I am happy with their service....You betcha!  My boys are loved, educated and I couldn't ask for a nicer family, they are definitely a blessing to us!   

.....Crème de la crème!

Archived Reviews: 

Feb 2014

I would love to recommend 1,2,3 Learn with Me Daycare. When I was looking for a daycare for my 1 year old son, I felt lucky to find this place:

*Fluent in both English and Spanish; they are speaking and teaching my son Spanish.

*Healthy meals and snacks.

*Spacious home with a great backyard for the children.

*Loving mother-daughter team that have cared for my son like their own.

I had to leave the country for two-weeks and the daycare worked with my husband to make sure everything was running smoothly and provided extra support.I am posting here, because this is the first place I started my search. I feel fortunate to find a loving place at an affordable price. They are open M-F from 6am to 630pm.


Contact: Valeria or Karen, 510-260-3103