Recommendations for Spanish daycare/ preschool near Richmond


Our kid has been going to a Spanish immersion daycare and we are looking for a daycare/preschool that are Spanish immersion that are in the $1800-$2000 / month range.  Does anyone have any recommendations they can share?

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We've been at 1,2,3 Learn with Me in San Pablo, which is a daycare/preschool. They are wonderful.

Our daughter goes to Del Norte Childcare now on Cutting and will transfer to Mi Mundo for preschool in August, both Spanish immersion. Our youngest will start attending the Spanish immersion home daycare, Fun Times, might be worth checking into these options to see if they fit your needs. 

If this is close to your area check out La Casita Bilingue Montessori in Pinole. My son is 9 now and attended five years ago for his last year of preschool and we were very happy with it- it was a great community. Reasonably priced and he still keep in touch with his friends from there. 

This lady and her family are by far the most loving and supportive daycare provider.  Both of my girls went to her.  

[Name] Tia Sandra Saenz
[Work info] Anielka Family Day Care
[Work] (510) 234-1349
[Work] 149 South 22nd Street 
Richmond, CA 94804