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  • Tahoe lodging with sledding hill?

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    We're two families who want to spend President's Day weekend in Tahoe (mid-February). I get that we probably should have started planning sooner than now but here we are!

    The kids have never been skiing before and the adults are mostly beginner level. We'd really like to find lodging where we can walk to a sledding hill and/or other activities (without getting in a car). We are open to both families staying in a rental house together or...even better...finding a hotel/resort type place where we'd have separate spaces. Although we're not looking to splurge, we're happy to pay a reasonable amount for nice accommodations. I was told about Granlibakken and would love to hear reviews, plus any info you have about other places that might work for us.

    Thanks in advance for your help! 

    We LOVE Granlibakken and go every year.  We stay near Homewood, but I think they have lodging right there, and you can probably find VRBOs or airbnb's nearby.  We've looked for other places to sled but didn't find any, and Granlibakken is so fun we stopped trying to find alternatives.  It's a pretty big hill though, so appropriateness might depend on your kids' ages.  We started when kids ranged from about 5-10 years old, with younger ones sledding with parents.

    We really like to stay in the Tahoe Vista area for this. North Tahoe Regional Park has a great sledding hill that is very inexpensive, and Tahoe XC is nearby and a good starter skiing spot if you aren't skiiers, since downhill (also nearby at Northstar) is more of a commitment in terms of cost and gear. You could likely find a rental walkable to one or the other (though not both). There is also a skating rink at Northstar. We often look at Granlibakken, but it's pretty pricey and we've been happy with the lower key options. However, if you really want to be within walking distance, that may be your best bet. It will cost an order of magnitude more than most rental houses in the area, though.

    I recommend this place, https://longbarn.com/. Easy drive, low-key location. Sledding not too far away. We went when my daughter was about 6 or 7, besides the cold weather (brrr) we had a great time.

    We like staying at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe in Incline Village, NV. Our two kids (7 and 11) were beginner skiers last winter and we went up for two long weekends. The hotel is right next door to Diamond Peak, a very family friendly mountain. They operate an equipment rental store affiliated w the mountain, and also run a shuttle up and back - it's only about a mile away. I feel like it was about as easy as it could get, and the ski experience was fun and chill overall. We hope to go again this year - and were able to make plans short notice last year, so I bet you can still get a reservation.

    I forgot all about Granlibakken, until you mentioned it, but I do love it there. It sounds like the perfect spot for what you are looking for. I was thinking you might like the Hyatt in Incline Village, but you would have to drive to sledding.

    Hi! I highly recommend Camp Richardson on the southwest shore. Its is affordable, right on the lake, and is completely surrounded by national forest so you really feel like you're in the woods. Yet its just a 5-minute drive to South Lake Tahoe restaurants, grocery stores etc. The lodge is historic and has small but serviceable rooms, and they also have cabins that are scattered across the property which are great for kids because they have kitchens and its quieter. There's also a (so-so) restaurant and general store on the property, as well as a sledding hill and groomed cross country ski trails just across the road. I used to live in South Lake Tahoe and this is my favorite place to stay whenever I go back to visit. I've also organized an overnight event there for 30+ people so I can tell you that the staff are very professional and runs a tight ship. 

    Definitely check out the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.  It's great for families (every room is a suite) and it's in the center of everything so you can walk everywhere.  There is a big sledding hill behind the hotel.

    The Claire Tappaan Lodge has a sledding hill, and a large snowshoe/groomed track system.

    It's rustic, with a big shared game room, shared hot tub, and a series of mini-dorms with 5-10 beds each.  Dinner is on site each day, guests help clean up.

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RE: 2-Night Getaway w/ 3 TEENS! ()

I think Squaw Valley Lodge (near Lake Tahoe) has everything you're looking for.  Plus it's in a gorgeous place, so if you can manage to lure your kids outside at all, you can go for an amazing hike or bike ride without even getting in the car.  It's not cheap, but the units have kitchens, so you wouldn't have to eat out all the time.  I hope you get to do this trip!

RE: 2-Night Getaway w/ 3 TEENS! ()

Squaw Valley is beautiful in the summer, and the Resort at Squaw Creek has a fantastic pool. There are fun restaurants in the village. You can also go into Tahoe City/Truckee for exploring, but not necessary...oh and could go to the top of the mountain on the tram and use their pool which is really fun on a nice day. There may be other squaw hotels that are less expensive as well that would work. Finally---if they did decide to get adventuresome there's the wild 'via ferreta' experience in squaw, or (less crazy) you can do a ropes course at granlibakken. All fun. 

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Seeking Tahoe rental for two families

Oct 2010

Hi- we are looking for a family-friendly house to rent in Tahoe this winter and we don't really know the area. We are two families with 3 kids under 6 years old. No one is really an avid skier, so we need to be near a slope that is small-child- friendly and has a range of difficulty levels for adults. We want a house that's close to the slope and has a hot tub! Thank you for any recommendations you have! Tahoe bound this winter

Tahoe Donner! Lots of houses to rent that can be shared by families, close to Tahoe-Donner ski area which is great for kids and beginners (and not so far from Squaw and other ski areas if you want to branch out). Anon

I would highly recommend that you stay by Donner Lake or in Donner Tahoe. It's considerably cheaper compared to immediate areas around Lake Tahoe and yet very beautiful. We rented Camp Benji through Mountain Home Properties (tel. 800 794 3916), which would be ideal for two families. Good luck! Lake Tahoe Lover

You didn't specify if you are looking for north shore, south shore, or Truckee, or if you care. If Truckee would work, though, it sounds like Tahoe Donner would be a good place. They have a small downhill area, which is nothing to write home about, but it sounds like you aren't looking for the best skiing. They have a good kids' ski school program. The other plus is lift tickets are cheap - $39/day for adults, I think. And, if you decide you want world class skiing, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are 20 minutes away. Tahoe Donner also has a truly excellent cross country ski center with tons of groomed trails and rental equipment. Finally, at the rec center they have a snowplay place, with sledding for the kids. The rec center also has a gym, several hot pools of varying temperatures, and I think the lap pool may even be open in winter. It does cost to use the center if you aren't a member (not for kids under 7 though), but I think most rentals come with at least a couple of guest passes. There are tons of houses for rent there. Check out http://www.tahoetruckeevacations.com/. Truckee local

you can use vrbo.com to find the perfect house. in terms of mountains, northstar has something for everyone and is enormous and family friendly- there is even an ice skating rink at the base! also within the northstar village there are tons of rentals which put you very close to the slopes. northstar is near the village of truckee which has cute shops and restaurants (tahoe city is not worth visting, really except if you need to do a large grocery run). the largest mountain is squaw, which has ice skating rink, swimming pool, restaurants and shops at the base, etc. etc. can be kind of overwhelming or really convenient, depending on your perspective. there is also heavenly at the south end of lake tahoe which also has tons of stuff for kids and adults. but it is in nevada so there are casinos there which makes it a much more touristy environment. good luck and have fun!

Christmas in Tahoe

Aug 2010

My family, including a 19- and 3-month old, would like to spend Christmas and New Years in Lake Tahoe this year. But I am CLUELESS on where to stay and what to do. Do you have any recommendations on what area of Tahoe is best, townhome accommodations, restaurants (especially ones you think might be open over the holiday), and winter activities for little ones (primarily for my 19- month old). Thank you!

I would suggest you check out www.vrbo.com for accommodations - particularly look at the Marriott timeshares in South Lake Tahoe as they are right at Stateline and you would have the skating rink and gondola for Heavenly Ski Resort right there. You can walk to restaurants or browse shops without having to bundle the children in your car. I have to say, other than playing in the snow, I am not sure what activities would be fun for a 19 month old. I remember taking my daughter to Whistler when she was that young, and my husband went snowboarding while I hung out at the timeshare with my daughter, rarely venturing out. You also might look at the Embassy Suite hotel which is right there at Stateline (not the timeshare one at Ski Run). Again I am recommending staying near Stateline so you have restaurants etc. within walking distance. I have checked the prices for the Embassey Suites at Stateline and they are not bad. They would have more space than a normal hotel room, plus their breakfast and kitchenette in the room. If you don't want to stay at Stateline, www.vrbo.com will have plenty of options all the way around the lake. I word of warning, Christmas/New Years is HIGH SEASON in Tahoe, and many properties (including the vacation home we rent through VRBO) are twice the price of normal ski weekends. I would recommend our home as we cater to families, but we are already rented for Christmas and New Years. VRBO property owners

It is good to be thinking about making a firm reservation now if you want to spend the holidays in Tahoe. The two weeks of Christmas and New Years are the high season and it is often tough to find something last minute. As far as things to do, it is all about the snow. The kids can sled down the hill between the houses and then you can bring them inside and warm them up and make hot chocolate! Northstar has kindercare for the kids so Parents get to ski. Mike

Places to stay in Tahoe for Christmas

Nov 2009

Looking for recommendations for family places to stay in tahoe over xmas week? Near northstar resort would be great or any place with reasonable access to skiing and/or sledding. We have kids ranging from 1 to 7 yrs old. I've looked and naturally most places are booked or ridiculously expensive. i realize this is last minute planning and may not be realistic so I would also love ideas on places to stay in the future if not over xmas. thanks!

check out Vacation Rental by Owner: http://www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals/usa/california/lake-tahoe-ca Tahoe Fan

Cabin near Yosemite, Tahoe, or Other

Sept 2009

We're looking for a cabin for two parents, two small kids, and a grandma (so 2-3 bedrooms) somewhere scenic with hiking and nature, not more than 4 hours away, for a few days' trip in October. Around Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Calaveras Big Trees, or somewhere on the coast? Very important is that the cabin has a full kitchen so that we can cook. Any recommendations on where to go, or, even better, specific cabins for renting? Thanks

This may not fit all your criteria, but it is a stunning place, totally kid friendly, out of the way, with amazing hiking & a gorgeous river... http://www.shinneyboocreek.com/New_cabins.html My husband & I got married here, and the family who runs the place is so great & the price is right... Kendra

We just had a blast back in July at the Cabins at Strawberry. It's on the Sonora Pass - 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, full kitchen and a Weber on the deck. We did three families sharing two cabins, so much fun! Scenery is gorgeous, places to hike, and a beach (weather permitting). Here is the link: http://www.cabinsatstrawberry.com/ I heart cabins

I recently stayed at a great cabin on the north shore of Lake Tahoe that seems as if it would suit your needs very well. For details, see the following: http://www.vrbo.com/218618 3 bedrooms/3 baths - totally affordable! It was great and we had a wonderful time. Shari

Good Pullover Spots on way to Tahoe?

June 2009

Next month we'll be driving to Tahoe's north shore with our toddler. This will be his longest car ride to date (he's NOT a fan of the car seat, or of sitting still for long periods of time) and we need to be prepared. As we anticipate needing to pull over a few times and let him run off steam, we would love to know which exits off Hwy 80 have easily accessed playgrounds, fields, or even a McDonald's ball-pit play area. Thank you! Caryn

We stop at the McDonald's at Cordelia Junction which has a play area, then at Ikeda's, Forest Hill exit, which has yummy burgers and great milk shakes (all ''home made''). When you exit Forest Hill you have to turn left at the main intersection with a gas station on your left and parallel the freeway for about 1/2 a mile past several other restaurants. There is also a good ''Rest Stop'' that I believe is at or near the summit of Donner. kl

My almost-5-yr-old LOVES the large aerospace-themed tot lot at Southside Park in Sacramento. This park is easily accessible from Highway 50, which would take you a little bit out of your way from 80. Here is the web page for Southside Park (note link to map): http://www.cityofsacramento.org/parksandrecreation/parks/sites/southside_plan.htm#people Being in Midtown, Southside Park tends to attract the most diverse crowd and ''alternative'' folks in Sacramento, an added bonus for us Berkeley families. Blast off!!!!!! John

I know that the Nut Tree has put in a play area with a train. It is in Vacaville: http://www.nuttreeusa.com Also, Auburn has a cute old-town area that is a few blocks long, if I remember correctly. You could get out, grab a drink and stroll.

Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

June 2009

Has anyone been to Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe in Nevada. I read about it in a magazine and it looks great. Is it? Where did you stay? I am looking for a house to rent and a place with a good, not too crowded, beach for my 2 year old this summer. Do you have any other ideas? Thank you kg

We go up to Tahoe every summer and stay on the North shore. We often take at least one trip to Sand Harbor. It's a beautiful stretch of beach, lovely blue water, and very calm and shallow enough for young children to play. My son was 3 and had a marvelous time. There's also a small historical museum in the park area. Tahoe City is about 40 minutes drive, and I'm not sure about specific places to stay, but anything near Incline Village would be good proximity.

There's one thing I have to mention: last year (end of August) there were a lot of yellow jackets in the Tahoe area, and it made it unpleasant to eat any meals out of doors. So there were yellow jackets on the beach, and it's a problem even if you don't have food out, but especially if you do. We didn't get stung, but it was a bit nerve-racking. Don't know what this year will be like. Sarah

I can't remember what the question was in the original post about this beach. I think it was around being kid-friendly? We are in Tahoe now and just returned from Sand Harbor Beach. It is a great family friendly beach. A little cove, great sand, shallow water, lots of kids, bathrooms, a little cafe, etc. One of our favorites up here. It is $8 for a parking pass for the day, so plan to spend the day, bring an umbrella, cooler with lunch, etc. I heard from some other moms at Sand Beach that Cave Rock is another great place to take kids but I've never been there so can't speak about it first hand. Feel free to email me if you have questions about Sand Harbor---I think we have a brochure in the car I can send you if you'd like. --sharon

South Lake Tahoe - Where To Stay?

March 2009

Hello, we are planning to have a vacation on South Lake Tahoe from April 16 to April 19, but I do not want to stay in a hotel. We have a 3 year old boy and we would love to be able to cook his meals. We are tired to go and eat out all the time, I think it will be fun to rent a little house (not too expensive) or a condo and use all the facilities. I wonder if someone can recommend me a website or someone is an owner of a place that I can rent for those days. We are just 3 persons (including my child). Thanks for your help.

We've stayed at the Marriot TimerLodge several times. It's located right next to Incline Village and casinos. It was very nice and clean, had great suites with kitchens and nice pool area for kids. We thought it was a pretty good deal at about $150/night. Lisa

We have taken our son (now 3-1/2) with us to Forest Suites Resorts twice now, and we all LOVE it. It's right at the state line and close to the gondolas, and each suite has a great kitchen; they provided a DVD player at no extra charge too. Breakfast is free and very kid-friendly, and there's free wi-fi, including a free computer you can use in the hotel lobby. It's not that expensive. It's now my favorite place to stay in Tahoe (outside of camping, that is). Lisa T. in Oakland

We just went up and stayed at our time share, but I know they have rentals...I have no idea what the prices are, but it is a beautiful place with a sandy beach on the lake (if you are going in spring or summer) Heated pool and spa and right in the middle of So. Lake Tahoe...Tahoe Beach and Ski..... karen

Our favorite place to stay in South Lake Tahoe is this cabin: http://www.tahoestay.com/searchresults.el?pid=CY%20H1269=Any=Any=59B3F9D443C74DD5A16ACA0627150EE98755 Our favorite thing about it is that the land across the street is not developed and has amazing hiking, wildflower picking, exploring, etc. just outside your door and a peaceful view from the front deck. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs and upstairs, so it's a nice set up for a family or to share with two families. It's also in a great location to the beaches, horseback riding, a cute kids fishing pond, just around the corner and tons of other fun activities. cj

4-Bedroom Rental in Tahoe

Dec 2008

Can anyone recommend a really nice, clean, up-to-date, and well-equipped house in North or South Lake Tahoe with 4 or more bedrooms? We're interested in specific houses that you've stayed in and can vouch for. Thanks

We really enjoyed our stay at the ''Highlander'' in Dollar Point over the summer. http://www.vrbo.com/123405 Elizabeth

Where to go in Tahoe with toddler?

Dec 2008

Hi= I've been there several times, but the Tahoe area is unfamiliar to me, especially as a parent. We would like to find a house to rent for the weekend where we can enjoy the snow, have somewhere to pull our son around in a sled, and eat at a restaurant. Being close to the lake and around other families with children doing the same thing would be a big plus. Thank you for any suggestions you have on where we should look.

I love Homewood. It is just east of Tahoe City on the 89 right on the lake. I haven't rented there in a long time, so I am unsure of what its current standard is. There are great restaurants in Sunnyside and Tahoe City. If you plan on spending time skiing, the Homewood resort it the most family and wallet friendly. Or you could also look in Donner lake area near Truckee. I prefer North lake to South. Have fun!

Tahoe/Yosemite rental with 3-4 bedrooms

Jan 2008

We plan to rent a house in North Shore Tahoe or outside of Yosemite with friends within the next two months. We need three to four bedrooms. We'd like a house in clean, good condition, but not ''luxury.'' We'd rather pay a reasonable cleaning fee than spend the last morning vacuuming and washing sinks. We've rented houses on the North Shore before, but none we've especially liked and not for years. We've never rented outside Yosemite, the key would be finding a place fairly close to the entrance. Any tips on specific houses/property management companies would be appreciated. amg

In reply to your questions for a clean, well-maintained but not ''luxury: Tahoe cabin with 3 or 4 bedrooms, I would like to recommend our new-ish and super clean and well-maintained cabin. Although it is on the South Shore, it is in a private wooded 100-acre gated community with a one-mile private beach, so it is a very special place (and near enough to walk to all the resorts, restaurants, etc.) We have a professional housecleaner who comes in after all guests and leaves the place spotless, so no need to do that vacuuming and sink cleaning on the way out of town!

It has 3 bedrooms with the third being a large loft with beds for 7; two full bathrooms, beautiful tile, gourmet kitchen with granite and all new appliances, floor to ceiling river rock fireplace, decks, knotty pine and log accents inside. We rent to small and careful families--it is a good space for two families and we have many happy referrals from this parent list. For more information see http://www.fretlessconsulting.com/starkweathercabin or call (510) 236-5988 or email kstarkwe [at] berkeley.edu. Kay

I have rented from www.tahoeaccommodations.com 4 times over the past 5 years, including a stay 2 weeks ago. I find their website easy to navigate, with a range of properties from ''budget'' to ''luxurious.'' Each property description has photos of the house, as well as key info like number of bathrooms, bedrooms (including size of bed/beds), hot tub or other extras, etc. I'd recommend them highly. (I haven't tried renting a home near Yosemite, sorry.) Christine

Dec/Jan house for two couples + baby

Dec 2007

We are looking for a house or cabin to rent for a few days during December or January. We are two couples and a baby. Do you know a reasonable place to rent in the Tahoe or Sierra area?

We haven't stayed here yet, but we've booked this cabin for 2 families after lots of research: http://www.tahoedonnerescape.com. The owner has been really responsive and the booking site is easy to use. I found this cabin and a lot of other options through www.vrconnection.com -- you can search by your requirements (location, # of guests, need a hot tub, etc.) and they have lots of photos, online availability calendar, etc. Future Snow Bunny

Tahoe house & vacation for 15 of us?

Oct 2007

For the first time, my family has decided to do a Lake Tahoe ski vacation. There will be about 15 of us (mix of adults, teens, and kids) and MANY first time skiiers. 3 of us are local, but a number of people will be flying into Reno from Southern CA. Any thoughts on the right location (South Tahoe, North Tahoe, etc), and any recommendations on house rentals and where to find them? thanks for your help! annie

Try VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) they have a website and you can cut out the middleperson $. dana

My family just took a family vacation in North Tahoe, near Tahoe City. We were 16 people altogether, grandmother, children and grandchildren. We rented a big house with 7 bedrooms, found it on VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) - vrbo.com . We had a great time hiking, swimming, went to Virginia City and miniature golf. It was a blast. Do a search by number of bedrooms. Rebecca

I would recommend South Lake Tahoe for your family vacation. There are a lot of activities, both family and adult besides sking, such as ice skating, movie theaters, shopping, sleigh rides, snowmobiling, and for the adults, the casinos. With a group of 15, you probably are not going to want to try to go out to dinner together, but there are some restaurants that might work for a crowd, or just go to the Forest Buffet at Harveys.

We have a vacation cabin in South Lake Tahoe and go up about once a month. Our cabin does not sleep 15, but I am recommending the website we advertise on www.vrbo.com which stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner. I think you can get a better price at this website than going through an agency. There are properties advertised that sleep 15, or try to get two homes close together if you don't want to be that cozy with the whole group. If you want to be near Heavenly, look at the listings in Heavenly Valley, or Pioneer Trail area. Last but not least, read the guest reviews on the vrbo website to get a good idea of whether you want to rent. Email me if you have any questions. hunnyontheroad [at] aol.com

Tahoe house(s) Christmas week

July 2007

Any suggestions for large house(s) near Truckee for extended family holiday Dec 23 to 30? The first edition of the next generation will be visiting the Truckee grandparents and many of us would like to meet the little one, too. There will be at least six adults and seven kids (ages 7 to 17). The adult contingent may double as more people sign on. It would be nice to have a kid centered house and an adult alternative nearby. Hot tub, a welcome bonus. Doesn't have to be right next to skiing. We may want to have one dog with us, but other arrangements can be made if that's a real problem. Any ideas are appreciated. Jacq.

We've stayed here a couple times with extended family and it was perfect and kid-friendly. It is close to the Donner Pass Road exit and a couple of minutes from downtown Truckee, Safeway and restaurants. http://www.homeaway.com/USA/California/Lake-Tahoe-Area/vacation-house-Tahoe-Donner/dni/1/p160288.htm

I would suggest www.vrbo.com which is Vacation Rentals by Owner. We are property #18821 (check out our guest comments). I think owners generally rent their cabins at more reasonable rates than the property management companies so would highly recommend www.vrbo.com or one of the other websites where owners list directly. We own a cabin in South Lake Tahoe that we use ourselves, but also rent. We are family and pet friendly. You can visit our website @ www.casatahoe.com. Frank & Linda

Lake Tahoe in the Summer

April 2006

Where is a good place to stay in Tahoe? What places are kid friendly to children under 10? Any advice before I plan this trip in the summmertime? It is my second family trip outside of a 50mile drive.
Mom with questions

My extended family (there are ten of us, including two kids-- ages 3 and 6) will be taking a family vacation to Lake Tahoe in August. Despite living in the Bay Area for a long time, I know very little about the Tahoe area. Ideally, we'd like a big house to rent so we can stay together, but I'm not sure which area would be best. We're fairly low-key--we'd like to be close to the lake for swimming, but don't need much in terms of nightlife. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

We love to stay at the Zephyr Cove resort. You can stay in cabins (with kitchen) or in ''the lodge'' which are more like hotel rooms. They have a restaurant and a small gift shop. They are right on the beach next to where the MS Dixie stops. They have a place right there to rent jet skis and there is a bar that delivers drinks to you on the beach (my husband's favorite part)! Their website is www.zephyrcove.com It is not fancy, but we really love it there!
Have fun!

We always use Rustic Cottages in Tahoe Vista (http://www.rusticcottages.com/). It's right across from the lake and there is lots of hiking near by. They have cabins/cottages for as few as 2 and as many as 12. We have always loved the people there - they are friendly, have a great video selection (free and even comes with popcorn!) and have warm brownies or cookies served in the afternoon. It also comes with a great breakfast (muffins, waffles, juice) and a coffee pot is always on. I find the prices very reasonable. Most (maybe all) have full kitchens and grills on the deck outside. For us, best of all, they are also dog-friendly!

We have rented this 3 bedroom, 2 bath house before, and had a wonderful experience. My kids loved it, and we thought it was a great deal for the money. it's two stories, two rooms (one with firm queen bed, and one with a bunk bed -full at bottom, and twin up) downstairs with bathroom, laundry, very large living room and big deck overlooking a big yard/play area. it has regular kitchen facility, plus an indoor gourmet style BBQ oven, fireplace, etc. A nice size dining table fits 10 people. Upstairs is master bedroom with bathroom and walk in closets. the house probably needs an exterior painting, but the inside is as cozy, clean and comfortable as it can be. it's the owner's vacation home for winter, but they travel to Europe during the summer. The owner was super responsive, and flexible. here is an email i got from the owner since we are thinking to go back for the summer: Tahoe house is for rent from May 1st through October 31st. Rent should be around $900 per week, and $1800 per month. Please contact the owner directly: Leon Taylor taylorl1999[at]yahoo.com

We've stayed in a great place in Tahoe a few times, close to the lake but also quite woodsy. It's three bedroom, two bath; with a very nice custom kitchen and a hot-tub. The url is: http://home.earthlink.net/~toddwo/

Tahoe Area Cabin Rentals or Reco Hotel

January 2006

We would like to bring our 3-year old up to the snow and are looking for a cabin to rent (or even a reasonably-priced hotel/lodge). We'd like to be near SugarBowl or Boreal -- a shorter drive from the Bay Area -- but am open to ideas. If you know of a good place to rent (or a rental agency) please let us know. All she really want to do is play in the snow so we don't need to be by a great ski area, but we would like to be somewhere not too isolated. And I'm sure she'd love sledding. Thanks for your suggestions! marjorie

I love the Serene Lakes area which is right near Boreal. It is a small community around a little, scenic lake. Lots of cross country skiing, sledding, etc. Plus they have a cute lodge overlooking the lake called Ice Lakes Lodge where you can have coffee, cocktails or a meal and look out over the lake. Great place for kids, dogs, etc. and much quieter than Tahoe. There are many rental agencies for Serene Lakes online or you can stay right at the Lodge.

Where to stay in South Lake Tahoe?

November 2005

Can anyone recommend a nice cabin for rent for a few days in south lake tahoe for a couple of families(with toddlers) and 2 large but very well behaved dogs? thanks julie

We love Sorensen's Resort in Hope Valley (www.sorensensresort.com). We go every year and LOVE it - it's the picture-perfect, low key snow experience for little kids, and they allow pets in some cabins. Please let me know if you'd like more details. Good luck.

We have a cabin in South Lake Tahoe which we rent. We have two dogs ourselves, and a toddler, so we cater to families and dogs. You can look at our costs and website @ www.casatahoe.com Linda

Tahoe area lodging for snow fun

Feb 2005

We are looking for lodging in the Tahoe area with easy access to snow play, sledding, skiing (in that order of importance). The ideal (I know this is not possible but...) place would be a cabin/condo with kitchen, one bedroom, walk out to snow play/sled hill/skiing, possibly with kids' play area/instruction for 3-4 year old available nearby. Even better would be near highway 50. Granlibakken has much of this but a tiny ski hill. Tahoe donner? Anything near Hwy 50? parisdoc

Sounds like you want Sorensen's: http://www.theinnkeeper.com/bnb/9268 I don't know if they have kitchens, but I remember sledding right outside our door there. Liz

Summer trip to Tahoe or Yosemite

June 2004

My sister, husband and 2 kids are visiting us for 3 weeks this summer. It's the first time they will be in the US and we would like to spend some days with them outside of the Bay Area, preferably in either Lake Tahoe or Yosemite. I have no idea where or how to start looking for affordable lodging for last week of July or first week of August. We would like a place where we can cook, and we need beds for 4 adults and 3 kids. I have looked at the previous recommendations, but they are either a bit old or seem geared towards winter stays, or they are beyond our means. We don't mind if it is a cabin, house, condo, hotel, motel or whatever; and even lack of kitchen/bbq is okay as far as it is a decent place at a decent price. We can go during 4 weekday nights which are also cheaper. Any leads on lodgings or how to look for lodgings on my own would be greatly appreciated. Hopeful thinking?

As for Tahoe, we made reservations at the Forest Suites Resort http://www.forestsuites.com/(2BR 2BA plus full kitchen and separate dining area). Also, the reservationist at Forest Suites was really sweet and when she quoted me the room, I told her it was over our budget, and she matched the price I wanted. Amenities: 2 heated pools, 2 hot tubs, complimentary continental breakfast buffet, private beach access, free shuttles. we're doing a non-weekend trip so will bypass the crowds (hopefully) and get better rates.

Depending on the ages of the kids, you might also want to check out The Block in Tahoe (http://www.blockattahoe.com/) -- very cool up-to-date lodging that includes state of the art video games, internet access, etc. and at reasonable prices. it's a snowboarder hotel so is geared more for adults but could work for kids too. shedragon713

Not sure of your Yosemite options if you need lodging where you can cook meals as well. But for both Tahoe and Yosemite lodging, you might try Vacation Rentals by Owner -- a website by which private owners list and rent their vacation properties, sometimes for a great price because they cut out the middleman/property management company. Check out www.vrbo.com and select geographically.

We always stay at the Rustic Cottages on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe (in Tahoe Vista near Kings Beach and Hwy 267). They now have two properties with little cabins of varying sizes. What we love about them is that they are clean, (some) have kitchens, not too frilly, super-friendly, allow dogs in some of the cabins (!), provide continental breakfast (including make- your-own waffles in one location), provide daily housekeeping, bake fresh cookies every afternoon and have a huge library of free videos in the office to borrow. Cost-wise, you may find a cheaper VRBO but they are a great option since there's easy access to the beach from there, and several families can rent separate cabins to allow for additional privacy or downtime. www.rusticcottages.com Good luck and have fun -- Noreen

We have a wonderful 4-br house at Northstar that sleeps 10 in beds plus four more in lofts. A hiking trailhead is across the street. The house has a hot tub (with a high lock that kids cannot reach). Northstar has a rec center with three pools, including a great toddler pool, tennis courts, playground, a mountain-bike park, and more. It also has stables for horse-back rides and pony rides - that you walk along a forest trail. Shuttles within Northstar mean you don't have to drive older kids everywhere. Lake Tahoe (Kings Beach) is about 6 miles away. You can rent it through Jim Winterberger at: jim.winterberger AT prurealty.com, tel: 530-583-4004. Ask about the house at 1048 Martis Landing. Harrison

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Baby-friendly rental

Feb 2004

My hubbie and I would love to find a good housing situation in Tahoe/ Donner or Bear Valley, as we love winter sports and skiing. We have a 13-month old, and we'd love to hook up with someone who may want extra income into their place for a family like us who'd like to go up several weekends this winter. Or, any other suggestions. The key: a baby-friendly place with cooking facilities, etc. Allison

We have a quiet, large and warm family house in Truckee at Tahoe Donner that will be available July 4th week and at other times, June - August. We are one mile (by bike, car or foot) from the Trout Creek Recreation Center that will have 3 pools by then (now 2), and all the amenities of a health club. Our guests also have access to the private beach at Donner Lake that has all sorts of boats and paddle boats to rent. There are kids programs in both. Our house has essentially 4 large bedrooms with 6 beds (including 2 queen and 2 full). We have a hot tub an a beautiful backyard. No smoking or pets please. I have to check the going rate for 4 bedrooms with a hot tub, but would charge less than rental agencies because of the Wendy Walker WWalkermoffat AT aol.com

I see many posts for families looking for wonderful places to stay at Tahoe. I have a brand new cabin in a magic family oriented location called Tahoe Meadows in South Lake Tahoe. The cabin sleeps 6-8, has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a huge loft, fireplace and new fully equipped kitchen. It is lovely with tile, granite, log work and views. The cabin is located on a 100-acre environmental reserve with one mile of private beach. The casinos and Heavenly Valley ski gondola are both within walking distance, as are wonderful shops and restaurants, although the setting is in the woods! In the summer, there is a low key recreation program for children which includes morning softball and afternoon crafts and family hikes, potlucks, star gazing, beach activities and campfires. There is still availability for the remainder of the ski season, and for August. Please contact me for more information. Kay (510) 236-5988 kstarkwe AT library.berkeley.edu

BIG house in Tahoe

Dec 2003

Looking for a house rental in March 2004 in the mountains (Tahoe or somewhere nearby) with at least 5 bedrooms, a BIG kitchen and a hottub. We want to have a snowy vacation with 4 other couples, and 5 very young kids. We don't need to be near skiing or gambling...ideally it would be a house that is spacious inside, and has some good outdoor space for sledding and playing in the snow. Also, if you don't know of a specific rental, but do know of a good rental service, I could use that recommendation too! Vandy

Tahoe Moon Properties! tahoemoonproperties.com We just used them last month...lots of options, and EXTREMELY helpful people. Violet

We rent our Tahoe house on the Parents Network and also use Tahoe Accommadations for our rental service. They are one of the largest rental companies of private homes in Tahoe and have properties around the entire Lake. Phone #800-544-3234, let them know what you need and the price you are looking for and see if they can assist you. (tell then the Drew's sent you) Janet

Tahoe vacation with 20-month-old

Sept 2003

My husband, 20 month old son, and 2 month old daughter are travelling to Tahoe (staying at Donner Lake) next month. Any suggestions of places to stop/activities on the way up? Any suggestions of activities in Tahoe or Donner? Any great hikes people have done? Thanks. Laura

lake tahoe - burnt cedar beach is fun for kids. there's the lake/beach, a playground, and a swimming pool with the best wading pool - big, shallow, warm, and separate from the other pool. i'm sure there are lots of rentals within walking distance. michele

Hi -- May I suggest you consider a beautiful wonderful magical place in South Lake Tahoe called Tahoe Meadows? It is a 100 acre private retreat founded in the 1920's by Berkley professors who wanted an old style peaceful environmental community. It has stayed that way ever since -- low on development, lots of open space, forests, meadows and desert. It is on a one mile stretch of the most beautiful private beach. The same families return annually, and there is a skeletal summer program set up for families (Saturday ninght campfires, beach volleyball, softball and crafts, hikes on Wednesdays). All roads are unpaved, and everyone walks or bikes so the kids are very safe. It is a wonderful place for children to grow up, learn self esteem, and return to annually--there is a supportive environment that claps for their little performances of the alphabet and cheers them on, even the one year olds, in softball. Contact me for more information; I also have a cabin to rent. kstarkwe AT library.berkeley.edu

Kid-friendly cabin near a lake

Re: Kid-friendly cabin near a lake May 2003
How about a family vacation at North Lake Tahoe! We rent out our vacation home when we cannot use it ourselves. Our vacation house (3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, fully furnished and outfitted) is close to Kings Beach in North Lake Tahoe which is one of the best beaches for kids and water activites, we are also close to the Rim Trail and other hiking/biking trails (although you won't be biking this trip)-- and only 10 minutes away from Northstar where there are many resort activities and concerts too during the summer months. Resonable rates. Contact me if you are interested or want pictures. (510) 339-3787 Janet Drew jmdrew2001ATyahooDOTcom

August house rental

March 2003

After plowing through all the overwhelming information on summer camps, I've decided I want my very own camp. Since the kids are going to be shuttled from place to place anyway, I am considering taking August off and spending the $$ to rent a house or cabin somewhere. I would be there with the two kids and the dog during the week, and my husband would join us on weekends.

Any ideas of a great place to rent a house? We're open to just about anywhere within a four-hour drive. I would want something near water, with fun activities for the kids. Can't be too rustic since I will likely be using my laptop to continue my freelance projects.

We'd like to hike, swim and enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible. Still, we need to be somewhere near a major grocery store and other conveniences. We could also do this in chunks of weeks, maybe spend some time on the coast and some time in Tahoe or near Shasta or something. I'm really interested in hearing ideas. At times we could be joined by other families, so would like to find a place that is large enough or has other rentals nearby. This may turn out to be a pipe dream, but even so it would be great to explore the option. Thank you! -- Looking for ''Camp Cindy''

My husband's family has a cabin in Tahoe at Northstar which they rent. We love to go with our son (2 1/2). There are tons of things for kids of any age to do horseback riding, swimming, tennis, biking and of course the lake is nearby. There are hiking trails that begin right across the street from the house and a shuttle that can be used to get to and from the rec center without you getting in the car. I think they are dog friendly. Here is a copy of the ad they sent to the Sierra Club newsletter:

Family-Friendly Northstar-at-Tahoe Cabin. 4 br/2ba, sleeps 12. Sunny deck, hot tub. Near tennis, pool, gym, kids' activities, mtn biking, Ropes course, & more. 6 miles to Truckee and Kings Beach. $425/wkend, $1000/wk.

Contact Lauren at: Laurenhp AT earthlink.net Hope you have a nice vacation. natalie

How about a family vacation at North Lake Tahoe! We rent out our vacation home when we cannot use it ourselves. Our vacation house (3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, fully furnished and outfitted) is close to Kings Beach in North Lake Tahoe which is one of the best beaches for kids and water activites, we are also close to the Rim Trail and other hiking/biking trails (although you won't be biking this trip)-- and only 10 minutes away from Northstar where there are many resort activities and concerts too during the summer months. Resonable rates. Contact me if you are interested or want pictures. Janet Drew jmdrew2001 AT yahoo.com

Moderately priced Tahoe rental

July 2003

My inlaws are coming into town and want to take all of us (we're a family of five) to Tahoe for a couple of days during their visit in mid-September. They've blanched at hotels/motels with room prices near $200 a night, making it look like a $400 per night outing for us with two rooms. I'm thinking it needs to be significantly less than that total per night for at least two bedrooms. I'm interested in other-than-hotel type accommodations also. I think maybe they're thinking a chain hotel because of accessibility issues. Stairs are a no-go, I think. We only need two bedrooms, since the kids can go on the floor and in our bed with little trouble. I'd appreciate any recommendations. Stefani

I think Holly's Place at Lake Tahoe might fit the bill, as they have several cabins with multiple bedrooms. Note that this is a Lesbian-owned (and -patronized) place, if that's an issue. It sounds like a fun and casual place that is also friendly to kids and dogs. http://www.hollysplace.com/


Finding a rental in Tahoe

Jan 2003

We're interested in renting a house/cabin in the Tahoe area (north or south) with our 2 1/2-year-old. I'd like to know how folks go about finding a good place. Do you go through some kind of agency or realtor? Is there a reliable source online? Of course if anyone has a specific recommendation, I'd be interested to hear that as well. Thanks very much. DL

For north Tahoe rental, I've always used Hauserman rentals, see: http://www.2ctahoe.com/search.htm They've helped me pick an appropriate cabin for my group/needs and the one time there was an issue with the cabin they were great with resolving to my satisfaction. Cynthia

Try calling 1-800-gotahoe. Tell them what you're interested in (which area, cabins, etc) and they'll refer you to the appropriate realtors. I've been using them for the last 3 years and have found them extremely helpful. Good luck! -Tina

My husband's family has a nice/funky cabin in Northstar (near Truckee) that they rent throughout the year. It's seen many kids and our 2 year old loves going. Here is the ad they placed in the Sierra Club newsletter. If it sounds like what you are looking for feel free to email Lauren. Email: Laurenhp AT earthlink.net

Family-friendly Northstar-at-Tahoe home: 4 bdrms/ 2 bath, hot tub, deck. Free shuttle to ski hill, Rec Center, village shops/restaurants. Across the street from hiking/X-country trails. $200/night, plus cleaning fee. Natalie

We've had good luck renting through Hauserman real estate (http://www.enjoytahoe.com/), and Lake Shore Realty (http://www.lakeshorerealty.com/rentals/lakeshore_rentallist.cfm). Another online resource that we've looked at but haven't used is Have fun! Alan

We have just come back from Tahoe this weekend. We were a party of 4 adults and 2 kids and stayed in a 2 level apartment in Heavenly through Emerald Vacations. The house was extremely well equipped which meant that we had less to take. There were full cooking facilities with all of the gadgets and utensils you could need. There was also a washer & dryer. I don't know if this is their standard of if we just got lucky. We just browsed the internet. To be fair it was extremely time consuming and if you don't have much time then the visitor information might be able to provide you with a list of accommodation. I would recommend that you check the altitude before you book. If you have a car I would recommend that you don't stay really high up as the altitude sickness could dampen your first couple of days. It really hit us hard. On the road into South Lake Tahoe there are plently of motels / inns that look clean and decent but would probably be much cheaper than renting an apartment. I would also keep an eye out on Craigslist.

Just as an add in - if you are going for the skiing or snowboarding and are beginners I would recommend the school at Sierra - at - Tahoe. It is really reasonable and the slopes are not too daunting. Plus it is a small resort making it easy to keep an eye on curious children.

Whatever you do - have fun. It is a beautiful and magical place and the snow is amazing at the moment. Alice

Tahoe Summer Rental Wanted

Feb 2002

Our family is planning a reunion in the Lake Tahoe area in late July. We will be a total of eleven people, eight adults and three children ranging from four to eleven years of age. One large house with five bedrooms or two smaller units would do the trick. Our ideal resort would have a variety of recreational opportunities for all ages. We like to swim, hike, canoe and sail and we definitely want a place that is kid-friendly, peaceful (away from road noise) and beautiful. All recommendations would be appreciated. Lynn

Our very large family had a reunion at Lake Tahoe 1.5 years ago and rented 2 houses [plus several condos] near each other at Northstar, which has tons of family-oriented activities [see their website]. They're about a 15 minute drive from North Lake. The two houses were 5 and 4 bedroom, with lots of space to party together. We really had to push to get them to show us the newer part of the development - the houses are bigger, with more bathrooms, and big, big great rooms. We also had one of our big dinners catered, using a great cafe/bakery in Truckee, which is also only about 15 minutes away. Jean

Tahoe Places that take Dogs

Would like to know if anyone has a recommendation for a place to stay at Lake Tahoe (prefer North Shore) where a dog can stay as well. We want to go skiing again and introduce our dog to snow for the first time. 2 adults, 1 child. Reasonably priced would be great, either nightly or weekly. thanks.

www.2ctahoe.com/incline/ coldwell banker incline village (800) 572-5009 My co-worker rented a weekend houses through this company and it all was fine. They were the only ones she found to take dogs.

Tahoe Places that Include Meals


We would like to take a small skiing vacation with our 3-1/2 daughter in the Tahoe area. In the past we had good experiences with the Clar Tappaan (spelling?) lodge of the Sierra Club, near Sugar Bowl. We liked it because it provides three meals a day and company. However, sleeping quarters are shared, and we would like to go with some friends who don't like that. I am wondering if anybody knows of other places that provide full board (three meals) or at least breakfast and dinner and private rooms for sleeping. Luigi

A great Tahoe vacation with a 31/2 year old is a place between Tahoe City and Homewood called Granlibakken Resort. They have various types of accommodations--cabins and condos, fairly reasonably priced, a fantastic breakfast buffet is included (even if your accommodations include a kitchen), and there is a bunny slope and sledding hill on the premises. At the slope, you can rent skis or saucers have lunch at the snack bar or bring your own. It's very family oriented. Have fun!! Andrea

RE: Tahoe. Granlibakken is a great family place for snow, sledding and cross country skiing. The day activities are cheap. It is in Tahoe City. Wendy

Places to Stay in Tahoe


Can anyone recommend a toddler-friendly hotel/cabin/B/whatever to go to in Lake Tahoe (preferably north shore). We will be going with some friends. We each have 2-year old boys We would like someplace that is not only kid friendly, but that might actually have some play area and/or activities for the kids. Of course, my dream would be someplace where the adults can hang out (play card, drink hot-toddies) while watching our kids play in a play room of some kind. I think I may be asking too much, but something anywhere near that would be great. If anyone knows of such a place, can you please let me know. Thanks! Nancy 2001

We have rented from Castlepeak Vacation Rentals at Serene Lakes area in Lake Tahoe several times, and are very happy with the location and the houses there. Some of them are quite pricey, and others are more affordable. In case you don't know it, Serene Lake is a beautiful area, closer than many Lake Tahoe destinations, and there are a number of ski areas very close by (Sugar Bowl, Boreal, Soda Springs, Royal Gorge crosscountry)...plus sledding etc right there. Fun in summer too. A nice lodge to gather with friends on the lake too. You can contact them at www.castlepeak.com. Casselmace

My wife and I own an Aframe at Lake Tahoe. It's on the West side of the lake, and is walking distance to Chambers (beach) and driving (4 minutes) to Meek's Bay (great beach). It's surrounded by trails and forrested areas. It's not on the lake, but it is surrounded by trees and is in an uncrowded part of the lake. It's fully furnished, has a fireplace and wood, animals are allowed. Email us if you're interested. t_levine [at] pacbell.net Tom Levine


North Lake Tahoe: For the past few years we've rented houses in Truckee Donner through Vacation Property Rentals, 1-800-748-6725. They'll mail you a brochure of house sizes, locations and prices. We think they're within range of everyone else. We were just up there for 4 nights(split between two families) and paid $747.00 for a three bedroom, 2 bath house with a king, queen and two twin beds, plus washer/dryer, fireplace and sleds in the garage.Sheets and maid service at the end was included in the price. There are also snowparks in the area although most of the time we just used our yard. We prefer the north to the south side as it's quicker. Take 80 east all of the way. Good Luck. C.

PLACES TO STAY IN SOUTH LAKE TAHOE: Several of our friends have stayed at the Franciscan Lakeside Lodge in Tahoe Vista. They're in the AAA tour book. Phone number 1-800-564-6754. I've talked to them and they seem quite accommendating. We have two small children...3 years and 9 months and will be staying there ourselves in March. Here's what I know....You can get cottages or rooms either on the lake or across the road. They range from $95.00-120.00 per night. All have kitchenettes.....are clean and comfortabe. We're paying $95.00 per night for all of us...that's one queen bed in one room and two day beds in another. There is a large Safeway store within minutes and for us the best part is is that there is a great kids snow park(sledding, tubing, ice skating) two blocks down the road from the cottages. Friends of ours go there every summer and winter. There is also a public shuttle to local ski areas. For the parent who wanted to know if it was wheelchair excessable...I'm not sure, however, I know that there are definately first floor accommendations. Sounds like a winner to me. Diana

We have used the Franciscan Lakeside Lodge in Tahoe Vista, partly because there is a past recommendation. I don't know about their pet policy. You can call to find out though. 1-800-564-6754. I just wanted to say that we were not quite satisfied with the stay. Perhaps we were asking too much for the moderate price in the region. The two bedroom unit we have stayed was quite small and compact for six people. The bathroom has only shower which made it hard to bath my 1-y-o. What's worse is that the entrance of the bathroom is actually inside one of the bedrooms. Some of us were still in jet lag so you could imagine the situation. I hope it is just for that unit. You can certainly call and ask for more details about the unit you reserved. However the good side is it has a small and yet fully equipped kitchen with almost everything you could possibly need. (you are asked to do the cleaning job for the kitchen though). The location is quite good too, as described in the previous recommendation. Hope the above helps. Cherri

I recommend the cabins at Camp Richardson, an older resort adjacent to Tallac State Park and a wonderful nature center at the mouth of Taylor Creek (the outlet for Fallen Leaf Lake, for those of you who know the area). These are in a beautiful setting right on the lake; most have nice views. There is a range of cabins, some 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, some smaller. All are rustic, which means no TV and no phones. Among the nicest are Studebaker, T-Bird, Hall-Scott, and Buick (each 2 BR, 1 bath with clear sight lines to the Lake). Each has a fireplace or wood stove. Cabins are clean and pleasant. Kitchens are not well-equipped--bring anything beyond the real basics that you expect to need (or plan to eat dinners out).

Cabins are all one-story and usually have at most one or two steps up to the doors; some have no steps. I should add, however, that I've never been there in the winter, when access may be made more difficult by the fact that the cabins are ground-level. I would check with the front office about how they handle vehicle access and how much shoveling of snow they do. Camp Richardson also offers lodge and (uninspired but OK) motel rooms (the latter with phones and TV) and has a waterfront restaurant and bar that is relatively tolerant of children. This is a really great place in the summer, by the way: picnic tables for each cabin, direct access to beautiful gardens, hiking and bike paths, great beach, small playground, volleyball, boat rentals, live music outdoors in the afternoon at the bar. Kids can (and do) run free on the grounds with minimal supervision.

Best time to go is September and October: rates drop, temperatures do not; crowds leave, die-hard nature lovers stay. Winter rates for Camp Rich cabins are $100-$135 per night, depending on location and size (I think those I listed above are all in the $125-$135 range). During the summer, they offer weekly rates only. These are $1095-800 for the larger cabins, less than that ($495-595) for smaller cabins that don't have water views.

For reservations, call 800-544-1801; for info, 916-541-1801 (this number has probably changed because they just added a new area code up there; unfortunately, I don't know what it is). And don't plan to come the first weekend in October because that's when my family takes over the place for a family reunion!

most 2 bedroom cabins sleep 8, with two doubles and a twin in each bedroom and a fold out couch in the living room. Can be shared by two families if need be. Nina

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Re: Family getaway in a beautiful location (Oct 2003)
My husband and I have been renting a cabin in Tahoe, near Tahoe city for the past two years. It is a big cabin (really too big for the 3 of us and the family pooch). The cabin itself is more utilitarian than beautiful, but it is in a very quiet cul de sac and has beautiful surroundings. It is also close to many gorgeous hikes (one starts right across the street). We rent fromt the rental group Hauserman Realty and the cabin is called ''Baldwin.'' Their website is www.enjoytahoe.com. They actually have a matrix you can use to enter what you are looking for, location, number of bedrooms, ammenities, price, etc and it will give you the cabins they have that will suit your needs and tastes. Hope this helps. Nicole