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Nearby Hotels with indoor swimming pools

Oct 2008

Hello. We just had a second child, so now we have two wonderful girls - one is two months the other is just about to turn three years. For future vacations, we thought staying in a fairly nice hotel with room service and a nice indoor pool would be a good option. We don't want to travel too far. We live in Oakland. Any suggestions on places in SF, the greater bay area - up to about a 4 hour drive - that fits the description would be greatly appreciated.

If Yosemite isn't too far, the Tenaya Lodge has an indoor pool. This used to be a Marriot Hotel, not sure if it still is. It is a big hotel, but because it is at Yosemite, there are nice, fairly easy outdoor hikes outside, too. Also, the restaurant makes up box lunches you can buy and take with you on an outing, which is really convenient.

Editor Note: Also see Local hotel with a good pool

A quiet couple days away with kids

Nov 2005

Greetings from parents in search of a retreat to peace and quiet. My wife and I (and of course our 2yr 9 mo. boy) are looking for a child friendly place to spend a couple days away at. We've enjoyed a fair amount of camping and have some favorite places at that level of accommodation however we're thinking of a more ''civilized'' option with ''more amenities''. Ya know, a cut above the KOA experience and a couple notches above the State campgrounds. This could be a h/motel, hostel, retreat place, lodge, B, ... . It would need to be ''reasonably priced'', would hopefully have a pool (with maybe a hot tub), a playground (at least near by - walking distance), a nice trail head (or 2) close by for some day hikes and a picnic and is NO FURTHER THAN 2 1/2 HRS TO 3 HRS !MAXIMUM! DRIVE FROM RICHMOND. We don't mind ''rustic'' but clean is extremely important. We're far from party animals but like to meet people that enjoy themselves and their free time with outdoor activities and are respectful of others space and need to RELAX. Any suggestions would be very much welcomed.


  • Calistoga Spa & Hot Springs
  • Costanoa (3)
  • Dillon Beach
  • KOA Campgrounds
  • Lake Berryessa
  • Sea Ranch (2)
  • Stinson Beach

    Family Getaway within 2hr of SF

    Feb 2005

    Each year my wife's family spends a week together during the summer in various locations. This year my wife and I will be having a baby so we are hoping to find a vacation rental here in Northern California. It would need to be compelling enough that it was worth travelling across the country to stay there for a week, and near enough to San Francisco so I can work during some days and commute (only so much time off...) Minimum of 5 bedrooms. If anyone has any thoughts, we'd be most grateful. We aren't having much luck on the internet sites we have found. Thanks. Adam

  • Sea Ranch
  • Stinson Beach (2 reviews)

    More Advice:

    Bodgea Bay and Beyond and Vacation Rentals USA have some amazing rentals available on the Sonoma Coast. It is beautiful and relaxing out there, but only a couple hours away from SF. My husband and I particularly enjoy eating at the Seaweed Cafe, hiking bodega head and Armstrong Redwoods, and kayaking the Russian River. The websites are and Erica

    How about Calistoga? Hiking and wine tasting and mud baths. Our family stayed at the Mayacamas Ranch two years ago ( A little pricy, but nice. And there's got to be more places to rent.

    Or Pajaro Dunes halfway between Monterrey and Santa Cruz. A friend's family has a mini-family reunion down there every couple of years. Carmel, Pebble Beach, the Aquarium and Boardwalk are all close by.

    Family getaway in a beautiful location

    Oct 2003

    I am looking for a specific recommendation of a cabin/house/inn in a beautiful location to spend a couple of days with my family (there's three of us) to celebrate my birthday. I would like it to be private (i.e. not really interested in a B type situation), quiet, and have a hot tub. Other requirements would be that it's in a beautiful location with hiking/beautiful scenery all around and either has a kitchen or good restaurants nearby. Possible areas include: the coast, Gold Country, Yosemite, other parts of the Sierras, Russian River . . . It would be best if it were within 3-4 hours driving distance. What I am hoping for are *specific* recommendations of a nice rental or place to stay. Thanks!

  • Inverness (2 reviews)
  • Mendocino
  • Sea Ranch
  • Tahoe