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  • Hi BPN community- 

    I'm looking for a babysitter in South Lake Tahoe for the occasional weekend day-date. I have 3 kiddos (2.5yo twins and a 4 yo), so some previous experience a plus as they can be a handful! Thanks in advance for recs.

    Hello! You might check with Heavenly Ski Resort daycare or the daycare at the community college. Their staff frequently does babysitting on the side, and you know they have childcare experience.

  • Hello,

    Does anyone know of any all day, non-sleepover camps for pre-teens in South Lake Tahoe? Ideally ones with fun physical activity other than just hiking. I've seen several for up to 5th graders. I've got a job offer for summer but need child care.

    We like RAD Camp at the Kahle  Community Center in Stateline (K-6th grades).


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Babysitters in Tahoe

Nov 2007

I really want to take a few ski trips to Tahoe this year. Last year we didn't go because our daughter was just a few months old and we had no one to watch her. This year she's older, so I wouldn't mind finding either some sort of drop-in daycare in the Tahoe area or perhaps a babysitting/nanny service that isn't ridiculously expensive. I know Heavenly has a daycare for skiing parents, but they charge a small fortune! Can anyone recommend a service to use? Thanks! dreaming of the slopes

We have used Tammy the Nanny in Tahoe for our infant son. Her website is www.tammythenanny.com. She was very professional, trustline certified, on time (she came to our hotel), and seems to really enjoy taking care of children. I would definately use her again. Her rates are listed on her website. Jaime

May 2007

Hi, My husband, 1-year old daughter and I will be going up to Tahoe at the end of July for a wedding and are trying to figure out how to find a reliable and safe babysitter for at least one evening during the weekend. Does anyone have any names of services you trust and/or particular babysitters you've used up there and like? Given that we are only there for this one weekend it won't really be possible to meet and interview a bunch of people in advance so we're going to have to rely on some good suggestions. I would love to hear from anyone who has regularly used someone up there or perhaps even has friends up there that I could contact. Thank you so much! Nervous About Leaving Baby with a Stranger

Hi! I was in South Lake Tahoe a couple weeks ago for a wedding and I was put in contact with Melinda (I can't remember her last name)via the resort we were staying at. Her phone number is 530-541-3946. Melinda was excellenct, I felt totally comfortable with her and my daughter who is almost 4 liked her as well. I know Melinda is Trustline certified. Please contact me for more info. Good Luck! Mel

We have used sitters from North Lake Nannies twice now, and were quite satisfied with their care of our son and another baby while we went skiing this Winter. They are an established,locally owned, bonded company. They are not inexpensive. I recall that the price was 18/hour for the nanny and additional for the company. Call them several days in advance to reserve a nanny. We can especially recommend Bella, but have had good experiences with all we've used. I don't have their number handy, but believe they are listed and on the internet too. Wendy

March 2006

Babysitters in North Lake Tahoe?

My family is headed up to the North Lake Tahoe area for a week and I am interested in hiring a babysitter to come to our house for a few of the days so I can actually go skiing with the rest of my family. I did this once before in South Lake Tahoe and it was great - easy, comfortable for my son, and a bit less expensive than the resort daycares. So now I'd like to do it again, but in the North Lake area this time. Can anyone recommend a person, or a babysitting/nanny service that they've used before? And do you know their rates? Hoping to be a snow-bound mama

I have used Neta's nannies in the past and have been very happy with her and the girls she employs. You can reach her at - Neta\x92s Nannies of Tahoe, licensed and bonded
Neta Baughman, Coordinator\t\t\t\t phone #:(530) 583-3579 I can't recall what she charges but it wasn't cheap. My kids loved her so it was a peace of mind.

I also found a few when searching for Neta's number. They are referrals from the Resort at Squaw Creek. The Hyatt in Incline concierge also has a list of babysitters for those who don't want to use the club facilities.
- Lake Tahoe Professional Sitter services licensed and bonded
Patricia Owens, Coordinator\t\t\t \tphone #: (775) 831-7887 fax #: (775) 831-6839
-North Lake Nannies
Sharon Reynolds & Marianne Ryan, Owners\t\t Phone #: (530) 550-8550


For North Shore babysitting, I second the recommendation for Neta's Nannies. We've known Neta Baughman for 4+ years as she's cared for our older son since infancy several times a year, and now has started looking after our 4-mo-old as well. Some of her visits have been to look after 2-3 kids when we've gone up as a group of friends. Through all of these engagements, she has been prompt, has been warm and playful with the kids, has shown good judgment and carries a confidence/easygoing nature that shows all of her years of experience. Once she walks in the door, you really don't need to do much -- she goes straight to the kids and engages them. She also brings a bag of toys/books that are age-appropriate and provides something ''new'' for the kids to enjoy.

If Neta herself is not available, she has a number of employees with great experience/references.

Rates are expensive ($20+/hr range depending on factors like # of kids, holiday/non-holiday, non-resort/resort, etc. -- plus a placement/agency fee to cover the overhead costs of sourcing the nannies). But, you're getting solid vacation childcare coverage and total peace of mind. Totally worth it, in my opinion, to enjoy some time out for yourself and be a happy mom!

Neta's Nannies (530-583-3579) Note: She also has contacts in South Lake Tahoe, Mammoth and Park City Noreen

Renting baby equipment in Tahoe

Sept 2008

I own a baby equipment business up in the tahoe area. I would like to share our website with you - we have a lot of Berkeley clients: www.tahoebaby.com

Sue and ashley, Tahoe Truckee baby Equipment Rental

April 2004

Renting a crib in Tahoe

We are taking a vacation up in Tahoe (staying at the Northstar complex) and need to rent two cribs for our stay there. Does anyone know of a place up there that rents cribs?

We've had really good luck renting from Baby's Away. There are franchises in many U.S. vacation destinations (including Tahoe). They rent almost anything you could need while traveling with kids: cribs, high chairs, car seats, toys, etc. The prices are reasonable and best of all, they bring everything and set it up at your hotel or wherever you are staying before you get there and then come and take it away after you leave!! We've used them in Texas and in Hawaii and both times it worked out perfectly. The website is www.babysaway.com ... Good luck! Kristie

This is not a place to rent cribs, but for the cost of a rental, you can probably buy a very nice, portable crib/bassinet/play pen at target. They run about $60...or you might be able to find one used on this listserv for even less. Enjoy Tahoe

We rented baby gear in Tahoe a few years ago. I think that the business was called ''Babies Away.'' I found them on line: 800- 446-9030; 530-544-222. Ann