2-Night Getaway w/ 3 TEENS!

Hi, I need recommendations for a hotel for a bonding/getaway trip with my 3 teens.  One's been away at college and the other two have been sheltering in place with their dad.  I (their mom) am hoping hotels will be up and running, (and safe!) this summer...  If they are, I'd like to go away for a weekend with all 3 kids to have some together-time.  They are indoorsy; no sand, not too much sun...  I'm thinking a nice, clean hotel with a great pool, exercise room, maybe a game room, food available.  We'll hunker down, play board games, talk, watch movies, and take a few driving trips for exploration (either city or country) nearby.  Otherwise, just chill in the hotel.  Any recommendations?  Sacramento area?  Auburn?  Closer?  Farther?  I'm open.  The right hotel and pool are essential.  Thank you.

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Squaw Valley is beautiful in the summer, and the Resort at Squaw Creek has a fantastic pool. There are fun restaurants in the village. You can also go into Tahoe City/Truckee for exploring, but not necessary...oh and could go to the top of the mountain on the tram and use their pool which is really fun on a nice day. There may be other squaw hotels that are less expensive as well that would work. Finally---if they did decide to get adventuresome there's the wild 'via ferreta' experience in squaw, or (less crazy) you can do a ropes course at granlibakken. All fun. 

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I think Squaw Valley Lodge (near Lake Tahoe) has everything you're looking for.  Plus it's in a gorgeous place, so if you can manage to lure your kids outside at all, you can go for an amazing hike or bike ride without even getting in the car.  It's not cheap, but the units have kitchens, so you wouldn't have to eat out all the time.  I hope you get to do this trip!

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Here are some places I've gone with my teens, two of whom are indoor-oriented. These have been fun and might work for you:  

  1. The Dream Inn in Santa Cruz is a quick drive from here and has most of what you're looking for - nice pool, food onsite and nearby, and the arcades at the boardwalk are just a brief walk away. If you spring for one of the bigger rooms there is plenty of room to spread out and play board games.  There are lovely walks along the shoreline where you can watch surfers and just look at the waves coming in. UCSC campus is gorgeous and nice to walk through the redwoods. Lots of beautiful coastline scenery and other sights just a short drive away - Monterey aquarium is still fun for teens, and Carmel ... 
  2. Sea Ranch in Sonoma/Mendocino county is about 3 hours away and has large homes for rent. Everyone can have their own room.  They are set up for lounging around in front of a fireplace playing board games, and all the ones we've stayed at have had loads of games, puzzles, movies, internet, and other entertainments. Some have a pool table or foosball. Go for a walk along the coastline together or alone, sit in the hot tub, and there are 2 or 3 pools on the premises you can use, as well as fitness facilities. There is a restaurant at Sea Ranch and nearby Gualala has a couple great places to eat including a good take-out pizza place, or shop at Surf grocery for excellent take-out or supplies for quick meals. 
  3. Reno - 3.5 hours away - is great for a getaway with teens believe it or not. We've enjoyed staying at the Whitney Peak hotel which does not have a pool but it does have a fitness center with steam room and an indoor/outdoor  climbing wall if your kids are into that. The rooms are really large and modern - check out the suites and double rooms - and it has a young hip clientele (many of whom bring their dogs!). It does not have a casino which is a plus.  Pretty good restaurant on site and it's right on the main drag for lots of additional food and entertainment possibilities. The other place we've stayed in Reno is the Grand Sierra. I haven't stayed there in a few years but they have everything - a pool, an indoor bowling alley, an arcade, a movie theater, an escape room, go-karts, and all the stuff a big casino hotel has - the bad and the good. For interesting car trips, there's the desert (Black Rock!), the mountains,  old mining towns like Virginia City and of course Tahoe/Truckee is 40 minutes away.

I hope things open soon so all of us can have a fun trip with the kids!