Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation Maternal Fetal Medicine


5730 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 117 Oakland, CA 94609

Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation Maternal Fetal Medicine, a group of perinatologists, specialize in high-risk pregnancies. We offer a full spectrum of services for complex maternal-fetal medicine conditions including: • High-Risk Pregnancy Consults • OB Ultrasound • Genetic Counseling • Diabetes and Pregnancy Management • Prenatal Diagnosis • CVS and Amniocentesis

MDs: Mickey Adams, Cheryl Albuquerque, Regina Arvon, Dana Henry, Michael Katz, Lena Kim, Albert Schaefer, Melinda Scully, Ming-Kun Zhou

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I went to San Francisco Perinatal for both of my high risk pregnancies.  Unfortunately, the practice appears to have closed.  For my last pregnancy, I saw Dr. Michael Katz, who I cannot recommend enough.  He has a great bedside manner, but also does not mince words.  I believe he is still affiliated with CPMC.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Aug 2005

I recommend Mickey Adams at East Bay Perinatal. She did my amniocentesis as well as a nuchal translucency test. I was nervous about these procedures and made sure to find a perinatologist who is highly experienced and well regarded by her colleagues. Dr. Adams came highly recommended by my OB (Dr. Lanner Cusin) In addition, my husband, who is a surgeon in the East Bay, asked around and found that she was well regarded among other physicians. Finally, she did her residency in Texas at one of the busiest OB units in the country, and has practiced here in the East Bay for more than 15 years, which means she is highly experienced at performing perinatal procedures. My personal experience was that Dr. Adams seemed calm and very comfortable performing the procedure, and my amnio hardly hurt at all. rani

As a follow-up on the Mickey Adams recommendation - she is no longer at East Bay Perinatology, reportedly she has moved to Highland Hospital. anon