Maternal Fetal Med Specialist/Autoimmune Conditions & Pregnancy

Hello, I have an autoimmune condition and am looking for recommendations for a maternal fetal medicine specialist who is experienced in supporting people with autoimmune conditions prepare for and during pregnancy. TIA!

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Hi there,

I recently gave birth and have lupus. I received excellent care from the team at UCSF Benioff Maternal Fetal Medicine located on Telegraph and Ashby. They have a relationship with Alta Bates hospital where all the  antipartem testing takes place and where I delivered.  We had a fantastic midwife named Lior Mayer.

Hope this helps. 

Dr. Kate Pettit - CPMC in SF, sometimes she works in Berkeley

I don't have an autoimmune condition, but had serious health concerns with both of my pregnancies. I also highly recommend UCSF MFMs, specifically Dr. David Marinoff. He saw me through two healthy deliveries. He always took the time to explain everything thoroughly and give me choices along the way. Good luck! 

I had a very complicated twin pregnancy (caveat - not an autoimmune condition), and got to know Sutter's MFMs really well (Telegraph office). I liked my primary contact there (Dr. Broady), but was obsessed with Dr. Michelle Adams. She goes so far above and beyond for her patients - and is incredibly knowledgeable. My OB even said she had an intellectual crush on her. 

Elliot Main, MD. He was highly recommended by my rheumatologist. He was at CPMC in SF when I saw him some years ago, but maybe he's at Stanford (?) now.