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Most students can make tremendous strides in their understanding of math with one on one support. As a math education specialist or math tutor, I recognize that students’ math potential is often much higher than they imagine it to be and I help them achieve it. As a result students who are struggling with math or dealing with math anxiety change the way they think about their ability to do math at high levels. Math can be a source of pride and success. Conversely students who are already enjoying math and are looking for more challenge and engagement benefit from focus on a deeper or broader understanding that isn’t always available to them in the classroom. I tutor with patience, enthusiasm and convey to students that they can excel.

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Stephanie Somersille is a marvelous math tutor!  She specializes in working with middle and high school students and does an amazing job. My son is a rising 8th grader and at the beginning of last school year, due to his very demanding math teacher, I was concerned about the possibility of his math confidence decreasing. Stephanie helped him to not only maintain, but to increase his self-efficacy in math. Due to COVID, the tutoring was skillfully conducted via zoom and Stephanie used a set-up where she could see my son's paper as he was working out the math problems which gave her more insight into how he was thinking the problems through. It was great that she kept me in the loop by providing emailed updates throughout the year about how things were going. I am also grateful for Stephanie's interest in things going on in my son's world outside of math. She would take a moment to chat about his interests and my son was so pleased that she was interested in seeing the videos of his taekwondo belt test! In addition to all that, Stephanie suggested a great math workbook for my son to work through during the summer so that his skills stay sharp. I highly recommend checking her out at, and/or send her an email at ssomersille [at]

I highly recommend Stephanie Somersille. Our daughter (dyslexic) works with Stephanie during the school year and asked to continue over the summer because she enjoyed it so much (and note - she went from hating math to loving it b\c of Stephanie).

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Patty S.