Seeking Math Tutor for BHS Freshman (9th grade)

We are looking for a Math 1 tutor for my daughter, who is 14,  a freshman at BHS, and is dyslexic (with a 504).  She has long struggled with math,  but has done quite well with one-on-one tutoring support in the past. She's very friendly and easy to work with.  Due to the fact that both parents work, we are looking for someone in the afternoons located  in the Berkeley and surrounding area - preferably bus or bike-able from Berkeley High.  Tutoring via Skype could also be an option.  

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I can recommend Oliver Miller. He was amazing for my son with learning differences when he was at BHS (he just graduated). Oliver has years of experience tutoring BHS students with several of the teachers in the math department. He is also a strong advocate for students with learning differences. His phone is 510-452-7729 and email is pinderbush [at]

Classroom Matters on Sacramento/Dwight! We have used them this year and I've been extremely happy with the service. My child also has a 504 but for a whole host of reasons is not interested in receiving help. They are great at engaging, matching kid/tutor, seeing the person they're tutoring, and they are very thorough. Highly recommend.

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My son worked with Max Friedman for two years in highschool; he was a godsend.  Leo enjoyed the sessions as Max made the concepts accessible.  I highly recommend him.  Find him at:

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We have been lucky to have the help of Naama Wexler, a Cal student who is both excellent at math and science and is also studying education, so has a special interest in tutoring. Naama knows this stuff cold and has an incredibly positive, patient attitude that has been a huge boost to my daughter as she works through her math homework. This, in turn, has contributed to peace and harmony in our home. Naama works with middle and high school students. You can reach her at: naama [at]

I highly recommend Stephanie Somersille. Our daughter (dyslexic) works with Stephanie during the school year and asked to continue over the summer because she enjoyed it so much (and note - she went from hating math to loving it b\c of Stephanie).

Her email: ssomersille [at]

Her website:

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