Room to Bloom Multicultural Playgroup


A place where we learn, play, and engage with children, parents/caregivers, and neighbors. Room to Bloom provides a loving, supportive and trusting environment for the entire family. ​We are committed to provide quality programs that build healthy families and strong communities​.

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My son is also starting preschool in August and will be 3 at the time. I'm a LMFT in private practice so have been able to be with him during the day and work in the evening. Room to Bloom is the most amazing program (2.5 hours) in Oakland and Feather River Camp was also wonderful as an overnight camp. We go camping a few times a year with extended family and friends but Feather River is a family camp so they do cooking and have lots of activities preplanned...great to meet other families there too. Hope you share what you find as well.