Summer camps and programs for a toddler and parent together

Hi! My son will be starting preschool in August - he will be almost three. He's been in a nanny share so far, and I want to transition him out of it and into more structured activities over the summer - I am a teacher and am therefore lucky enough to have the summer off, and can therefore attend things with him. Any recommendations for summer programs or camps that toddlers and parents can attend together? 

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My son is also starting preschool in August and will be 3 at the time. I'm a LMFT in private practice so have been able to be with him during the day and work in the evening. Room to Bloom is the most amazing program (2.5 hours) in Oakland and Feather River Camp was also wonderful as an overnight camp. We go camping a few times a year with extended family and friends but Feather River is a family camp so they do cooking and have lots of activities preplanned...great to meet other families there too. Hope you share what you find as well. 


Habitot in Berkeley has lots of programs/classes for parents/caregivers and children.  Lots of hands-on fun activities and it is a great space.

Hi - I've attended this family summer camp for the past three years, it's in the Santa Cruz mountains. It's for families to attend together -- and has very diverse family structures and people from all walks of life. It also has a real social-emotional/attachment focus for kids and parents, so may be a good fit with your education work.